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Whether you are buying a dream piece of jewelry for yourself or shopping for a gift for a loved one, you’ve come to the right place. In this section of, we will reveal the insider tips for buying fine jewelry and diamond engagement rings.

You will also find out the things to look out for and the best places to buy high quality jewelry at affordable prices. Let’s jump right in…

Find Out the Recipient’s Style

Choosing a piece of fine jewelry for yourself should be pretty straightforward. Depending on your personal style and lifestyle, you can make a decision on buying something that suits your needs.

If you need recommendations or advice, you can refer to the articles I’ve written about choosing different styles of rings for different types of finger/hand sizes, finding earring designs to suit different faces and even the meaning behind various shapes of gemstones.

However, when you are buying jewelry for someone else, that’s when things will get a little more tricky. You would need to find out the recipient’s preferences and get them something that fits their lifestyle.

For example, you probably want to find out how their wardrobe looks like or the type of daily routines the person has in order to select an appropriate type of jewelry for them. If the recipient is someone who is more flashy, a pair of loop earrings would be a better choice than a pair of plain studs.

It’s important to get details of your recipient’s preference so that you will be able to make better purchase decisions and buy a piece of jewelry that they will like and want to wear.

Setting a Budget

Before you start looking around, you should set a budget that you are willing to spend. It’s perfectly fine if you have a rough ballpark figure as that will help you (and the jeweler) narrow down the available options for you.

And here’s the thing. You should try to stay within a comfortable budget you can afford regardless of what a salesperson says or tries to upsell you. If a piece of jewelry you like is over your budget, my advice is to delay the purchase and try to save up more money first instead of taking up a layaway plan or go into debt.

The reason I’m saying this is that I’ve come across a number of readers who spend beyond their means or take up financing plans just to buy an expensive piece of jewelry.

In most cases, the interest and financing fees paid would end up snowballing into a big expense that just doesn’t make practical sense.  And worse still, it could end up affecting your credit score.

Specialized Categories for Individual Types of Jewelry

Besides offering a comprehensive library of articles covering various topics, we had also arranged our content into categories to help you get information on a specific type of jewelry. Feel free to explore the guides at your own pace.

There’s a ton of knowledge here and I know it can get overwhelming at times. So, if you ever run into any questions, help is just an email or a comment away.

Online Proposal Rings

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Diamond Earrings Tips

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Choosing Wedding Bands

couple wedding bandsWedding bands are symbols of union between a couple in a marriage and are typically less showy. We present to you some helpful tips to finding the right bands for you.

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Pendants And Necklaces

diamond pendantsDiamond necklaces are beautiful pieces of jewelry that are usually used to complement dressing outfits. Find out how you could pick one for casual to party purposes.

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Guide to Loose Diamonds

tips for loose diamondsWhile there are many benefits of purchasing loose diamonds online, it can be easy for the unwary consumer to get caught in unaware. We show you the stuff to take note of.

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Fancy Colored Diamonds

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What Are the Things to Look Out For When Shopping For Jewelry?

First and foremost, you need to keep the saying “Let the buyer beware” in mind because a lot of retailers indulge in the same scummy practices. It doesn’t help that there is a lack of regulations and enforcements to rein in the way unscrupulous retailers market products.

One of my biggest peeves about the jewelry industry is “large discounts” and “once-in-a-lifetime sales” tactics that retailers use to sucker in consumers. Uneducated shoppers think they are getting big bargains or deals only if they buy on the spot and these stores prey on human nature to induce impulse buying.

pitfalls in diamond buying

In almost every such case, you would end up overpaying for an inferior product than you would in buying a similar item of better quality from a reliable and reputable retailer. What’s worse is that there is little or no consumer protection when consumers find out they were ripped off.

The point I’m trying to make here is that bargaining is not the way to buy jewelry nor is finding unrealistic deals that claim to offer high quality jewelry at rubbish prices. The key to shopping safely and paying the correct price for a piece of jewelry lies in your choice of the jeweler.

Reliable jewelers know that the average consumer is not an expert and they don’t try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge. Good jewelers will also stand behind their products with an iron-clad FULL money back guarantee (store credits don’t count) and make the shopping process completely risk-free for you.

Where Are the Best Places to Buy Jewelry?

When it comes to buying good quality jewelry at competitive prices, you need to shop smart and head to the right places to make a purchase. Depending on the type of jewelry you are looking for, there are different jewelers that specialize in them.

Here’s my recommended list of jewelers and the respective products that they are great at. FYI, these are places that I had personally tested and made various jewelry purchases from.

Colored Gemstones And Birthstone Jewelry

If you are looking for colored gemstone (birthstone) jewelry, the best places to shop for them are James Allen and Blue Nile. This is because of the wide selections they offer and transparent details they offer in their listings.

loose colored gemstones jewelry where to buy

Highly detailed gemstone listings found at James Allen.

Best places to shop for fine Jewelry: Blue Nile, James Allen. Simple gifts for birthdays, anniversaries,

Show JA GIF image of gemstone.

Colored gemstones: blue Nile james allen

birthstone jewelry jewelry gifts for occassions like anniversaries or birthdays: Blue Nile

Tennis bracelets, eternity rings White Flash.
Men, silver Jewelry, pearl Jewelry Brian Gavin

To wrap things up, I want to stress that price alone is not a reliable indicator of the integrity or product quality offered by the seller. Big brands like Tiffany and Cartier charge an arm and leg for their products but their products aren’t top notch. In fact, there are plenty of mediocre diamonds sold by Cartier at excessively high prices.

Vice versa, just because a piece of jewelry is priced lower than what it would cost in a physical retail store, doesn’t make it inferior to those sold by high-end stores. The key is to make decisions and comparisons based on tangible data instead of relying on what a salesperson would say just to close a deal.

Case in point, I bought this Vatche designer diamond ring from White Flash for less than half the price that it would cost for an identical ring (with identical diamond quality) sold in large chain jewelry stores.



Because I made my shopping decisions based on tangible information instead of emotions, I was able to buy a high quality diamond engagement ring at competitive prices while enjoying superior risk free sales policies at the same time!

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With 100s of available ring designs to choose from, you can pick the perfect engagement ring for your loved one at Besides wide selections, their best feature lies in the 360° video technology to help you visualize exactly what you will get.

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