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white gold necklace with diamonds

White Gold Necklace With Diamonds

Pendants and necklaces are popular fashion accessories amongst women. They can exist in the form of exquisite and understated elegance to eye-blinding fashion statements grand enough for a Hollywood style red carpet entrance.

Whether the diamond is mounted alone as a solitaire setting or in an elaborate halo design, a diamond necklace transcends beyond fashion fads.

When it comes to pendants, the princess and round brilliant cut diamonds are two of most popular choices. If you are feeling a little adventurous, a fancy shaped solitaire can also be made into a timeless piece of jewelry.

Besides complementing an outfit, diamond pendants can also be used as a status symbol and a sign of privilege and wealth. Needless to say, choosing the right design to match your style takes time and careful consideration.

Whatever your status or purpose for buying a diamond pendants, it pays to have good knowledge and understanding about your purchase. While you don’t need to have expert gemological knowledge, a solid understanding of the 4Cs will make shopping easier and less stressful.

Here’s a quick guide that summarizes all the important things to know about choosing a diamond.

Make Sure You Understand The Basics

Like the process of selecting a diamond for a ring, the same is true when it comes to picking one for a necklace. The basics of how diamonds are graded and valued are based on the four Cs of color, cut, clarity and carat. Before you head into a store or shop online, it would be a good idea to spend a little time reading up on these topics at


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Do You Need a Grading Report for a Pendant Purchase?

In essence, a grading report is a professional assessment of the diamond’s characteristics. This is carried out with special gemological tools via neutral 3rd party labs where there is no conflict of interests.

Now, when I say neutral, it means I am referring to establishments like GIA or AGS. Many times, jewelers tend to pass off their own in-house assessment of the diamond as an unbiased grading report. If you ever run into such scenarios, take things with a pinch of salt since the diamond will most likely be graded loosely.

On this note, I also want to bring to your attention that not every diamond necklace might come with a grading report due to economical reasons. For example, if the size of the diamond is less than 0.30 carats, they typically don’t come with a report since the cost of the lab examination far outweighs the value of the stone.

Also, for clustered styles of necklaces with lots of melee (small) diamonds, it is fine to purchase the necklace without the need of having a report for each individual stone. As long as you are comfortable with what you are getting and had already double checked that the price is right, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Important: If you are customizing your own diamond pendant or intend to buy one with a center stone larger than 0.30 carats, make sure you ask to see the grading report for the stone. Always stick with reports from GIA or AGS only because the other labs typically have soft grading standards.

To help you understand the importance of a lab report and deciphering the contents, click here to learn how to read a grading report. This would enable you identify any potential problems or red flags that could be present in the diamond.

Other Design Considerations to Take into Account

where to buy diamond pendants

A beautiful solitaire diamond pendant from Brian Gavin

Age of the Wearer is an Important Factor

What appeals to your mother may not be to your teenage friend’s liking. As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Elegance and sophistication in a piece of jewelry is usually what older women look for. On the other hand, younger girls tend to like designs that are fun and trendy. The bottom line is; make sure you find out what your recipient prefers before you actually buy jewelry for them.

Consider the Style And Fashion Sense of the Recipient

If you’re buying a piece of jewelry for someone else and not yourself, it may be hard to know their style preference unless the person is very close to you. In that case, you can look through their jewelry collection for a particular style that they do not already own.

Getting one that doesn’t overlap with jewelry she already have is a good idea. Why? It’s simple. Most women like to have something to wear and match for different types of occasions. So, that’s a pretty handy factor to keep in mind if you have no idea where to start.

custom by the yard

Type And Length of Chain Designs

Ultimately, the location at which a pendant rests on the chest is determined by the chain’s length and this brings us to the next point. The type of clothing worn with a necklace determines how long the chain should ideally be. For instance, if you’re going to wear clothing that covers the neck (e.g. turtle neck sweaters), you should choose a longer chain. If you are wearing short sun dresses, shorter chains are preferred.

Also, you would need to decide on the type of chain you want to use for the pendant. The more popular choices in today’s market are the rope, rolo, box, cable, and figaro chains.

Proper Storage of Diamond Pendant When Not Worn

Lastly, consider the maintenance and storage needs of your precious jewelry. Diamond necklaces and pendants should ideally be kept separately in a casing or hung by its length away from other diamond jewelry. This because a diamond can easily scratch another diamond and you want to minimize the possible damage that result from such contact.

Awesome Designs For Diamond Necklaces And Pendants

The lovely designs above are some of White Flash’s finest solitaire pendant creations. If you are interested to see more designs, I highly recommend that you check out for details…

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