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contact us via emailEver since Beyond 4Cs has been around, we have been helping thousands of people around the world find that perfect stone.

Buying a good looking diamond requires some basic research that you can easily perform by educating yourself on the 4 basic C’s of diamonds. Buying a great looking diamond requires you to have a good understanding of all the techy factors that go into selecting one.

If you find that the nitty gritty details are too overwhelming or you need help in finding a great looking diamond for your budget, the best way to get answers and save your time would be to email me in private:

paul [at]

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The most common emails that we receive relate to advice and recommendations for diamonds. If you are emailing us about these topics, please include as much information or details as you can in order for us to best assess the question and reply to you promptly.

We Will Typically Reply Within 24 Hours…

To find out more about who we are and what we do, visit our About Us page. For other website related questions like contributing informational articles or lessons, comments, wish list, advertising and etc…, we can also be reached via email at paul [at]

I look forward to hearing from you,


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p.s.: Unlike other websites or local jewelers that you might visit for advice, we don’t sell diamonds. Our advice is unbiased and aims to help you get the best value for your budget. Any advice that we provide will be met with objectivity in helping you make the most educated decision.

While I am qualified to answer the majority of questions that get sent in, I don’t proclaim to know every single thing there is about diamonds. In the unlikely event there are any queries beyond my technical expertise, I will forward them to my personal contacts in the GIA and AGS labs to get answers on your behalf.