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wedding band selectionsA wedding day is arguably the most memorable day in someone’s life. Therefore, it’s important to choose a wedding band that befits the significance of the occasion.

With the amount of designs available in the market, deciding on one that pleases you and your partner is definitely no simple task.

For most people, budget is usually the primary factor when it comes to buying a ring as it sets the boundaries of what you can realistically buy.

That’s why I always recommend my readers to decide on how much they want to spend before they even start shopping. Say for example, if you have a budget of $500, you can immediately eliminate the possibility of buying a platinum wedding band as well as rings with elaborate designs since they cost a lot more.

In the following paragraphs, I am going to reveal various tips to buying wedding bands and where you can get better value for your money.

Types of Metals Used For Making Wedding Rings

In practice, any type of metal used in making jewelry can be used for wedding bands too. These metals include gold (yellow, rose and white), platinum, palladium and titanium, among others.

For years, platinum has always been the number one choice of material used in wedding jewelry. While platinum is pricey, it possesses some excellent qualities which can justify its cost. For instance, platinum is a very sturdy metal, has a beautiful white color, and doesn’t trigger irritable allergic reactions like white gold does.

Gold is another commonly used material and can come in several shades of color. Unlike platinum, gold is rarely used in its purest form. Instead, gold is usually combined into alloys like 18k gold or 14k gold to make it more durable for everyday wear. Unfortunately, this comes with a downside too. Since nickel is often added into making the alloy, people with hypo-allergenic conditions may have skin reactions with white gold.

Palladium is similar to platinum but it is lighter and not as rare. It is an option which is more affordable and feels lighter on the finger as compared to platinum bands.

Titanium is a light and sturdy metal. And because of this, many people opt for titanium when buying wedding bands, particularly for men. The downside of titanium rings is that they are very difficult to resize in the event you need to do so.

Factors to Consider When Choosing One:

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Firstly, you have to consider the real significance of the wedding band to you and your partner. A ring can symbolize a pledge of commitment and fidelity in some societies but some cultures shun wedding rings. For others, wearing a ring or not wearing one means nothing at all.

Secondly, consider a design that compliments the engagement ring. There’s a reason why people buy ‘wedding sets’ instead of getting 2 separate designs of engagement ring and wedding bands. When the engagement ring has a design that matches the wedding band, they can be worn together without looking weird.

That said, if you prefer your engagement ring to look completely unique and different from the wedding band, that’s fine too. It’s really a matter of personal preference but is something you should ponder about when you are shopping.

Thirdly, your lifestyle, comfort and style are also big influences on the type of jewelry to choose. A wedding band should not only look beautiful, it should also be comfortable to wear too. If you’re an active person and you’re likely to use your hands for performing rough work, go for something simple and sturdy.

Lastly, although budget will largely determine the designs of the ring you buy, you can still make a statement with your wedding band by using “relatively cheaper” materials. Metals like 14K white gold or yellow gold can look stunning while being reasonably priced. If you want a colorful looking band, there is a range of semi-precious stones you could incorporate into your design too. Examples of these gemstones could include peridot, citrine, aquamarine, and the like.

What About Designer Rings? Do You Need Them?

Before heading to the stores or shopping online, it is wise to sit down and think things through. Is your spouse interested in a designer ring? Are you looking for something unique? Do you need to buy an expensive ring for showing off your social status?

I personally don’t place designer rings (for e.g. Tacori, Ritani and Verragio) in high regards mainly because of their excessive pricing. Admittedly, some of their designs do look good and have a distinct flavor to them. However, with the huge array of ready-made designs available at many places, I don’t see the need to pay a ridiculous premium just for branding sake. That’s unless your other half specifically requests for a designer ring. Well, then you are out of luck and you better get prepared to burn a hole in your pocket.

You see, even if I do need something unique, I would be way better off by going for a fully customized ring design. Instead of buying one from a branded store, the end product of a customized project can look just as good (if not better) with a vendor like Brian Gavin.

To wrap things up, you can make the purchasing process much simpler if you think things through and do your prior research. My recommendation is to start your search at Brian Gavin Diamonds, White Flash or James Allen since they offer really competitive pricing and their craftsmanship on the finished ring is impeccable.

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