Custom Made Wedding Bands – How And Where to Get Them

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A Beautiful Designer Proposal Ring

Wedding bands had always been considered as symbols of one’s commitment to their spouse and marriage. In spite of the majestic meaning behind them, choosing an appropriate pair of wedding bands is a significant step which marks the start of the proposal to the actual beginning of the marriage.

Why Buy a Pair of Custom Bands?

Traditionally speaking, wedding bands are simple gold rings without too much decoration or flashy details. Much has changed in the market today where we see a huge evolution in terms of fashion and the mentality of a shopper.

Given how manufacturing technology has enabled rings with “cookie cutter” designs to be created in mass volume, there are people who just want something that isn’t available to everyone else. And that’s where customization comes in.

With wedding ring customization, there are endless factors for you to personalize. You can choose the type of precious metal used for the ring, incorporate meaningful details and have better control on your budgeting too. Heck, you can even choose to engrave your own initials onto the ring if you want to.

Choosing Appropriate Rings for Both Members of the Couple

More often than not, the reason behind customization is a desire for a clever differentiation between commonly found designs that are available in the market. If you are looking for a simple solution or you are on a budget, my advice is to start browsing through pre-made designs that are currently available to see if you can find something you like.

A good place to start gathering ideas is to check out our photo gallery’s all time favorite designs. If you need ideas on how to choose suitable rings for different types of fingers, this article may also interest you.

In most scenarios, women tend to prefer fancier designs while men would usually stick to designs with a certain degree of simplicity. This can easily be achieved by defining a few common settings and applying the traits of these settings to both the bride’s and the groom’s rings. The end result is that you will get both two rings to complement to each other even though they don’t look identical.

Take a Fresh Look at Why You Really Want a Unique Designer Ring

forging a custom made ring

Forging a Ring in the Workshop

For most people, the goal of getting a custom pair of wedding bands stems from the need for certain features that aren’t found in pre-existing designs.

It doesn’t help that most traditional jewelers have a limited supply of wedding band designs directly off the counter. Besides, a large portion of these designs belong to what we might call “standard” or “boring”.

Now, ordering any kind of customized jewelry often places an agio on your bills. However, there is a chance that you can avoid paying the extra money if someone had already created something close to what you are looking for.

Since the mold and designs had already been created for existing jewelry, they can also be used as a template to fabricate your design. In turn, this translates to better savings and lower costs.

What About Online Shopping?

Leaving your local jewelry store and its limited supply behind, you will be amazed by the range of products online jewelry services have to offer. While “offline” businesses are somewhat limited to the audiences and target market they can reach, online services thrive in this aspect. By operating and connecting multiple databases, huge amounts of designs and choices can be made easily searchable for you.

Over the years, some of these online services have earned the trust of consumers through hard work and consistent quality. Most of the services that I recommend have been in business for more than a decade and have extensive experience in working with different customers.

In fact, they also have a huge library of readily available jewelry designs. Give them a shot. Who knows, you might not even have to order a customized item if you can find an existing design that fits your requirements.

“I Still Can’t Find Something Close to My Conceived Ideas…”

If you still feel like you need something specially crafted for you, there are services who can build your idea from scratch. For people embarking on this route, Brian Gavin is one of those vendors that utilizes Computer Aided Diagrams (CAD) to help you conceptualize and bring your ring ideas into reality. Besides having modern customization tools, they also have awesome customer service who will aid you throughout the process.

Well known as a leader for the quality in their online diamond jewelry, offers great craftsmanship at reasonable prices. Like many of my personal friends and readers who were recommended to Brian Gavin for customized wedding bands, the feedback I had received were overwhelmingly positive. That’s why I strongly encourage you to check them out for any custom work.


Here are some sample works for past clients performed by Brian Gavin…

brian gavin customized wedding bands

To get more details on creating your own custom-made ring, simply get in touch with them here.

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