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diamond earring studs

Set Of Diamond Studs And Ring

It is said that one of the most popular gift items for women is a set of new earrings. On the other hand, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It goes without saying that a lovely set of diamond earrings will make a perfect statement for the special someone.

I know most people have difficulties in deciding on the kind of designs to choose from. That’s why I compiled a top ten list of the most popular earring designs to help you out below.

Hopefully, this listing will help you gather more information about each design and enable you to narrow down your selections.


If you want to make a glamorous statement, chandelier earrings are really eye-catching choices. These earrings are usually comprised of drop loops or rings which feature tiers of diamonds hanging well below the ear level.

As the name suggests, the basic idea is to look as though you have beautiful and sparkling miniature chandeliers on your ears. They work best with someone who has longer hair and enjoys brilliant accessories.

Diamond Studs

Perhaps the most popular choice among our top ten list, studs are a classic fashion understatement. A stud consists of a diamond which is connected to the end of a stalk. It is held in place with either a screw or clutch on the back of the ear lobe.

What’s nice about stud designs is that they are timeless and can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. Since they don’t easy catch onto clothes or other items, many people often wear the same pair of studs for days on end (even to bed!).


A traditional setting typically involves an intricate setting shape such as a flower made up of five to seven stones embedded together. Traditional settings are often used for special occasions such as weddings or formal events as they bridge the gap between extravagant and elegant.

Prong Setting

Like diamond studs, the prong setting is extremely popular with consumers and jewelers alike. It can come in multiple variations of designs and usually consist of four to six prongs. One of the main benefits of prong settings is that they allow light to enter from both the top and sides of the diamond to give it maximum brilliance. They are also relatively easy to maintain and clean.

Click the images below to view prong settings for earrings…

martini styled diamond studs
prong scalloped basket style diamond studs

Pave Setting

Pave settings utilize a cluster of identically sized melee diamonds that are laid across a flat surface. When small diamonds are placed side by side with minimum amounts of metal, it makes it look as though the earring is paved with stones. And that’s how the name of the setting was derived.

For people who are looking for the extra bling, pave settings are splendid designs for consideration. Not only does the additional diamonds provide more scintillation, it also creates an optical illusion which makes the center diamond look bigger.

pave frame

0.50 carat total weight pave frame design in 18k white gold. Click here for details…


Martini designs are relatively “rare” in the consumer market because they aren’t widely available in many jewelry stores. This is also what makes them so special. Typically, such designs are found among antique jewelry dealers.

The highlight of a martini setting is that they give a clean look. With only 3 prongs to hold the diamond in place, there is less metal coverage on the diamond and showcases the center diamond to the fullest extent.

2 round brilliant cuts set in yellow gold studs

2 round diamonds with CTW of 1.20 carats set in yellow gold studs

Frustum Setting

This type of setting is ideal for solitaire diamond earrings. Sometimes, they are also called the hollow cone setting because they make use of a cone or tapered shaped basket where the diamond rests snugly inside it.


The bezel setting provides one of the safest and best protection for the diamond. Since the diamond is placed flushed against the surface of the setting, it is very difficult for the earring to be snagged with clothes or fabrics. Also, the metal rim surrounding the diamond helps to emphasize its shape and secures the girdle against accidental knocks.


With this style, a cluster of diamonds or gemstones hang delicately from a gold thread; creating a simple and sophisticated look at the same time. Danglers come in a range of sizes and offer various appearances as they can either dangle below the ear lobes or reach all the way to the shoulders. As you can imagine, danglers are super trendy and often worn by fashionistas who enjoy making an accessory statement.


These cool looking earrings are modern in style and designed to hug the ear lobe. The earrings often have small diamonds mounted in a row and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. If desired, they can be made to run up the entire outer edge of the lobe.


Since diamond earrings come in such a wide variety of styles, it would be best to determine the recipient’s tastes and personal preferences prior to buying a pair. You also want to look out for the types of occasions where the earrings would most likely to be worn and the type of character the recipient has.

You can choose and design your own pair of unique diamond earrings online at JamesAllen.com. It’s fun, easy and intuitive. Try it out today!

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