Women love diamond earrings. Besides being a symbol of elegance, diamond earrings are very versatile and can go well with different dressings for various occasions. Today, we are going to take a look at a pair of matching diamonds that will make a very lovely set of jewelry.

When it comes to choosing diamonds, cut is the most important factor you will need to consider. For diamonds to be mounted onto earrings, we can have more leeway in terms of color and clarity due to an increased viewing distance. This is the basis of our recommendation this week where size meets quality… 

A Pair of Stunning 1 Carat Ideal Cut Diamonds From James Allen

pair of matching loose diamonds

1.00 Carat & 1.03 Carat – I Colored SI1 Beauties

Here’s a quick summary of the diamond specifications extracted from their respective grading reports…

specifications of diamonds

You can view the diamonds individually here to get more details;

– 1.00 Carat I- SI1 Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cut Round Diamond

– 1.03 Carat I- SI1 Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cut Round Diamond

( Update: The above diamonds had been sold and no longer exist in JamesAllen’s listing )

Unlike choosing an engagement ring, buying a pair of nice looking earrings entails several factors. To achieve a balanced look, the diamond choices should have these factors considered:

1) Relative size should be similar.
2) Color grades should be with 1 grade of difference.
3) Light performance of the stones should be similar.

The rational is pretty straightforward and easy to understand if you think about it. Obviously you don’t want to have one earring having a significantly bigger/smaller look than the other. The ideal look people usually go for in earrings is that they should blend in well.

Why Go Through All The Trouble to Select Loose Diamonds?

When it comes to buying diamond earrings, most stores offer pre-set earrings where they have pre-selected the diamonds on your behalf. Herein lies the problems. Personally, I never liked the idea of buying preset jewelry because the quality of the diamonds are usually questionable.

For example, the diamonds could have a G-H color ratings or SI1-SI2 grading. Given that diamond prices can change with their specifications, how do you know whether you are paying the right amount for the right quality? You can’t. Worse still, sometimes the diamonds don’t even come with a grading report.

Cut Matters – Ideal Light Performance for Maximum Bling

ideal scope for diamond earringsIdealscope images indicating perfect light performance

From the idealscope images, more reds means that the diamond is reflecting back more light. This results in the sparkle and brilliance which make diamonds so enticing to look at.

hearts patternings for round diamonds

Optical symmetry through hearts and arrows viewer

Besides having Idealscope information to help you determine a diamond’s brilliance, did you know that James Allen is one of the few vendors that actually offer magnified photographs of their inventory?

This enables you to check for a diamond’s eye cleanliness when shopping within the SI clarity grades. After all, why pay more for higher clarity if the naked eye can’t pick out any inclusions.

I strongly encourage you to check out the cool virtual loupe technology offered by James Allen. (And yes, these 2 stones are definitely eye clean and their inclusions are only visible under magnification. Once the diamonds are set on the earrings, they will look flawless to the naked eye.)

Choosing the Setting

James Allen offers a wide range of settings for you to choose from. What I like about them is the use of HD videos which enables you to visualize how your setting would look like in real-life.

To emphasize the size of 1 carat diamonds, here are 2 settings I recommend checking out.


martini style

dangle earring setting


Besides these 2 earring settings, there are more designs available for you to consider at James Allen. Click the banner below for more details…

design your own diamond studs

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  1. Iolanda Gallo-
    September 22, 2012 at 3:38 am

    If I were to use a D colored stone and a matching F colored stone instead, would the differences be obvious?

  2. Paul-
    September 23, 2012 at 1:23 am

    I believe that the human eye won’t be able to pick up any differences or nuance in color when you wear the pair of earrings.

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