Jared Jewelers Review – Are Their Diamond Rings Any Good?

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Jared the Galleria of Jewelry is probably one of the most recognizable jewelry brands in the US. Having spent huge amounts of marketing dollars on TV commercials and printed ads, I’m pretty sure you heard of the following tagline in some form of mass media: “That’s why he went to Jared”.

Together with Kay Jewelers, Jared operates as part of a division under Sterling Jewelers Inc. (the largest specialty jewelry store in US). Collectively, Zales and Sterling Jewelers are owned by a parent company based in the UK: Signet Jewelers.

Interestingly, the 3 companies (Zales, Kay and Jared) all sell jewelry products that are catered towards middle-income consumers. And out of the 3 companies, Jared stands out by being the off-mall retailer which targets a clientele with slightly higher spending power.

Jared currently has more than 200 off-mall stores located in almost 40 states in the US. Their product specialization is advertised as being fine jewelry and diamond jewelry. Needless to say, this piqued my interest and I decided to take a closer look at their offerings.

Regardless of your budget or where you decide to shop, our proven step-by-step method of choosing a diamond will help you save money and pick out the most beautiful looking stone possible.

Shopping at Jared’s Galleria – An Overview

Jared’s brick and mortar stores sell a wide range of jewelry products from watches, charms and engagement rings. They claim to offer “five times the selection of ordinary jewelry stores” and to price their goods well.

As a physical retailer with an established identity, they are uniquely positioned in the market to target affluent consumers through their selected merchandise and designer jewelry brands.

In recent years, Jared had also revamped its online store to offer consumers better shopping experience and to extend their reach to tech-savvy shoppers.

Policies, Guarantees And After-Sales Services

look out with binoculars

The return and exchange policy offered at Jared is 30 days. This is on par with what many other jewelers are offering. For after-sales services, Jared provides free cleaning and inspection services at any of their stores.

Jared has a trade-in policy (at any Jared store location) where you can upgrade your diamond/diamond jewelry item for another diamond/diamond jewelry item that is at least double the trade-in value.

Interestingly, Jared also offers a “Lifetime Diamond & Gemstone Guarantee” where they will replace any diamonds or gemstones that are damaged or lost from the setting as a result of “normal wear”.

This may sound like a big deal but it really isn’t.

In order for the “guarantee” to be valid, you need to get your jewelry checked every 6 months at any of their stores. By bringing your jewelry regularly back to the store, it gives them the opportunity to sell you more stuff (smart marketing move)! In the event that you forget to bring your ring for a checkup 2-3 years down the road, the guarantee may be voided.

Also, the caveat here lies in the definition of “normal wear”. You see, the main reasons why diamonds get damaged or fall out of their settings are usually due to hard knocks and unforeseen circumstances. Should you really lose or damage your diamond jewelry, the onus is on you to convince Jared that the damage was due to “normal wear”.

Regardless of where you shop, do not leave anything open to assumptions. If you see jewelers offering these types of “guarantees”, make sure you triple check details like what constitutes “normal wear” and always get everything down in writing.

Shopping for a Diamond Engagement Ring at Jared’s

One of the features that caught my attention was the designer brands that are available at Jared. You can find engagement rings designed by Neil Lane, Le Vian (they trademarked the term: chocolate diamonds), Scott KayKirk Kara, The Leo Diamond as well as other designer brands under one-roof.

When it comes to diamond selections, the amount of choices available in any single outlet at one time is pretty limited. Based on my experience, you would be extremely lucky to even find a couple of choices within a set of given specifications (e.g. 0.70 carats, VS2 clarity, F color).

To be fair, this is a problem in the majority of brick and mortar jewelry stores due to the high costs of keeping inventory on hand. Imagine a business that keeps a stock of 20 diamonds worth $10,000 each. This would tie up a massive $200,000 of business’s capital just to keep stock in-store!

Faced with limited choices of products in-store, the logical approach to overcoming this problem is to go online. Jared understands this philosophy and their e-commerce portal offers a full range of jewelry designs and products that you may not find in-store.

And today, I’m going to review the 2 approaches that you can undertake to buy a diamond ring at Jared.com.

Method #1 – Buying a Preset Engagement Ring at Jared.com

As the name suggests, a pre-set ring would mean that you would place an order for a ring that has been built beforehand or be crafted based on a set of specifications laid out by the jeweler.

All you need to do is to select a setting design, make payment and you will receive the completed ring. On paper, this sounds really straightforward and convenient (especially for shoppers who are too lazy or busy to do research).

The main disadvantage of buying a diamond ring in this manner is that you have little say in the ring’s quality. Basically, you will be leaving details like cut, clarity, color, carat completely to the jeweler.

As a risk-averse person, I don’t recommend taking this route because there are too many unknowns involved and you are taking unnecessary risks on how the ring would ultimately turn out to be.

At Jared.com, the pre-set diamond rings often utilize I1/I2 clarity diamonds. These are diamonds with inclusions that will impact the face-up appearance and/or durability. Given the amount of money involved in a purchase, I don’t recommend buying them without eyeballing the ring.

Here are some examples where you can see details of Jared’s preset rings for yourself:




Note that their preset designer settings are also set with low grade center stones. To me, that’s like putting a Toyota engine into the chassis of a Porsche. I personally feel it’s a waste to buy an expensive setting only to match it with a poor quality diamond.


Method #2 Design-A-Ring at Jared.com

If you are dead set about buying your diamond ring from Jared Jewelers, the Design a Ring approach is what I would recommend using. Being able to customize your own ring gives you total control and enables you to cherry pick the best diamond in their inventory.

Although this process requires extra legwork in doing research, the upside is that you can build the ring to exact specifications. At the time of writing this review, Jared offers more than 30,000 loose diamonds of different shapes and sizes for consumers to choose from.

I know what you are probably thinking now; finding the perfect diamond from such a massive inventory may seem like a herculean task. However, I assure you that it isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

In fact, I created a step by step guide that had helped thousands of other people in a similar situation. All you need to do is to follow the guide from start to finish and I guarantee you will end up with a beautiful diamond!


Conclusion of Our Jared Jewelers Review

jared the galleria of jewelry reviews

If there is one thing that Jared does extremely well, it is their marketing and advertising. Speaking from a marketer’s point of view, I think Jared Jewelers does an amazing job in convincing their customers to pay a significantly higher price for similar products which can be bought elsewhere!

That’s the power of branding and the perceived value it gives to shoppers (except in this case, you are paying Tiffany-like prices for a diamond ring bought at Jared’s).

Overall, Jared is an OK venue to shop for smaller items like gemstone jewelry and accessories (like their Pandora charms). When it comes to plunking down cash for big ticket items like diamond rings, you can expect to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars more to shop at brick and mortar stores like Jared.

If you are a shopper who wants to get a bigger bang for your buck, I recommend that you invest a little time and effort into to buy a diamond. You can start by reading through the different sections of Beyond4cs.com and checking out our curated list of businesses for engagement rings.

With better knowledge, you will be able to cherry pick the best diamonds and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars that can be put into other purchases.

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Jared Jewelers Receives a Rating of 2/5 – Reviewed by

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  1. Betty-
    January 4, 2015 at 3:32 am

    I thank you for this comprehensive review about Jared.com. It opened up my eyes as well as my husband’s who intended to get me an anniversary upgrade for my diamond ring. Paul, I know you really put in effort in your website and hope people would better educate themselves about diamonds before making a major purchase.

    Sadly, given how many of Jareds engagement ring are sold at the stores everyday and the amount of friends who had shopped at Jared are proof that most people do not do research on their purchase. Some of my friends simply assume that a big price tag indicates quality since they are buying from an store with a well-established branding.

    After reading through your website, I feel like they are paying thousands for virtual junk and you can get really good stuff elsewhere. If you are ever in New York, I would like to treat you to a drink or meal.

  2. jared the galleria of awefulness-
    January 13, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    I just had a bad experience with Jared. Upon entering the store with my best friend, they started pressuring us into signing up for credit accounts. We didn’t want to but they kept pushing us towards making an application. After declining and mentioning that we only wanted to view their jewelry selections, we finally managed to get them to show us a couple of rings.

    After about 10 minutes of viewing, my best friend told me that the rings were overpriced and advised me to shop around a little more so that I could compare prices. At this point, I think the salesman overheard our conversation and changed his attitude towards us completely.

    Having very little knowledge about diamonds, I wanted to view more options to get a rough idea of prices and I requested to look at a few other pieces. The sales man became plain rude and told us to come back when we were ready to shop. And guess what, I’m never going back because of their poor service and attitude.

    I’m genuinely surprised they lasted this long given how they treat their potential customers. To anyone who is thinking: “Is jared a good place to buy an engagement ring?”, the answer is no and you would avoid heartache by shopping elsewhere.

  3. That's Why I Didn't Went to Jared-
    January 15, 2015 at 3:43 am

    When I made a purchase, I decided to take up an installment plan for 18 months because I had trouble affording the ring during the point of purchase. The form that I filled in had “18 months interest free plan” written in bold at the front. Little did I know that this “interest free plan” starts charging interest after 12 months!

    It was only then I realized that the terms and conditions indicated an interest free plan for the duration of 12 months only. I felt I was tricked and mislead into signing a purchase because it wasn’t made known to me and the title of the form indicated otherwise.

    Beware of what you sign and always double check the fine print of any documents the Jared customer service personnels hand to you. After that incident, I’m done with Jared and never stepping foot into any of their stores again.

  4. John C.-
    January 15, 2015 at 3:45 am

    I was looking at Jared’s online store and I’m wondering where the extended service plan which covers cleaning, rhodium plating and general repair jobs. Is it worth it to buy the plan as an add-on? Is Jared a good place to buy an engagement ring in the first place?

  5. Paul Gian-
    January 15, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    The extended service plan offered with a ring purchase is something that I would recommend if you are adamant on buying a diamond ring from Jared. During the lifetime of the ring, you probably need to resize it or get the prong re-tipped.

    However, what I don’t like is their pricing mechanism which is based on your purchase amount. You see, the cost to perform a resizing job (for example) for a solitaire ring is going to be the same regardless of whether you have a 1.5 carat diamond ring (worth more than $10,000) or a 0.3 carat solitaire ring (worth $1,500).

    There are mixed reviews and feedback from readers who had purchased from the Jared diamond store. In my opinion, it depends on what you are shopping for especially when it comes to design. I would say that in general, there would be other better alternatives in the market.

  6. Marriot-
    April 7, 2015 at 9:14 pm

    My friend told me Jared Galleria of Jewelry was having a seasonal sale. From the ads that I had seen on TV, I always had the impression that they are a good place to buy jewelry from.

    Apparently, they aren’t. Besides poor service, the advertisements were just outright misleading to get you into their stores.

  7. Paul Gian-
    April 9, 2015 at 1:38 am

    Thanks for sharing your feedback and experience with us.

    If you are looking for watches, gold, silver jewelry, I think Jared is a decent place to shop. However when it comes to engagement rings and diamond focused jewelry, I believe there are other vendors who can offer far better service and pricing.

  8. Barb-
    July 23, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    DO NOT go to Jared! …my story-my husband and I decided to get engaged quite unexpectedly on a Saturday evening, so naturally the next day we went ring shopping. Unfortunately, most jewelry stores were closed, except Jared. I wanted a plain solitaire diamond, we found one, it was beautiful. We also purchased my wedding band-PLAIN white gold-they charged us $300 which was ridiculous but we bought it anyway. The PROBLEM is my engagement ring has minimal shine in the band-it is DULL and no matter what I do, its stays dull,looks OLD. When I go to have it polished it looks great for a week or so, then back to DULL. I think the quality of the metal they use is horrible, I wish I never went there..If you looking for a ring-STAY AWAY from JARED !!!!! you will be sorry

  9. Laura Miranda-
    September 26, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    My boyfriend went to Jared and got me a diamond ring and there has been nothing but trouble with it, diamonds keep falling out. Its been repaired more than I wear it. I have it for less than a year. When we bring it back for repair, we hear halo rings tend to loose diamonds. Well, if that’s the case maybe they should tell you that first. I had it in for so many diamond replacements they gave me another ring, but the sad thing is the new ring is the same way. We feel we really got ripped off. Unless you want the same hassle and disappointment, I would NEVER go to Jared.

  10. Kelly-
    October 4, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    We purchased my platinum setting with them. I went to many stores looking for the antique pave setting and I only found the style I was looking for with Jared. My center stone was purchased through a family friend (jeweler in N.Y.)

    Besides the pave diamonds that are coming out regularly, the princess channel set stones have come out. A few years ago, it was sent away for 6 weeks repair.

    When the ring came back, I did not notice the flaw. I was only wearing glasses when using computer, but now, I wear all the time. You can see the actual repair work. When I brought this to the stores attention, the girl recognized and just apologize. Anyway, had a check up and was sent on my way.

    About a month later, I was in the area and wanted to get the ring cleaned (now mind you, I work with food so I only wear ring on the weekends), I am told the ring needs to be sent out for repair again. You can visually with the naked eye see where the same diamond repair is settling and separating from ring. They will have to take it away for 6- 8 weeks. I was so angry that I would not leave it. The sales consultant put it in a bag and asked me not to wear it.

    If my car went into the body shop, and it came out dented. Would we not require them to repair and get back brand new? They will not do anything except tell me I can trade in, but I have to double up. What… You sell me a defective ring, and I have to double up.

    We have bought watches and other jewelry from them through the years and can say that we are finished.
    I am thinking of seeing a lawyer. They can’t expect me to wear a ring that has visual flaws.

  11. Fei Xiong-
    October 30, 2015 at 5:06 pm

    ABSOLUTELY THE WORST BUSINESS MY HUSBAND AND I HAVE DEALT WITH. Products are overpriced and customer service is terrible. Employees are extremely dishonest and rude. Does not return phone calls and long waits at the store. Tricked us out of $17000+.

  12. Fei Xiong-
    October 30, 2015 at 5:07 pm

    Long story: On our first visit to the store in March 2014, we put a center diamond on hold. We picked up the diamond after 2 and 1/2 weeks in April. When asked for the return policy, we were told: “30 days of wearing the diamond”. We wanted to return the diamond after 2 weeks of wearing, however, the store refused the return, because the reservation period also counts toward the 30 days. In the end, the store agreed to do an equal exchange and told us that they will call us when they get some diamonds of the same size and quality in. However, the store did not follow up with us nor get diamonds in as promised. When we contacted the store, we were told that they have not yet gotten the diamonds in.

    We customized a ring setting shortly after purchasing the center diamond. We paid for the custom in April 2014 and had the wax made. Due to the promised diamond exchange, the sales reps told us to delay on making the custom until we finish the diamond exchange. The store let us use a setting and said we can return the setting when our custom is ready. The store received our payment for the custom, but did not once follow up with us to finish the custom and supplying us the product we paid for. We finally ordered the custom to be made in August 2015. Jared charged us an additional $1,165 due to “price increase of diamond and gold” over the last year. This is a 50% price increase and is very unreasonable since we paid for the custom in full already and were already in the process of making the custom. We were also informed that if we cancel the custom, we would have to pay $700 for the wax that was made. On top of all these, we ordered the custom to be made 8/15/15 and was told that it would be ready in 3 weeks, after various calls and 3 stops to the store, it wasn’t ready until 10/5/15.

  13. Matthew Nichols-
    November 23, 2015 at 10:57 pm

    When purchasing my ring, I was told the guarantee was contingent on my visiting the store every 6 months for a short inspection. My most recent visit, I was told it would take over 40 minutes to do the inspection and the store would be closed at that point, so I would need to leave my ring there and come back again (1-hour round-trip by car).

    I asked to speak to a manager and waited 15 minutes only to be told that the manager was probably too busy to see me. I’ve spoken to Jared customer service and they were not very helpful and told me they can’t promise that the ring can be inspected in any sort of time frame.

    Unless you want hours of your time wasted, and really poor customer service, you should avoid this place at all costs. It’s really not worth the frustration and hassle. We bought another ring nearby at Zale’s and have had no issues there so far.

  14. Cassie Andrews-
    December 19, 2015 at 3:01 am

    A new store opened in our mall area, and my husband and I decided to go in and see what they had. I knew we were in trouble when we walked through the door and saw 5 or 6 people waiting to ambush customers who came in. A woman came up to us and started questioning what we were looking for, and was visibly disappointed when we said we just wanted to see what kinds of jewelry they had. We started walking around the store, and the woman trailed behind us, constantly pointing out things I wasn’t interested in. I will never go in there again.

  15. Stacie-
    January 5, 2016 at 3:01 am

    I have never been a customer of Jared, until recently my daughter received a gift from their store, the quality was horrible and customer service was worse! Reviews are an important part of people buying items such as these. Thank you for your service to everyone in posting this kind of information, hopefully it will save more people from mistakes in large purchases from stores with poor quality and the lack of care from the corporate stores who do not care that this is a purchase with hard earned money and the trust one puts in these stores with what is an important time in one’s lives. is jared’s a good jewelry store? a big fat no in my opinion.

  16. Justin-
    January 19, 2016 at 5:38 am

    I just bought an engagement ring from Jared’s jewelry and guess what, it was a huge rip off!. You are way overpriced and low quality after I started doing comparisons. I spent a great amount for an INFINITY engagement ring that started to deteriorate in less than a month. I really hope your business fails more and loses more customers from your scamming crap.

  17. Paul Gian-
    January 19, 2016 at 7:50 am

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. If it’s within one month, I think there’s still recourse or a money back policy in place. You should bring the jewelry back to the store.

  18. Sariah-
    February 11, 2016 at 1:49 am

    Not sure how this place stays in business, other than corraling in unsuspecting new buyers that see their commericials. I had went to Jareds to have my ring sizing beads removed, should have been very easy to do.Jareds also told me i had a side stone loose and to repair it they would have to remove 4 stones to tighten the one, I said leave it alone, you dont have to remove more stones to replace one. so assanine.
    I waited 1 hour. when i recieved my ring, they had sanded the back of the ring, that had fine detail work on it ( small gold beads around the edges) they polished them almost completely flat. This is a custom ring made in rhode island by a master jeweller. JAREDS DOESNT HAVE A MASTER JEWELLER at their location.
    I confronted them spoke to the store manager along with the repair shop manager, they said they we’re sorry and they would have to recast the ring, and send it out to be remade, it will take a few weeks, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, YOU DESTROYED MY RING and youd think id let you touch it again.
    I said no, ill be taking it to my jeweler to repair. I made the jareds store manager write me a letter stating it was damaged in their care by over polishing and the only remedy was for them to remake it. He seemed pissed but the other option was to call the cops and make a report, so If I had to sue them I would have proof of damage that jareds did it. I was told by the manager they will not pay to take it to my jeweller to repair. I DID NOT get my ring from jareds for a reason. I wanted something unique , handcrafted, by a master jeweller acredited in switzerland. not someone just working on the bench.
    If you ask why the hell did i bring it there to begin with, it was because I was almost 2 hrs away from custom jeweller, and I thought jareds would be able to complete a simple task of removing 2 sizing beads from the inside on the ring. I was so wrong.
    My guy repaired it in 1 hr with no charge to me and said the way the removal was done is wrong in so many ways.
    So the point of my story is. if you have something that is unique, with intricate detailing,antique or super precious to you find a real master jeweller to repair or resize it. And inspect and take pictures of your jewellery before giving it to them so youll have proof if there is damage done. Master jewellers are hard to find, because not that many graduate out the group. I found an amazing one and so can you.

    I dont write many reviews, but Jareds deserves this one for sure!

  19. David-
    March 12, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    I bought a $8K wedding ring from Jared’s and within 7 months the center stone fell out. Since I hadn’t bought the insurance, they would not help repair the ring. Now I understand why they pushed and pushed and pushed the insurance plan.

    When I talked to them about the ring and repair all they did was push the insurance plan still!!

    Don’t go to Jared’s for good quality jewelry!!

  20. Lydia-
    March 17, 2016 at 6:17 pm

    I have to say, I always took the Jared commercials with a grain of salt, but after the AMAZING ring my fiance got for me, I have found myself telling friends – and strangers – “He went to Jarod,” leading to a lot of laughter. It’s true, however, that this ring is incredible and not just some cookie-cutter ring that any number of women get to wear. From picking out the diamond to selecting the setting, David did a wonderful job, helped by the incredible sales team at Jared.

    We recently went back to choose our wedding rings as well as a few new Pandora beads. It was complicated as Dave’s band had to be special ordered and we needed to use some credits which had technically expired before they were able to get my matching band in. We also had a lovely Valentine’s Day necklace Dave had bought me to exchange, as I wear my bracelets much more often. Not only were Tara in particular and the entire sales team friendly and helpful, but the General Manager, Eric Williams, went far above and beyond in making sure we got exactly what we wanted and were well taken care of. We left with eyes sparkling just as brightly as my freshly cleaned diamond ring and Pandora bracelets. We will definitely continue to be loyal Jared customers!

  21. Lydia-
    March 17, 2016 at 6:20 pm

    I also noted a comment above about Jared’s rings being junk. I took my engagement ring to an independent appraiser in a different state, and it appraised for more than the purchase price. I definitely feel that Dave got his money’s worth for an unforgettable engagement ring.

  22. Michael O'Brien-
    April 6, 2016 at 10:26 pm

    After shopping around for a beautiful piece of jewelry as a gift for a very poignant occasion, I finally stopped in to the local Jared’s on Niagara Falls Blvd. in Amherst NY. I was greeted as though I was royalty! Everyone was extremely professional and polite. I was offered a chair, and a glass of water.

    I never experienced any pressure to get a Jared’s credit card. In fact, I was astounded with the quality of service that I received in both my visits to the same store. Peter, my salesperson, was so helpful, that I just had to speak with the manager to share my commendations,

    The piece of jewelry I found was perfect for the sentimental occasion i needed it for!

    I have nothing but high praises for the Jareds on Niagara Falls Blvd. in Amherst, NY. I will return there each time I need to shop for that special gift; without hesitation. Kudos to the manager!

  23. Marylynn-
    April 10, 2016 at 1:07 am

    I too was Upsold, and mislead at Jareds in Louisville, the mall st.mathews. My husband and I have been married 25 years. We decided to purchase new wedding rings. I was told my band would not be big enough for the diamond we picked. I wanted a diamond ring and a wedding band to match. The salesperson showed us single diamonds. We picked one out. Then a setting with platinum prongs. I had asked about “jacket or ring guard” to protect the diamond. which we ended up purchasing.
    I was assured the ring guard would protect the 3 smaller diamonds on each side of the larger one in the middle. Needless to say it had been
    Less then 6 months and 1 of the “platinum”
    Prongs became loose. We took it back for repair
    I had it for less then a month after we had it repaired and the prong that had been “fixed” catches on my clothes. We took it back to Jareds AGAIN. The repair was made in the store while we waited. My concern was this would be an issue with the ring, we paid over $4500.00 for this ring and jacket. We were told by the sales lady I should take the ring off when showering, before I go to bed, before I did very ordinary tasks that most people including myself perform daily. I asked to speak with the technician who was in the lab. I explained I wanted to wear the ring daily, she explained the ring guard did nothing to protect the diamonds, the way it was contoured was not up high enough. The ring would be subject to becoming damaged again.

    Now I have a diamond ring I can not wear for fear it will be damaged by “normal daily wear”
    The sales person did want me to purchase a bigger ring guard. I was stunned and shocked.
    I am looking for an answer to this fiasco?

  24. Paul Gian-
    April 10, 2016 at 3:25 am

    The term normal daily wear is pretty vague. If you want a robust ring that you can wear to bed (I personally don’t encourage this practice), a bezel diamond engagement ring should be what you are looking for. Otherwise, the ring will be susceptible to damage easily based on the activities you perform in your “daily” routines.

  25. Buyer's remorse-
    June 8, 2016 at 6:31 am

    This message is a question for Paul. I went to jared after a bad experience with kay (purchased a low quality 1.56 due to deep cut for $6700) and found a 1.76 ct princess cut loose diamond. I immediately fell in love with this huge stone with measurements of 7.08 × 6.19 × 4.79 mm SI2 H color GSI report($8000 on sale). With a 14k solitaire band and platinum setting, it came out to $11,700 with 36 month plan. My mistake was getting excited and not knowing grading companies(GSI), this once again was a deep cut diamond but higher quality S2 H color vs Kay’s I2 E color. I cancelled the order but did I make the right choice? Everyone tells me $8,000 is a good price for the 1.76 ct princess cut and I can’t find a 1.75 under $12,000 on the internet to save my life. The sales woman said it was a great buy and she’s never seen anything like It, but was it? Does GSI reporting suck that bad and do those measurements make a badly cut diamond?

  26. Paul Gian-
    June 8, 2016 at 6:43 am

    You can do your own price comparisons here: https://beyond4cs.com/diamond-prices/

    Like other big brands of jewelry, you can expect to pay a huge premium in cost when shopping at Jared.

    In my opinion, you definitely made the right decision to return the GSI stone. Stick with GIA or AGS graded princess cut diamonds.

  27. Jenn Rhodes-
    June 25, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    Paul, you mention not shopping at the brick and mortar stores. Where do you suggest looking for diamond rings? I always thought that local jewelers (not chains) would be over priced more than a chain store. We are looking to possibly trade in my diamond for a larger one that we bought a jareds years ago.

  28. Paul Gian-
    June 25, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    You probably want to read this updated article: https://beyond4cs.com/best-online-diamond-retailers/

  29. Dee-
    July 31, 2016 at 5:27 pm

    As others have said, do NOT go to Jared, they are crooks. Every time we have given them a chance they have done nothing but rip us off! Their warranties are garbage; you’ll only end up paying for repairs that were obviously never done and it won’t matter how many times you take it in to them. More than that, they are selling junk that only requires repair after purchase, so where’s the value in that?!?!?

  30. Michele-
    August 24, 2016 at 3:05 pm

    I ordered a necklace from Jared’s and it was lost in the mail. It took them forever and I mean forever to resolve this issue. Unacceptable!

  31. T-
    October 3, 2016 at 11:53 pm

    Poor quality ring. All stones loose and one diamond chipped after one year. Didn’t do the 6 months so no coverage. Shop elsewhere for a better value and customer support. Whether its kay vs jared vs zales, you best avoid all the jewelers from signet.

  32. Marie-
    October 9, 2016 at 12:09 am

    Jared = kay = zales= sterling = signet, etc. (All under same holding company)
    Zales at Trumbull mall in CT lost our wedding rings “in the mail” (sent out for polishing to a Jared store in Warwick RI).
    DO NOT BUY from those crook stores! Buy from a reputable master jeweler!

  33. Jim Fillerup-
    March 5, 2017 at 7:27 pm

    BUYER BE WARE! I would advise you not to shop at Jared’s jewelry Store in Colorado Springs, CO.
    Reason: They will rip you off!

    Just before Valentines Day 2017, I went to Jared’s and purchased a necklace and earring set for my girlfriend. It was not quite what she liked so she went to Jared’s and looked for other earrings. She found a set she really liked and they were about (very close) to the same price as the original set. She said she would be back in a few days. A few days later, she took me back to the store and went directly to the earrings. Directly to the case where she had looked at the new set. The salesman took them out and went to the checkout counter and rang them up. Lo and behold he said they were $600+ more than he had quoted her. My girlfriend said they were in the very same spot in the case “how can that be?” The salesman said the earrings she looked at were sold a few days after she had been there. We asked if another store may have the same earrings. A rude woman manager came and looked something up and made what appeared to be a phone call (it sounded phony) and said there are two other earring sets in other stores just like what my girlfriend wanted, BUT they were on Layaway!!. How incredible – only two other sets out of all the Jared stores and both are on layaway. Give me a break! The salesman said , the earrings he had “are a very close match to the ones she wanted”. Yes, but $600+ more! Phony Baloney! I paid the extra money – probably a fool, but my girlfriend really liked them and then found all of these negative reviews after the fact. So BUYER BE WARE!

  34. Paul Gian-
    March 6, 2017 at 3:57 am

    I’m not trying to defend Jared but was there any paperwork that was shown to your girlfriend on her previous visit that you could compare to on the subsequent visit? Sometimes, details like stone quality used could be a reason for price differences.

  35. Cynthia Leigh-
    March 19, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    My husband and I went to Jared’s in Crestview Hills, Ky a few weeks ago specifically because of their advertisement in the past. It was supposed to be the place to go for rings. Well, we put an engagement ring with an enhancer in layaway. A total of 1.75 karat weight . After going back to pick up my husband ‘s engraved band, we looked at it again. We weren’t told about the 4 ‘C of the Rings and we FORGOT to ask. Some part of me thinks it looks cheap, but $6183.46 with the tax , isn’the cheap!!!! I don’the know if we should cancel our layaway or not?

  36. Paul Gian-
    March 20, 2017 at 4:25 am

    Do your own due diligence here: https://beyond4cs.com/diamond-prices/

  37. JAY-
    May 8, 2017 at 11:48 am


    when shopping for a diamond these are the most important factors

    #1 It must be a G.I,A graded diamond no exceptions (do research)
    #2 Cut is the most important you will need excellent cut for sparkle
    #3 Color If it is in your budget go colorless F-D huge difference
    #4 Clarity this is less important you cannot see the flaws unless you have a microscopr.
    #5 Carat Weight remember its not all about size make sure you have a G.I.A graded diamond or you will be disappointed when you go to an appraiser and find out what you thought was an SI1 is really an I1 or what you thought was a G color is really an H or I

  38. JAY-
    May 8, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    listen do not be cheap purchase the lifetime protection plan from Jared and you guys won’t be dealing with these issues! the lifetime plan cost under $300 and its for a LIFETIME you really have to be an idiot to complain about Jared because your stone fell out and you didn’t purchase the protection plan ALSO please insure your ring how stupid can you be to spend thousands on a diamond and not have it insured. my fiancee wedding band and engagement ring set valued at $9100.00 only cost me $124.00 a year with state farm personal article policy and guess what its a separate policy you do not need to have any other coverage with them save yourself the piece of mind folks!!!!!!! one more thing woo when you go to jared do not buy GSI ask for GIA graded diamonds if they do not have any in the store they can order it for you DO NOT PURCHASE GSI goodluck all

  39. Stacie Brigmon-
    June 22, 2017 at 1:44 am

    My husband and I have spent over $20k at Jared’s in Pineville, NC in the past 7 years. We recently had a horrible experience and will NEVER be back. My husband purchased our daughter a graduation present there for $1300.00. Before we could give it to her, she fell off a balcony and passed away 7 days later. We tried to return it 33 days after we purchased it and they refused. Even during our circumstances, they would not make an exception. We have been hit with several unexpected expenses with this tragedy and Jared’s lack of customer service added insult to injury. I will NEVER return. AnnMarie, the assistant manager was cold and rude. The store manager didn’t even have the decency to return our call, even though AnnMarie promised he would. I will be going to Diamind’s Direct from now on.

  40. Casey Theis-
    July 12, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    At the end of May, I went into the Jared located near the Dulles Town center mall to see a Lois Hill bangle. They had the bracelet and I loved it. The bracelet cost $500, and I was ready to go, knowing how much I had to save. As I was leaving one of the sales people stopped me and told me that if I opened a Jared account there would be no interest and no minimum payments for 18 months. After she said this, she actually said, “You can walk out of here with the bracelet today and not worry about it for 18 months. It will be like it’s free.”
    Now I never intended to not make payments during the interest free period, but I was happy to buy bracelet provided that I didn’t have to pay interest on it. I was approved and ended up buying the bracelet and a pair of earrings. After, I made several more visits to the store, I had two rings with stones I wanted to have set into new rings. I spend long periods of time with the sales people and handed over two precious stones that I would never be able to replace.
    Every time I went in I double checked that the no interest, no minimum payments applied to my purchases. I was always assured that it did. I will say that the first ring, with my own ruby, turned out beautifully. I was very excited to see what they did with my diamond, until I got a credit card bill from Jared. The bill was asking for a minimum payment of a little less than $200 and the interest charges were over 25%. I thought it must be a mistake and called the credit card customer service the next day.
    I was told that there was no such offer in place. I was told that the only thing close to that offer was 12 months with no interest and minimum payments of $350. I spoke to the customer service manager, who told me there was nothing she could do but she would put me in touch with the store manager, and the district manager.
    I left a message for the district manager, who never called me back. I spoke to the store manager, who told me she would partner with corporate to find a way to solve this issue. She never called me back either. Finally, after more than a week, I called to see what was going on. The assistant manager offered me the same 12 month deal, but seemed to know nothing about what was happening. I ended up cancelling the order for my custom diamond ring, and will have to sell my custom ruby ring to pay off the credit card bill before I am charged their outrageous interest.
    Natural rubies are rare and even more difficult to find in the United States. The one I have is a pink ruby, and it is literally irreplaceable. I have never done anything this extravagant for myself before and Jared has easily made this one of my most regrettable experiences. I’d have been glad to save for these purchases, but I was told I didn’t have to. I have never had sales people lie to me to close a sale like that. I am still stunned, and even more stunned by a huge companies unwillingness to honor what their own people promised. The only consolation in this is that I at least can get my diamond ring back untouched.
    I would not recommend Jared to anyone. I will be closing my account as soon as it is paid off. No one that I spoke to was rude or unkind, but they still refused to help solve this issue or honor what was promised. That combined with the lack of response from the store or district manager is what solidified my decision to write this review. I will be posting this on all social media I have accounts with. I’m a single mom, I tried to do something nice for myself, I work very hard for my money. Jared treated me poorly.

  41. Ellie-
    July 26, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Paul, such great information! I’m wondering if you are familiar with ISG and there gemology studies and certification? I’ve been looking over GIA and ISG as far as my own self study. I have a diverse background, none of which is sales or jewelry, but I love precious stones and love learning and have considered working toward a gemology/ appraisal ( in time?) certification. Fascinating. I would love to get experience with a fine jeweler, to learn techniques with the highest levels of quality and integrity, however, I do not have connections in that world and, applying for sales jobs require at least a year in fine jewelry sales ( understandably). This is what lead me to your article and reading all reviews and several of the links. The ISG training is less know than GIA, but seems to have a good recognition? I must study online and their courses are much more cost efficient- as they only have online courses. Do you have any commemts, pointing me in the right directions? Truely appreciated! Ellie

  42. Paul Gian-
    July 26, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    If you are looking for gemology studies, the best place to go is GIA. It’s very widely recognized in the industry.

  43. Rob Manwaring-
    January 8, 2018 at 11:58 pm

    While slumming with a couple girlfriends one day (last week) we decided for grins to stop into a “Jared’s galleria”….such a cute yet undeserving name…..
    Anyway I had with me two diamonds. One a 1 3/4 carat round solitaire and one a .80 carat oval. Both F in color. The larger round being a VVS1 and the oval being a VVS2. Extremely expensive diamonds. I had purchased a $3700.00 semi-mount that this shack about 10 years ago. Expensive, yes. But it was to hold a 4 carat MOISSANITE. Nothing special. These fake, yet exquisite jewels are perfect for the lesser quality Jared’s semi-mounts. While we selected a few semi-mounts to inspect a rather shabby clerk began to refer to me as “honey” or “sweet-heart”. Neither of which

  44. Eric Kerr-
    April 5, 2019 at 11:35 pm

    This review is 2 years in the making. My wife went in to have here 3 stone ring looked at and cleaned. She was informed that the center stone was cracked. The sales person told her she needed to have it replaced because it could crack further and fall apart. My wife discussed replacing the diamond and have a new setting done. We talked about it and decided to go ahead and do the replacement. We choose a new stone and were given a price. A little while later we got the call to come pick up the ring. We get there and the ring was very nice but the price jumped significantly from what we originally agreed on. I explained I was unwilling to pay this new price and the sales person got really nasty. She explained that the increase in price was fee based and there was nothing they could do. She said if we didnt want to pay then we could have the old setting and broken diamond back. Well I was livid and asked for the manager and she said she was in charge so I could take it or leave it. So i left it. I told her I would be back for the broken diamond and the old setting the next day. When i arrived i was handed the old diamonds and the old setting. Heres the catch the diamonds were chopped out of the setting and the diamonds were in a seperate small plastic bag. I asked if they were planning on putting it back together and she said “No why would we”. I walked out with my pieces and was beyond mad!!! Funny thing is they had accidentally left the new diamond (which I never paid for) in the bag with the old one. I looked at my wife and said that they may be crocks and jackasses but we are not, and I took the diamond back into the store. You would have taught they would have been grateful but noooo the lady said we figured it out and were about to go chase you down. I told her that I wasnt a crock like them and a thank you would have been nice but she had no more interest in dealing with me. I did receive a call from the GM swearing she would make it right. I attempted to contact her on several occasions to no avail. So here I sit 2 years later and the rings still in pieces and my wife refuses to let me get it fixed. Thanks Jared you truly have no scruples or morels.

  45. Paul Gian-
    April 6, 2019 at 2:07 am

    When you decided on the diamond initially, was it the same diamond that was in the ring when you picked that up or was there a change in the quality of the diamond? I would have gotten things down in writing as there will be no disputes when disagreements arise.

  46. Joy-
    August 18, 2019 at 11:40 am


  47. Shelbe Maass-
    August 29, 2021 at 1:53 am

    Will never shop at Jarred again! They are lying thief’s that will send you late fees after you close an account twice! We tried to close it online and in person and we still get late fees!? They blame us for their stupidity. I have had smart jewelry stores and accounts that were honest and helpful, this jewelry isn’t! Shop at Zales, not Jarred!

  48. Paul Gian-
    August 30, 2021 at 8:48 am

    Talk to customer support. I’m sure they can get this fixed. By the way, Zales and Jared are sister companies owned by the same parent.

  49. Teresa Coral-Clark-
    September 12, 2021 at 1:37 pm

    Jared stole my certified nearly flawless diamond during one of their mandatory routine cleanings. I knew it that day but they ganged up on me and gaslit me, forcing me to leave without my very expensive diamond. That ring never left might sight with the exception of that day. I’m angry and heartbroken as I was recently told, at an appraisal, that my ring is very flawed and that the certificate and inscriptions do NOT match. Do not trust Jareds. They are crooks and thieves. They lie to you about the warranty and force you to bring your ring in so they can steal it from you. Shame on Jareds for ruining such a beautiful symbols of two people’s love for one another. Jareds is disgusting!

  50. Paul Gian-
    September 14, 2021 at 6:52 am

    Look, I’m not trying to defend Jared but I highly doubt so. It’s actually a stupid move to swap out a client’s diamond and risk damaging the entire reputation of their business. In the grand scheme of things, a single diamond is hardly worth any money compared to the scale of the businesses they are running. Where did you buy the diamond ring from in the first place and did you even checked that you received the correct diamond from the buyer?

  51. Jane E Myers, GG, AJP-
    December 10, 2021 at 2:06 am

    I always find your input so great for consumers’ knowledge! I am a Professional, Personal Jewelry Concierge`…. I am my business! I do the research, comparisons, negotiations saving my clients precious time and considerable money. The thrust of my business is to educate my clients so that they can recognize the value of every penny or every dollar they invest. It is totally a WIN-WIN situation and I love what I do!
    Your well-researched information helps to educate the consumer with current trends in the retail market.

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