The Ultimate Guide to Bezel Engagement Rings

semi bezel engagement ring with diamond center stone

A breathtaking semi bezel engagement ring with a diamond center stone.

So, you’ve found the perfect person and have a romantic proposal idea fully planned out. All you need to do now is to find that elusive yet perfect ring to surprise her. If you are looking for a highly secure ring with a modern vibe, bezel engagement ring settings would be a style to consider.

But what are they and what are their pros and cons? How do you know if the bezel design is right for you and your significant other? In this write up, you get insider tips and design ideas about bezel set engagement rings.

You will also find the best places to shop for bezel set engagement rings that are made with high quality craftsmanship at competitive prices. Let’s jump right in…

What is a Bezel Setting? – Definition And Design Types

In a nutshell, a bezel setting is a ring design that has a metal rim encircling the center stone. This rim (or sometimes called a collar) wraps around the stone’s circumference to provide it a low profile and highly protective mounting.

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of bezel engagement ring settings: full and half (semi) designs.

full bezel diamond engagement ring 18k white gold

Full bezel diamond ring.

semi bezel engagement ring

Half bezel diamond ring.

As the name implies, a full bezel setting has a metal rim that surrounds the entire outline of the diamond, covering it from all angles. This provides the maximum amount of protection to the edges of the stone but at the same time, hides more of the center stone.

Half bezel mountings work very similarly to a full bezel with the difference being that they use only half the metal to hold the center stone. The bezel wall would typically fold over at 2 different ends of the diamond and create a lighter looking appearance.

Personally speaking, I prefer partial bezel settings because of the cool designs they are typically available in. Plus, they provide adequate protection while allowing more light into the diamond. For practical reasons, I also find that half bezel engagement rings are easier to clean and maintain.

Advantages of a Bezel Ring Setting

different shapes of heart princess round bezel ring settings

There are numerous advantages of bezel set engagement rings and they are:

1) Superior protection against chips and fragile edges – Bezel rings offer the maximum security amongst all the different types of ring styles. Once the center stone is set, the custom-fit metal rim can prevent damage and even flaws from the naked eye.

2) Perfect for people with active lifestyles or careers – Bezel set mountings don’t contain any prongs, heads or beads and won’t get snagged on things like clothing. For people with hands-on jobs like doctors or athletes, the low profile nature of bezel rings offers peace of mind and high durability for rough wear.

3) Sleek looking and modern – Bezel settings have a contemporary look that is very distinct from other common engagement ring designs. For people who are looking for unique rings, there are plenty of creative settings that can help you stand out.

4) Accentuates the shape of the center stone – The metal rim that encircles the center stone can greatly accentuate its outline and helps fancy shape diamonds like the heart shape or pear shape to stand out.

White Flash, James Allen and Blue Nile are 3 vendors that we highly recommend for bezel engagement rings. Their collection of high quality GIA/AGS certified diamonds and excellent craftsmanship will ensure you get a stunning diamond ring.

Disadvantages of a Bezel Set Engagement Ring Setting

side profile view of downside disadvantages of bezel settings

Like any other type of ring setting, there are also some downsides to choosing a bezel setting:

1) Makes the center stone look smaller for its carat weight – When the outer edges of the stone are covered by metal, it can make it look smaller than it really is. Depending on how thick the metal rim is, it can make diamonds appear smaller by 10-20%.

2) Bulky looking – Most bezel set diamond rings look bulky and come with thicker bands compared to other styles. For people with small sized hands and fingers, a bezel ring can look overwhelming and awkward.

3) Generally more expensive – Compared to prong settings, bezel rings cost more because of the expertise and higher amount of metal required for fabrication. Very often, bezel settings would require some degree of customization because the setting must be made to fit the gemstone.

4) Reduces the sparkle and brilliance of the center stone – When large areas of the diamond are covered by metal, it restricts the amount of light that can enter it. This can reduce the sparkle factor and brilliance of the diamond.

Our Favorite Bezel Setting Engagement Rings Ideas

When it comes to picking out a specific bezel ring design, I know from first-hand experience that it can be difficult to make a decision. Bear in mind that buying an engagement ring is a very personal decision and the key is to choose one that matches your personal style.

Here are some of my favorite bezel set rings in the market. Hopefully, it gives you an idea of what’s available in the market.

pave bezel set engagement rings

This beautiful Simon G bezel diamond engagement ring features a unique geometric pattern made up of 3 melees placed on the side of the shank. It adds a touch of brilliance and a fluid swirl that will turn heads.

bezel halo engagement ring in white gold cathedral style

This exquisite halo bezel engagement ring is a superbly crafted setting that is matched with super ideal cut melees for maximum sparkle. With careful attention to details and matching melees, it is a true masterpiece combining both art and engineering.

yellow gold unique bezel set engagement ring

This yellow gold bezel ring holds your choice of center stone with a unique faux split shank. This makes it appear like you are wearing 2 rings while also providing the added benefit of extra support beneath the diamond.

partial bezel engagement ring with exposed areas platinum metal

Here we have an example of a simple half bezel design that is perfect for those who like to keep jewelry to a minimum and secure. It is fresh looking but not overdone. Crafted with a comfort fit shank, the highly polished metal delivers a sparkling finish that packs a visual punch.

princess square bezel setting engagement ring

Encapsulated in a bezel wall that is custom made for a princess cut diamond, this ultra modern solitaire ring is designed to make a statement and is suitable for long term wearing comfort.

bezel set halo engagement ring with melees on crown

This pave bezel set engagement ring deviates from the norm in incredible ways. With a crown that is lined with small diamonds, this ring creates fireworks of sparkle when seen from different viewing angles.

round bezel engagement ring

A simple round bezel diamond engagement ring that gives a timeless and classic appearance. Unlike most other solitaire bezel rings that use a thick band, this design features a sleek band for a more refined look.

pave semi bezel set engagement ring with french style shanks

A fusion with art-deco and modern design elements, this semi bezel engagement ring from Zac Posen has a unique appearance that will draw curious attention with its magnificent sparkle.

vintage oval bezel set engagement ring with side stones

This is a tasteful looking vintage bezel set engagement ring that is flanked by 2 baguette sidestones and pave diamond shank. The milgrain details on the edges of the metal give it a rustic and antique flair.

bezel solitaire engagement ring withtiny pear cut diamond

This is a highly affordable and dainty looking engagement ring with a tiny pear cut diamond as the center stone. At a price of less than $500, this delicate ring is made of 14k white gold and perfect for smaller hands.

Overview – Let’s Go Shopping Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Rings

round full bezel engagement ring in platinum

Bezel setting engagement rings have appearances that differ greatly from prong settings that are commonly found in the market. As you’ve learned, there are pros and cons to bezel ring designs. Whether it is right for you largely depends on your personal tastes and lifestyle.

Both the full and half bezel offer high security for your diamond and embody a contemporary look with their sleek designs. Hopefully, you found this article useful in helping you make an educated decision.

Take your time to check out the links and see the breathtaking jewelry pieces we’ve put together for your viewing pleasure. Remember to do your research, plan ahead and browse around before making your selection.

If you need help with a second opinion on a diamond or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or email me directly. Good luck!

White Flash, James Allen and Blue Nile are reliable vendors that offer beautifully crafted bezel ring designs. Their risk-free sales policies also give you complete peace of mind. Make sure you check them out for yourself!

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    I’m a bench jeweller with 14 years of experience. Great content and just to add on about the differences between full bezel and semi bezel rings. Full bezel rings tend to make the gemstone smaller and obstruct views from the side profile once it is encapsulated in the metal. Because of this, you get directional sparkle upwards as well as a reduction in brilliance. On the other hand, the half bezel only covers up the gemstone partially. This leaves more visible areas of the diamond and allow light to flow in to give better fire. There’s some compromise here for half bezels to sacrifice some protection for appearance.

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