If you’re looking for insightful and educational blogs about diamonds, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 60 of the best diamond blogs on the Internet.

As you know, there are literally hundreds of diamond and jewelry related blogs online. But we decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you only the cream of the crop.

To make the list, the blogs had to be well designed, up-to-date and/or provide an unique perspective in the content they write.

Whether you are a consumer who’s shopping for a diamond ring or a trade personnel trying to learn more about the industry, these blogs will give you handy tips, insights and information. Check them out below…

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The 60 Best Diamond & Jewelry Related Blogs on the Internet

Note: the blogs are listed in no particular order.

  1. Bario Neal – A collaboration between 2 independent jewelry designers, Anna Bario and Page Neal. Bario Neal is a company that’s committed to ethical and eco-friendly jewelry. Their blog (with tons of beautiful photographs) showcases their finest works and provides updates of the jewelry industry.
  2. Diamonds in the Library – Becky is a unique blogger who loves literature and jewelry. Her blog posts are loaded with helpful content that range from helping you buy jewelry to taking awesome photographs with your phone. More notably, her write ups on antique jewelry are among the best on the Internet.
  3. Calla Gold – A private jeweler based in Santa Barbara. Calla’s likable blogging style makes her posts very additive to read. Also of notable mention, her write-ups on custom jewelry offer unique insights to her work.
  4. Wendy Brandes – A journalist-turned-fine jewelry designer, Wendy blogs passionately about her work and everyday life. Her posts are intelligently written and pack a load of fun to read.
  5. Jewels Dujour – Natalie’s blog keeps you up to date with the latest news and happenings in jewelry shows and auctions. She also writes about jewelry trends and her posts are always jammed packed with beautiful photographs. If you are a visual person, you are in for a treat!
  6. The Jewelry Loupe – A magazine-blog for jewelry lovers, makers and connoisseurs. Cathleen McCarthy writes about diverse topics across the jewelry industry and her blog is a repository of useful information.
  7. Geology In – A website that offers the latest news in geology and a massive gallery of mineral photographs. It also has interesting posts on dinosaurs, field works and diamonds!
  8. Gem Hunter – Dan Hausel is a leading expert in prospecting and gemstone mining. He has published numerous books on the subject and his website is a treasure trove of information for like-minded people.
  9. Collecting Fine Jewels – An investment banker by trade, Alicia Reyes understands the mechanics of making smart ventures. Her blog is targeted at curators of fine jewellery and people who enjoy finding rare jewels.
  10. Gemologue – An award winning blog by Liza Urla; a professional gemologist with an exceptional taste for jewelry. Besides exclusive interviews and indepth reviews, Liza uncovers the latest trends in fashion and fine jewelry.
  11. Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog – A fine jewelry and watch establishment, Raymond Lee’s blog is full of useful content for diamond engagement ring shoppers.
  12. Gem Gossip – Gem Gossip is an awesome blog to check out if you are looking for gemstone and jewelry education. Danielle Miele, the editor of the blog, also writes regularly on topics like the latest jewelry trends and interesting stuff she finds in her travels.
  13. Champagne Gem – Authored by a Melbourne jewelry blogger who’s also a diamond enthusiast, Champagne Gem is one of my favorite blogs. Bebe’s working experience and credentials as a GIA Accredited Jewelry gives her a professional edge which translates into her writing. Her presence on Instagram is impressive too; with tens of thousands of followers.
  14. iDazzle – Through her blog, Monica Stephenson lets you rediscover jewelry in a new way and she writes extensively about the designers who make them. Her taste for exceptional jewelry can also be seen through the content she writes.
  15. Erst While’s Blog – The blog has a mix of articles and podcasts on various jewelry topics. Their comprehensive coverage of vintage jewelry topics gets a 2 thumbs up from me!
  16. The Gemstone Queen – Written by a gemologist and accredited jewellery professional, Chantelle Lobo blogs exclusively about gemstones. Her posts are extremely educational and a joy to read.
  17. Diamond 1872 – Dan Hausel’s definitive blog to finding diamond deposits, rough diamonds and rough identification. A great read for anyone who’s interested in mineralogy and prospecting.
  18. Buy Gemstones – Tarun Gupta has been in the Bangkok gemstone trade for close to a decade. He delivers brilliant articles about gemstone information and shopping guides for consumers.
  19. Daily Jewel – The Daily Jewel delivers bite-sized morsels of jewelry goodness regularly. Discover the latest jewelry trends and find out more about the artists behind beautiful pieces of jewelry.
  20. Michael Abraham Gems – Since young, Michael has developed a fascination for gems and minerals. Upon completion of his GIA graduate gemologist education, he begun his career and traveled the world in search of beautiful gems. He chronicles his work and travels with beautiful photographs.
  21. Divine Finds Jewelry Blog –  Specializing in diamond and gemstone estate jewelry, Viga blogs about the latest findings in her Ruby Lane store. If you are a vintage jewelry collector, you need to follow this blog.
  22. The Jeweler Blog – As a long time industry veteran and journalist, Howard Cohen knows the ins and outs of compelling content. He is always on the lookout for interesting stories and updates his blog on a daily basis.
  23. The Court Jeweller – Ella Kay is an authoritative expert who’s been writing about the royals since 2008. Her blog, The Court Jeweller, is updated on a daily basis and showcases heirloom jewels from royal families around the word.
  24. In Detail – This blog is dedicated to the world of jewellery and fashion. Get up to date content of trending jewelry and exclusive interviews from professionals in the industry.
  25. Mardon Jewelers – A business specializing in custom made jewelry and estate buying. Besides resourceful posts on purchasing jewelry, you also get to see beautiful pieces of estate jewelry that goes on sale.
  26. Jewelers Bench Confidential – With more than 43 years of experience as a bench jeweler, John Fritze Jr. has a massive portfolio of jewelry designs. He shares jewelry buying tips and insights to the business on his blog.
  27. Diamond World – The Diamond World magazine is a publication that many professionals around the world subscribe to. Their blog containts snippets of articles about the latest happenings in the industry.
  28. Fair Jewelry Action – Founded by 2 jewelry activists Marc Choyt and Greg Valerio, FJA aims to promote ethical and fair trade practices in the industry. Their blog provides up to date reporting of human rights issues and environmental impact movements.
  29. Thoughts From “Your Jeweler” – Bill Warren has more than 25 years of retail experience and he enjoys helping other retailers expand their business through his marketing system. Bill’s blog page covers topics like jewelry trends, diamonds, gemstones and useful shopping tips for consumers.
  30. Tony’s Custom Jewelry Blog – Tony’s blog takes you through the fabrication process for custom pieces he makes in his workshop. His posts are very detailed and include step-by-step photographs.
  31. From Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault – Dedicated to chronicle events and jewels worn by Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Cornwall. You can learn more about the history of different jewelry pieces worn by them.
  32. Talking Jewelry – Margriet is a jewelry expert with years of experience at Sotheby’s & Gemeentelijke Krediet Bank. Through her blog, she shares interesting stories from the industry which are well received to a worldwide audience.
  33. Margo Raffaelli – A window into the dreamy world of luxurious jewelry, Margo’s personal blog is a culmination of her experience and knowledge. Marco’s site stands out from the rest because of her personal views and the useful tips she shares.
  34. James Jeweler – James is a jeweler based in Atlanta, GA and he blogs about the jewelry industry. If you are interested to learn more about the trade, do check out his website for more details.
  35. Jewelry Activist – Diane has worked as a business consultant at Debeers for more than a decade. Her stylish character shows through in her posts and her passion about diamonds and fine jewelry is palpable.
  36. Jeweler Profit – A website built for jewelers. Get tips to improve sales and insider advice to running a successful jewelry store.
  37. Make Your Own Wedding Rings – Richard Bett is a talented artist, designer and jeweler (3-in-1) with more than 35 years of experience. He shares stories on his blog where you can also find out more about unique wedding ring designs he commissions.
  38. Ring Stash – Ring Stash is the ultimate solution to replace bulky engagement ring boxes. Their blog has a collection of fun-to-read proposal stories as well as tips to store your engagement rings.
  39. Adorn London – Get daily updates like in-depth interviews with experts, street style coverage and tips to working the season’s hottest trends regardless of your budget, age or style.
  40. Made of Jewelry – If you love gold, silver and all things bling, Made of Jewelry is a blog you will fall in love with. Sophie also blogs about her views on the latest jewelry collections and designer pieces regularly.
  41. Deliver Me Diamonds – An inspirational blog run by a female entrepreneur, Jean Z. Poh. While she mainly blogs about diamonds, Jean also writes about her experience in her startup.
  42. Diamonds Update – A diamond blog where you can get shopping advice for diamonds and industry news. The editor, Denny, runs a retail diamond business in Virginia.
  43. Order of Splendor – Slightly snarky and witty, the author writes about royal fashion and jewelry.
  44. Erika Winters – Having begun her career as a freelance writer and photographer, her posts are exceptionally well-written and laden with professional photographs. Recently, Erika Winters started her own line of bridal jewelry designs and I highly recommend you to check her out!
  45. Roni Namdar – A stimulating blog by a talented jewelry designer based in Hong Kong. Roni’s beautiful jewelry designs will make you wish you owned those exquisite pieces.
  46. Cutting Remarks –  One of the most authoritative sites when it comes to jewelry news and happenings. Rob Bates is the award winning news director behind Cutting Remarks and has decades of experience in the industry.
  47. Jewellery News Network – Anthony Demarco is a high profile expert who used to be a newspaper reporter (he writes about high-end jewelry and luxury news now). Join him to get the latest business reports and learn about newly launched luxury products from around the globe.
  48. NYC Wholesale Diamonds Blog – Authored by a GIA and FIT trained jeweler, Keith Saxe shares his expertise with consumers. His educational articles are really worth checking out (even though some posts may be dated back to 2013, they are still very applicable in today’s consumer market).
  49. Juler’s Row – A blog dedicated to jewelry, watches and fashion. Julie is a talented lady who runs an online store at Etsy where you can find nature inspired jewelry pieces.
  50. Cape Town Diamond Museum Blog – A non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness and creating a new appreciation for diamonds. The museum’s blog is updated monthly and I always look forward to reading their new content.
  51. The Global Diamond Portal – Get real-time news, information and access to trading platforms for jewelers and business owners. This is a website where “Diamondpreneurs” get connected and have easy networking.
  52. Israel Diamond Industry Blog – The Israel Diamond Institute is a non-profit, public interest company representing organizations involved in Israel’s diamond industry. Their blog (maintained by Noga Karishi) is extremely informative and a valuable resource for diamond related news.
  53. Centurion Jewelry – Centurion Jewelry is an exclusive event and platform for high-end jewelers to network. Their blog is an info-hub for retail news and updates in the industry.
  54. Diamonds.net – This website probably needs no introduction. The Rapaport Group is the granddaddy of all things related to diamonds. From trend research, analysis to news, you’ll find everything under the sun here.
  55. Gem Obsessed – Photo-heavy posts featuring the latest jewelry trends and interviews with designers. Gem Obsessed also showcases jewelry that celebrities wear to award shows.
  56. Carol Woolton – Carol is one of the world’s leading authority on antique and contemporary jewelry. She is highly sought after for her opinions and had been nominated as a judge in many prestigious jewelry shows.
  57. Katherine’s Jewelry Adventures – A well traveled blogger with an insatiable obsession with jewelry, Katherine has amassed a huge collection of jewelry. One interesting thing she had done is taking up a challenge of wearing a different piece of jewelry everyday for a year.
  58. Brilliant Earth Blog – One of the market leaders for eco-friendly jewelry. Brilliant Earth’s blog has a mix of articles on jewelry showcases and thought provoking posts about conflict diamonds in the modern day.
  59. Diamond Bhai – This website is dedicated to the Indian diamond industry. If you are someone who plans to start a business or become a jeweler in India, DiamondBhai.com offers tons of material to help you succeed in the marketplace.
  60. The JA Report – A great resource for professionals in the industry. This blog is filled with useful marketing tips and advice to help you succeed as a jeweler.

Honorary Mentions

  • Gem Hunt – Gem Hunt is a blog started by Catherine Cason and she showcases some of the top trends in diamond jewelry. The website offers engaging content about the latest happenings in diamond jewelry designs too.
  • What Can You Do With These Blogs?

    So there we have it – a round-up of the sixty best diamond and related blogs I had handpicked from the Internet. Do share this list with your friends, colleagues and anyone else who will be interested in learning more about the industry.

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    Paul Gian @ Beyond4Cs.com

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