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Vintage Engagement Rings: Best Designs And Buying Guide

When it comes to fashion and interior-design trends, vintage and retro are the latest buzzwords in the consumer market. Likewise in the jewelry industry, there had also been an increasing demand for vintage style engagement rings.

The Comeback Of Vintage Style Engagement Rings

brilliant earth antique rings amazingFirst of all, I will admit to a certain degree of bias because of my soft spot for vintage styled jewelry.

I believe the resurgence of vintage engagement rings is attributed to their classic and timeless appearances. Somehow, vintage rings seem to have a magical ability to captivate people with feelings of romance and love.

Don’t you think so too? (more…)

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Lab Created Diamonds – The Man Made Alternative

require proper banner ad.We live in truly exciting times.

Advancements in technologies have enabled man to create diamonds in the labs at a tiny fraction of the time required by Mother Nature to do so.

Over decades of scientific research and continuous pushing of manufacturing boundaries, scientists are now able to create gem quality diamonds on a large scale basis to meet demands in the jewelry industry.

Now, I want to emphasize that lab grown diamonds have identical properties to traditionally mined diamonds. They are composed of the same material, require the same cutting/polishing process and exhibit similar physical/chemical properties to diamonds mined from the Earth.

Yep, that’s right and it gets even better.

Lab created diamonds can be made to the same level of clarity, color and brilliance as naturally mined stones. In fact, these man-made diamonds are almost indistinguishable unless they are subjected to specialized testing equipment like spectrometers and X-rays.

Benefits Of Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

For the consumer, there are 2 major benefits of buying lab created diamonds.

First of all, they leave minimal ecological footprints in the environment and are guaranteed to be conflict-free. This is because they are made in controlled laboratory conditions instead of being mined from the Earth with human-labor.

Secondly, you can easily save hundreds to thousands of dollars because of their significantly lower costs (about 20-30% less) compared to traditionally mined diamonds. This is good news for people with tight budgets as lab grown diamonds can help you get a better bang for your buck!

Brilliant Earth has a huge inventory of more than 800 lab grown diamonds of various carat sizes and shapes for you to select from. Click here to browse their diamond collection now!

A Review of Lab Created Diamonds From BrilliantEarth.com

In today’s post, I want to reveal what you can expect to receive when you make a purchase from BrilliantEarth.com. Together with a diamond ring, I bought a loose 0.31 carats G color SI1 clarity lab grown diamond.

brilliant earth delivery via fedex

Delivery was made securely via FedEx shipping.

teal green envelope diamond certificates

Teal colored envelope containing invoices, certificates and other paperwork.

white color box containing jewelry

Pure white colored box with Brilliant Earth’s logo embossed on the front cover.

wooden ring box cosmetics looking display

Jewelry purchase is snugly fitted and packed during shipping.

jewelry cleaner solution and diamond box

Extracting the contents and taking a closer look at them.

Taking a Peek Into The Various Components of the Parcel

jewelry cleaner concentrate in container

Complete DIY jewelry cleaning kit in a plastic container.

certificate of origin lab created diamonds

Brilliant Earth’s Certificate of Origin and information booklet.

Opening The Beautifully Handcrafted Wooden Ring Box

ring box made of wood new zealand

Brilliant Earth’s signature wooden ring box is hand-made in New Zealand.

international gemological institute certificate man-made diamond

IGI grading report and ring box with loose diamond.

loose synthetic diamond in casing

The loose man-made diamond is encapsulated in a transparent metal container.

circular metallic container showcasing man made diamond

Picking up the metal container from the ring box.

Click here to visit Brilliant Earth and get started with building your own diamond engagement ring. With more than 190 beautiful ring designs that are fully handcrafted, there’s something for everyone!

Close Up Examination Of The Lab Created Diamond

tweezers with lab made diamond

Picking up the loose diamond with a pair of tweezers.

10X magnified image of lab created diamond

Loose round brilliant cut diamond at 10X magnification.

igi laboratory grown diamond report
Full IGI report: Lab grown diamonds are clearly indicated with a laser inscription on the girdle.

Analysis of Diamond’s Cut And Optical Performance

idealscope light leakage due to diamond depth

Idealscope image indicating some light leakage under the table.

aset image pure grown diamond

ASET image indicates a diamond with decent light return.

arrows patterning lab grown synthetic diamond

Inspecting the diamond under a Hearts And Arrows viewer.

hearts patterning manmade diamond

Hearts patterning revealing some defects in optical symmetry.

Video of 0.31 Carat G Color SI1 Clarity Lab Diamond



Where From Here?

A lab grown diamond is the real thing. As you can see from the video above, it can be just as beautiful as a mined diamond when the stone is cut to correct proportions.

If you are someone who wants to purchase an engagement ring that is produced in a socially and environmentally-friendly manner, man made diamonds offer a meaningful way to help you do that.

Brilliant Earth is the one of the largest supplier of lab-grown diamonds and they are committed towards creating an ethical, transparent and sustainable jewelry industry. Check them out today!

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Proportion Factors In AGS Grading Reports – What It Means

Recently, one of our readers noticed something weird in an AGS lab report for a princess cut diamond and asked me the following question: “I was browsing through James Allen for a 1 carat sized princess cut and shortlisted a couple of diamonds in their True Hearts line. When I brought up the certificate to look at details, I noticed a description called Proportions Factors under the Cut Grade section.

I’m not sure whether this is something new because I don’t see anything similar in other AGS platinum light performance reports. I hope you can shed light on this.”

First of all, let me show you a copy of the grading report for the diamond in question. You can clearly see that the stone receives a rating of “AGS Very Good 2″ for Proportions Factors. You can view the full details of the diamond with this link. (more…)

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WhiteFlash.com – A Cut Above Diamond Purchase

As many of my readers already know, I’m a huge fan of White Flash because of their transparent business practices and their strict adherence to providing quality jewelry. Previously, I did an indepth write up on their diamonds and gotten quite a huge amount of feedback from interested readers.

In today’s post, I’m going to show you what you can expect to receive in your FedEx delivery parcel when you purchase an “A Cut Above” diamond from WhiteFlash.com.

h vs2 super ideal hearts and arrows aca

For the purpose of testing White Flash’s inventory system, I bought this diamond at a wire price of $879.79.


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The NYC Diamond District – How to Avoid the Shopper’s Trap

New York City’s famous Diamond District is home to more than 4,000 jewelers and wholesalers congregated at one single location. Situated in Midtown Manhattan, the entire street is a constellation of small jewelry stores and exchanges selling various types of gemstones, fine jewelry and diamonds.

47th street new york city diamond district

Photo credits: Chris Ruvolo


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