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Beautiful Diamond Photographs [Captured With PoS Camera]

A few days back, I decided to use my Canon camera for a “photo-shoot” of loose diamonds I have on hand. Being an amateur, I experimented with various compositions with the hope of capturing some beautiful diamond photographs.

Out of a hundred shots made, I’ve selected some of my favorite photos below. Feel free to give a critique or leave a comment on what you think.

ant beside a diamond

My favorite shot occurred by accident when a curious ant happened to creep by.


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41 Industry Experts Reveal Factors On How They Choose And Buy Diamonds For Themselves

For many diamond shoppers, buying a diamond ring can be one of the most confusing and intimidating experience as a consumer. Why is that so? Well, diamonds are expensive purchases and involve careful consideration of various factors like budget, setting design and the 4Cs (just to name a few).

Almost every day, I get emails from consumers seeking help and advice on their purchase. The majority of the questions usually revolve around the 4Cs and a second opinion about their diamond choices. And then it got me thinking…

Will someone with gemological knowledge or experience in the diamond business make their buying choices differently from the general public? (more…)

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Top 10 Most Popular Places to Propose in the USA

A marriage proposal is one of the most memorable moment of anyone’s life. I know most women dream of getting proposed in a romantic backdrop and to be swept of their feet by their loved one. On the other hand, I also know most men face difficulties at the first hurdle in finding the right diamond ring (that’s why Beyond4Cs was created).

This one’s for the guys. So, what happens after you bought the ring?

How do you choose the right moment and location for popping the question? If you are clueless on how and where to propose, perhaps some our handpicked locations in the States might help get your creative juices flowing. (more…)

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GIA’s New Report Format And Diamond Certificate Layout

Starting from January 1st 2014, GIA will begin issuing reports for their services in a new format. I have to tell you I saw this coming when I first noticed GIA completely revamped their website in mid-2013. It seems like GIA finally decided to give their image a make-over in order to keep up with times.

Did many of you also noticed that the corporate colors for their website design had shifted primarily from blue towards a much more neutral appearance using colors like grey and white? Yep, that was a clear signal change was coming.

With the revamp, the GIA website also took on a modern outlook which utilizes a flat design concept. (more…)

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How to Take Photographs of Your Diamond Engagement Ring

macro photography diamond ring with flower composition

Photograph of diamond ring captured without professional or expensive gear.

Getting great looking jewelry photography can be tricky to capture.

Most people don’t realize a lot of expertise has to go into creating the stunning pictures you see in splash pages and magazines. That’s the reason why jewelry companies often employ people with specialized skill-sets and invest in high-end equipment to create professional images of their products.

That said, don’t let this scare you into thinking you can’t take decent photographs even with simple tools. If you had just received your ring and want to share pictures of it with everybody online, you are at the right place.

This article will show you insights on how to photograph your diamond ring using basic point-and-shoot cameras and mobile devices. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to capture decent pictures you can proudly share on social networks.

Here are a list of topics we will be covering:

Always Use the Macro Mode For Best Results
Taking Images of Diamond Rings With Mobile Devices
Quality of Images is Dependent on Various Factors
Keep Your Hands And the Object as Stationary As Possible
Try Not to Use Any Zoom Functions
Quick Recap And Remember, Practice Makes Perfect!


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