2 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Ring – The Ultimate Guide

gia certified two carat princess shape diamond loose

GIA certified 2 carat princess cut diamond listing on James Allen.

The princess cut diamond is often regarded as the shape that is reserved for royalty. It is best for women who love bling and tradition, while still wanting a modern vibe because of its squarish geometric shape.

In this write-up, you will find out everything you need to know about buying a 2 carat princess cut diamond ring. This guide is jam-packed with information and insights about the 4Cs, pricing and the best places to find high quality two carat princess diamonds.

How Big is a 2 Carat Princess Cut Diamond?

how a 2 carat princess cut diamond engagement ring on hand looks like

Based on statistics collected, the average size of a princess cut diamond engagement ring sold in the market is roughly 1 carat. And you might be wondering, “How big is a 2ct princess cut diamond ring and whether it would look too big on your finger.”

The face up size of a 1ct princess shaped diamond is roughly 5.5mm by 5.5mm while the size of a 2ct princess shaped diamond is roughly 6.5mm by 6.5mm. The point here is that while a 2ct diamond weighs twice as much as a 1ct diamond, it doesn’t mean it would physically look twice as big.

As a reference, you can use the chart below to get a visual idea of how big a princess cut diamond is with regards to its carat weight.

princess cut diamond size chart

To download a printable PDF file for carat size comparisons, click here

Recommended Guidelines to Shop Smart And Save Money

Whenever you are buying any diamond, you definitely want to buy one with a reliable grading report from GIA or AGS. This is because the certificate will ensure that the qualities of the diamond are accurately reflected and you are getting exactly what you buy.

With that in mind, here are my recommended specifications for the 4Cs when buying a 2 carat size princess cut diamond engagement ring:

Cut: Excellent/Ideal (as good as possible)
Color: G or better (faces up icy white)
Clarity: VS2 or better (as long as eyeclean)

In terms of cut quality, this is the attribute that you should never compromise as it has the biggest impact on the diamond’s beauty. If you want a diamond that sparkles lively and full of fire, make sure you place your emphasis on cut quality and utilize tangible data like the ASET to make decisions.

Check out this video of a super ideal cut princess diamond engagement ring and you will see why cut quality matters. This is a recent diamond ring I purchased from James Allen.



At such a large carat size, most 2ct diamonds require a minimum of VS2 clarity to be eyeclean and a G color to face up icy white. This combination of color/clarity will get you the best bang for your buck.

That said, color and clarity are really up to individual preferences and if you like a D color/IF clarity diamond, that’s perfectly fine! Obviously, if you want the best of the best, then you can expect prices to exponentially increase. Likewise, if you like a warmer looking K color diamond, that’s perfectly OK as well and you get to save a lot more money too.

For a more comprehensive read on selecting a princess cut diamond, head over to this section of Beyond4Cs.com.

If you want to buy a super sparkly princess cut diamond ring, head over to James Allen, White Flash and Brian Gavin for their signature super ideal cut selections.

How Much Does a 2 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Costs?

The price of a diamond ring can be broken down into 2 components: the cost of the center stone and the cost of the ring setting. For a 2ct sized princess diamond, it would account for the bulk of the ring’s cost and the price of the diamond would be affected by various factors of the 4Cs.

As a ballpark figure, I would say that a budget of about $15,000 would get you a well cut diamond with decent G-H color/VS2-SI1 clarity ratings. And obviously, the prices can go lower or higher depending on the material quality of the diamond.

Here’s a reference price comparison chart that you may find useful to get an idea of how much a 2 carat princess diamond would cost.

2ct princess cut diamond price comparisons

Price comparison of GIA certified diamonds.

Here, I want to highlight something important about prices. You need to beware of sellers who are trying to sell you a 2 carat princess diamond for unbelievably low prices like $2,000 or $5,000. These aren’t deals. They are usually scams where the seller is trying to offload an uncertified diamond or sell you a diamond with an unreliable grading report.

Top 5 Most Popular Designs for 2 Ct Princess Cut Diamond Rings

The princess cut diamond is a very versatile shape that looks great in many different types of settings. Because of its squarish geometric outline and pointed edges, you do want a setting that protects the 4 sharp corners.

In my opinion, princess cut diamonds don’t tend to mix well with vintage style designs because of their modern vibe. Also, for a large size 2ct diamond, it would make sense to select ring designs that can showcase the full glory of the diamond.

With that said, here are my top 5 favorite designs for a two carat size princess cut diamond ring. Feel free to click on the images to get full details of the ring settings.

18k white gold legato pave diamond engagement ring 2ct princess cut center stone

A breathtaking 4 prong ring setting that has rows of melee diamonds to add sparkle to the overall appearance. The tapering pave shank also leads the eye towards the center diamond.

18k white gold legato sleek line solitaire engagement ring princess cut center stone

A superbly elegant ring design to hold a large 2 ct sized princess cut diamond. This ring features a sleek prong head to give a really classic and evergreen appearance.

designer pave 2 carat princess cut diamond ring with pave melees

A stunning designer 2 carat square diamond ring from Vatche. This gorgeous creation is intricately made and full of subtle details and an elegant basket to hold the center stone securely.

2 carat princess cut solitaire diamond engagement ring 14k white gold

A simple and classic 4 prong solitaire setting that allows the two carat diamond to be the center of attention. The comfort band design makes this ring suitable for everyday wear.

3 stone diamond ring with tapered sidestones with 2 ct princess cut diamond

Featuring 2 baguette sidestones that flank the center stone, this classic ring design gives the modern princess cut diamond a touch of vintage twist. It’s sublime and provides understated elegance.

There are literally hundreds of other beautifully crafted ring designs available for you to choose from. Head over to White Flash, James Allen and Brian Gavin to start browsing for your dream setting now!

Where is the Best Place to Buy a 2 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Ring?

The main problem with choosing a well cut princess diamond is that most diamonds in the market aren’t polished for sparkle and brilliance. It’s sad but true because the huge majority of cutters prioritize profits over better cut diamonds.

To make matters even more difficult, a 2ct size princess diamond is not a common size that most people buy and there is significantly less supply compared to popular weights like 1ct sizes.

So, where are the best places to buy a two carat sized princess diamond ring? First of all, you need to shop from a reliable vendor that only sells GIA/AGS certified diamonds. Secondly, the vendor must provide tangible data like videos and ASET/Idealscope images to help you makes decisions analytically.

With this in mind, there are only a few places in the world that offer a good selection of well cut and high quality princess cut diamonds above 2 carat sizes. They are White Flash, Brian Gavin and James Allen.

super ideal cut 2 carat g color vs2 clarity loose princess cut diamond buy

Listing on White Flash with actual diamond image, video, Idealscope and ASET images.

All 3 vendors specialize in super ideal cut princess diamonds with superlative light return and offer some of the best shopping experience in the industry. More importantly, they have risk-free shopping policies and transparent practices that take the guesswork out of buying an engagement ring.

Finally, congratulations on being willing to make such a large purchase for your spouse-to-be and being able to afford it! A two-carat princess cut is really one of the prime rings of this era and likely will be for many years to come.

Remember to set your price range before (and not after) you begin looking into ring options. This will keep you focused and protect you from over splurging.

If you have any further questions or require help with a selection, feel free to leave a comment or get in touch with me. I would be glad to offer my help and advice. Good luck!

White Flash, James Allen and Brian Gavin are the best places to buy princess cut diamonds because of the curated diamond selections they offer and their superior jewelry craftsmanship. Make sure you check them out for yourself!

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