Helzberg Diamonds Review

helzberg diamonds reviewSome companies start off with a bang, others grow slowly over time. Helzberg Diamonds was a bit of both. In this article, you can read up on a short history of Helzberg and how it became the iconic brand it is today.

In this review of Helzberg Diamonds, we will also review some of their items available for purchase (specifically diamond rings), which has gone far beyond a few diamonds to include other precious gems, jewelry, watches and more.

After finding out more about the company, you should have a better idea of whether buying a Helzberg diamond ring is right for you.

Brief History of Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds has been in business for well for over a century. In fact – they are 102 years old and counting at the time of writing!

Originally, the business was formed by a gentleman by the name of Morris Helzberg. Sickness prevented him from growing the company as he would have liked and his young son was left to take over the operation. He in turn trained his own son, and this tradition has kept the company within the Helzberg family.

However, in 1995, Barnett Helzberg Jr. made the decision to put the business on the market and it was purchased by a company under the ownership of Warren Buffet.

Today, the CEO of the business is Beryl Raff and the chain has expanded to hundreds of stores located across America. Some of their featured products include personalized rings, diamond and gemstone jewelry and bridal jewelry.

Helzberg Jewelry Reviews – A Quick Overview of Product Categories

marriage proposal ring - helzberg jewelry review

Engagement Rings

There is no shortage of ring designs to choose from in the engagement category. From the traditional round solitaire ring designs to the more sophisticated shapes such as the emerald or pear, there’s a massive selection available.

And even though their brand name may suggest otherwise, it doesn’t mean Helzberg Diamonds only carry diamonds! They sell a whole range of gemstone rings like rubies, amethyst, topaz and other types of birthstones.

Of noteworthy mention is that Helzberg Diamonds carry certain lines of branded diamond cuts like the Royal Asscher and Crisscut. These branded diamonds take on a different appearance (not saying it is any better or worse) and flavor compared to their traditional counterparts.


If you are planning that special day and need wedding bands, Helzberg Diamonds may just have the thing you are looking for. They have a slew of jewelry designs that range from being very simple to others of incredible detail. Prices start around $200 and scale upwards depending on merchandise.

Interestingly, Helzberg Diamonds also offer a selection of gifts for the bridesmaid, groomsmen and even the parents. So, if you plan on getting a gift of appreciation to your helpers and loved ones, this is something you may want to check out.


As you can imagine, the categories for diamonds are huge with this company. They have multiple options from earrings, studded or otherwise, to bracelets and necklaces and many more.

Create Your Own

Creating your own ring or building your own piece of jewelry is a popular feature that almost every jewelry site offer right now. Helzberg is no different and has kept up with the trend. You can choose to design your own jewelry in a few different ways.

You may start creating your own ring with a diamond or another gemstone, or you can even start with the setting. The options are fairly open which leaves a lot of room for imagination. But really, this is a standard feature that every other jeweler is able to provide in today’s world.

Helzberg Diamonds Review – Shopping for a Diamond Ring

Anybody can sell a diamond online these days. However, what sets a great vendor apart from another lies in the business’s customer service standards and how easy it is for a consumer to make an educated purchase.

While Helzberg Diamonds has a great variety of settings and designs to choose from, buying a big ticket item like a loose diamond or diamond engagement ring from their website isn’t that easy even for a seasoned shopper like myself.

For starters, the lack of tangible data like videos or performance images makes diamond selection extremely tough. Granted, they do have listings with “3D views” where a Sarine scan of the diamond’s appearance is provided. However, these selections are very limited.

At a time when other online vendors like James Allen are already showcasing listings with interactive videos, Helzberg Diamonds is lagging behind in terms of user experience and how diamonds are sold on the Internet.

Here’s how a typical listing looks like on Helzberg.com:

helzberg jewelers reviews of their website interface

Click this link to browse through the inventory Helzberg.com…

In contrast, here’s how a listing on James Allen (another online retailer) would look like with HD interactive videos:

James Allen vs Helzberg Diamonds listing comparison

Click this link to interact with the video and experience the user interface at James Allen.

Interestingly, Helzberg Diamonds offers a service where you can preview up to 2 loose diamonds in-store for free. This is clearly an effort to integrate online sales with their physical retail stores.

I must say it’s a good policy to have and adds some value to the consumer. However, it doesn’t change the fact that there is insufficient tangible data to help you narrow down your choices to preview in-store.

Helzberg Masterpiece Diamond Review

The Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece series is the company’s line of “super ideal” cut diamonds which have accompanying AGS certificates. Personally speaking, I love AGS graded diamonds because the laboratory employs scientific techniques to grade a diamond’s cut quality and light performance.

Naturally, this piqued my interest.

top view and bottom view of the super ideal diamonds

When buying a super ideal cut diamond, you would require tangible data in order to verify a company’s claims of a diamond being “super ideal”. More specifically, I look out for the diamond’s hearts and arrows cut precision, ASET images to verify light performance and Idealscope images to analyse light return properties.

However, when performing a review of Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece jewelry pieces, I couldn’t utilize an analytical approach like I normally do. This is because crucial tangible data like these were not made available on Helzberg’s website.

helzberg diamond masterpiece solitaire review

Sample ring listing from Helzberg.com

Another issue that bugs me is the lack of choices the consumer can make when buying a Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece online. Stated in the listing below (as well as the other listings on their website), the center diamond has an “I” color and “SI2” clarity.

There’s no option to choose or select your own diamond and as a consumer, you would be constrained by what the available diamond specs they stated. Now, I would go on the record saying that SI2 diamonds need to be eyeballed with a video or in person for eyecleanliness.

What happens if you don’t want a I diamond and want a colorless E color diamond instead? What if you want a VS2 clarity or an IF clarity for symbolic reasons? Likewise, the same issue arises if you are looking for a diamond with a specific carat size (e.g. 0.9ct diamond).

As a shopper, the last thing you would want to do is to jump through unnecessary hoops and hassle to find something you need.

For the educated consumer, you would likely want a degree of certainty and be in control of what you are buy. This is especially true when buying a super ideal cut diamond. White Flash and Brian Gavin are examples of great vendors who specialize in super ideal cut diamonds and provide an impeccable shopping experience.

Price Comparisons of Helzberg Diamonds And Other Retailers

Regardless of where you intend to buy your diamond ring, I’m pretty sure budget would be one of your main criteria when buying an engagement ring. So, how do prices of Helzberg Diamonds’s engagement rings stack up?

Let’s do a couple of price comparisons to find out…

Using the same Helzberg solitaire ring from the Masterpiece series above, the cost of the ring would be $3,399; with a center diamond graded by AGS that is assumed to be an I color and SI2 clarity.

helzberg diamond reviews - masterpiece price comparison

At White Flash, I actually had to choose a diamond with higher specifications because they didn’t have any low clarity diamonds in the SI2 range at the point of writing. A simple solitaire setting made from 18k white gold was also selected for this price comparison…

white flash 18k white gold tapered solitaire engagement ring price versus

i vs2 super ideal cut diamond loose

If you tallied the cost of the White Flash ring with a center diamond of higher quality, the price comes up to be: $545 + $1,697 = $2,242.

This is 50% LESS than the cost of the Helzberg ring and mind you, this comparison was made using a higher quality diamond from White Flash. If we had to use a lower quality diamond that Helzberg offers, the White Flash ring would cost even less!

Let’s do another comparison of prices between Helzberg and a different vendor; James Allen. This time, a pave setting with a 1 carat center stone was selected from the Masterpiece series. In similar fashion, the diamond specifications of this Helzberg engagement ring is I color and SI2 clarity.

helzberg masterpiece diamond reviews on costs and value

Over at James Allen, we selected a platinum ring with similar design and used a top tier AGS ideal cut diamond with H color and SI2 clarity.

james allen pave diamond ring price review

h si2 diamond with twinning wisps

By adding up the cost of the loose diamond and ring setting from James Allen, we get a total cost of $1,230 + $5,670 = $6,900. Once again, the price of the ring with a higher quality diamond (H color compared to Helzberg’s I color) is significantly lower!

Due to lower overheads and better efficiency of managing inventory, online retailers like White Flash and James Allen are typically able to pass on the savings to consumers compared to a traditional retailer.

Overview of Our Helzberg Diamonds Review

Helzberg Diamonds is a reputable company with multiple stores across America and have a vast retail presence when it comes to the jewelry market. In a market where consumer habits are fast changing due to e-commerce and the availability of information, Helzberg Diamonds is definitely moving in the right direction. However, they still have a lot of catching up to do.

I personally find Helzberg Diamonds to be a great place to shop if you are buying smaller items and jewelry gifts. When it comes to important purchases like a diamond engagement ring, a discerning customer may find their offerings lacking and their higher price points uncompetitive.

Compared to traditional retailers, online vendors like White Flash, Brian Gavin and James Allen do a great job in offering better selections, transparency of diamond details and prices when shopping for an engagement ring.

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Helzberg.com Achieves a Rating of 2.5/5 – Reviewed by Paul Gian

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  1. Avatar
    September 28, 2017 at 4:59 am

    Is helzberg diamonds a good place to buy watches? They seem to have good return policies. Can you do a comparison of helzberg vs kay?

  2. Avatar
    Paul Gian-
    October 1, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    Unfortunately, I am of no help here as I have no expertise with watches. If you stay in an area near one of their store locations, I think helzberg diamonds is a good place to shop for items like these. The return polices are quite generous for a physical brick and mortar business. If you do change your mind after purchase, I think they have no qualms processing a refund. So, I won’t worry about this at all.

    As for Kay vs Helzberg, both companies offer similar category ranges but carry different brands and designs. Pricewise, they are both on the higher end. This review of Kay may be of interest to you: https://beyond4cs.com/reviews/kay-jewelers/

  3. Avatar
    October 12, 2017 at 4:48 am

    Is helzberg diamonds good in terms of their workmanship for their jewelry? I’m looking for a 0.5ctw pair of earrings for my daughter’s birthday gift.

  4. Avatar
    Paul Gian-
    October 13, 2017 at 9:06 am

    The last that I checked and inspected some of their goods, the workmanship is generally OK. It’s decent (just not great) and it depends on what you are looking for.

  5. Avatar
    October 23, 2017 at 7:12 am

    I’ve read your helzberg masterpiece diamond reviews with great interest as I was planning to visit the helzberg outlet in south dakota last week.

    Long story short, here’s my feedback. during my visit, i was actually quite disppointed as there was only a limited number of ring choices available. in fact, there was only one that was vaguely near my budget and the specifications that I wanted. Is this a normal occurrence?

  6. Avatar
    Paul Gian-
    October 24, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    You should have called beforehand to check on their current inventory in that particular store before heading down and making a wasted trip. What you are describing happens normally with retail stores and is not isolated to Helzberg. This is because carrying a huge amount of rings incurs a large capital expenditure, insurance and other logistic issues. If you had something in mind beforehand, talk to their customer service support and see if they can make arrangements for you to bring in specific goods.

  7. Avatar
    Rudy V.-
    October 31, 2017 at 4:25 pm

    I’ve read a mixed bag of reviews of Helzberg on Yelp. Seems like some people find them to be fantastic while many others are complaining about the company.

    The problem is, my girlfriend likes a ring setting that they have. I’m trying to select a couple of diamonds from their website and to check them out in person next week but am having trouble narrowing down the options.

  8. Avatar
    Paul Gian-
    October 31, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    Sure, it is possible to schedule an appointment to check out the diamond rings in a store before you commit but that doesn’t address the issue that you have little or no control on what is available. In your case, just read up on Beyond4cs.com and utilize the knowledge here to help you pick out some diamonds from their inventory.

    Now, they do have a lot of customers who have been satisfied with the items they received. As with all large scale businesses, there are those who argue that the company has some quality and service issues that need to be resolved.

    This does not make them a bad company, but it does bode well to do your due diligence and research when making an engagement ring purchase (whether you shop with Helzberg or any other retailer for that matter).

  9. Avatar
    Jack Willkinson-
    November 3, 2017 at 4:16 pm

    I’m a student doing my post-graduate studies in UC Berkeley. My budget is very small and below $800. What do you think of the clearance items on Helzberg’s website?

  10. Avatar
    Paul Gian-
    November 4, 2017 at 12:28 pm

    If you have an extremely small budget and you would rather not get into a purchase in the thousands, the clearance items on the website may offer something that fits your budget. Unfortunately, I have no prior experience with buying the clearance goods and cannot offer any constructive advice to you.

    From what I browsed on their e-commerce site, I would say that there are simple rings and other gems in settings that don’t look like clearance products at all! Anyway, do let me know what you think of the clearance goods if you do proceed to buy something there. I would be interested to know as will other readers who are reading Helzberg reviews like this.

  11. Avatar
    Cindy L.-
    November 7, 2017 at 2:11 am

    I’m currently shopping for an engagement ring and was browsing through stores like Kays and Jared. I recently visited a Helzberg store in my city and was reading through some helzberg diamond reviews before finding your webpage.

    I was quoted $10,346 for a 1.20 carat princess cut diamond in a halo setting. It seems quite expensive but the ring looked great in store. Is this a fair price to pay?

    Btw, keep up the good work.

  12. Avatar
    Paul Gian-
    November 12, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    Without further details like the specifications of the princess cut diamond or ring setting, there’s really nothing much I can tell you. A D IF diamond is going to cost a lot more than a J SI2 diamond. The quality of the center diamond is an unknown and that actually makes up the largest cost of the overall ring. Definitely need details here in order to help you.

    If you do plan on buying from a big retail chain like Helzberg, it is best to be informed so that you can be sure you are getting a good deal, or are at least aware what the going rate is for the item you want.

    Like the comparisons that I made, you could also use a similar format to perform your own price research. The caveat here is that you need to be comparing apples to apples and to eliminate as much varying factors as possible.

  13. Avatar
    November 15, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    I’ve read on a couple of consumer complaints and fraud issues about this company after I bought a diamond ring from them. It’s making me nervous and having buyer’s remorse. Is Helzberg Diamonds reputable? Are helzberg diamonds real and how do I verify what I purchased?

  14. Avatar
    Paul Gian-
    November 16, 2017 at 5:23 am

    First, you should have done all your research BEFORE you make any purchase and NOT after. It’s really silly and foolish to make big purchases in this manner.

    Secondly, to address the question: “Are Helzberg diamonds real?”. If helzberg claimed to sold you a diamond, I’m pretty sure the the gemstone would be a diamond. Seriously, no reputable companies would go out of their way to jeopardize their long term business just to scam a consumer. In this aspect, I would not worry if you bought a diamond that was graded by GIA or AGS.

    Thirdly, if you need a peace of mind, bring your purchase to an independent 3rd party appraiser and see what they say.

    Lastly, you are still protected by a money back guarantee if you are within the return period. In worse case scenarios, just bring the item back to any helzberg locations.

  15. Avatar
    November 24, 2017 at 5:01 am

    This is by far one of the most insightful helzberg diamonds reviews on the Internet. A big thank you for taking time to writing this article.

  16. Avatar
    June 12, 2018 at 12:49 am

    Hello, I know this is fairly old but I thought I would chime in and offer a bit of insite on some of your findings and some of the comments!

    Firstly, the reason Helzberg doesn’t have in depth images of diamonds is to discourage online diamond shopping, they want the customers to come into the store so they can do a diamond room presentation. Go over multiple options and finally memo in two options into the store for the customer to purchase one (hopefully). It’s definitely not the most convenient thing, and an old practice but it’s what they feel is best I guess, a very one on one experience.

    As for the masterpiece selection- you can get it in any color and clarity. The I, SI2 is the minimum, so that is what’s listed. However it doesn’t change cost at all if a store has a higher quality in the case. Would I necessarily recommend purchasing one if it’s not in the budget? No. But Helzberg has been around for 103 years, has no debt and is a Berkshire Hathaway company, so it’s not going anywhere. Usually the sales associate will give a deal too, so that’s nice and the lifetime care plan is for the lifetime of the piece- so you can pass it down and in 100 years it will still be maintained. Not the worst if you need a ring in a hurry or something.

    As for the clearance jewelry, it’s only on clearance because there’s limited inventory left in the company so it’s unfair to sell it at full price, nothing is wrong with it. It’s in tip top condition.

    The outlet locations have completely different inventory than full line stores, so they may only have one ow two pieces of a masterpiece collection while a full store should have the full collection.

    In regards to watches it is a good place for a nice watch (:

    Oh and fair warning- the radiant star collection may have a G-Cal certificate but it has no other reputable grading and the GIA and AGS would laugh if you ever sent it in to be graded. Save your money and get something else. It’s not worth your money.

    I own many items from Helzberg, and I go often. It’s my favorite jewelry store. When you read reviews online remember that angry people are motivated and want to rip a company apart, but happy people are not because they get home and just enjoy their jewelry and go on with life.

  17. Avatar
    November 27, 2018 at 5:03 pm

    BE CAUTIOUS!!!! Bought a 14K gold ring for my wife at Helzberg Diamonds 2 years ago. The ring tarnished 6 months ago. I understand that chemicals can affect the look, but their alloy formula is too weak for every day wear. The store just cleaned for free.

    This is the first we experienced and I have no confidence in their products which are too expensive and low quality. Bought at Altamonte Springs Mall.

  18. Avatar
    Paul Gian-
    November 27, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    The rhodium plating likely worn off and it should be an easy fix for Helzberg’s customer support to help you resolve this issue.

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