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A Summary Of My Online Experiences With Internet Diamonds

James Allen – When I came across their website, James Allen really stood out from the rest of the online vendors. They are the only retailer who provides high definition videos of each diamond in their inventory. In a world where most online retailers do not even provide a basic photograph of diamonds in their listings, James Allen is revolutionary.

They had raised the bar so high that other retailers look pale in comparison. With their video technology, you get to SEE the diamond in a magnified 360 degrees view. Inspecting diamonds at this level of scrutiny will reveal all the minor details you would never get to see in a physical store.



From my personal point of view, this is the biggest plus point and I always recommend that you make them your first stop when browsing diamonds.

Whiteflash – For people looking for high quality ring settings and super ideal cut diamonds, WhiteFlash’s A Cut Above is the best that the industry can offer. In terms of precision cutting standards, their signature diamonds go through a series of stringent selection criteria.

B2CJewels – If you have any special requests or require additional information for a particular diamond, contact their support for help. The difference between them and major retailers such as BlueNile is that they are willing go the extra mile to win your business. B2CJewels also offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Take note: unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing, I don’t recommend buying diamonds blind.

Brian Gavin Diamonds – Great place to check out if you are shopping for round or cushion shaped hearts & arrows diamonds. For their signature diamonds, Idealscope and ASET images are provided to help you analyze optical performance. In particular, I love their Blue signature series which showcases ideal cut diamonds with blue fluorescence.

Union Diamond – They provided decent customer service when I called in to make inquiries. Generally speaking, listings in their inventory are priced slightly higher compared to other vendors. Like Blue Nile, they don’t offer any additional details and expect you to shop solely based on a grading report.

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