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The “Brian Gavin Blue” signature series consists of ideally cut diamonds with medium to strong blue fluorescence. If you are someone who wants to get a bigger bang for your buck or love the cool blue effects of fluorescence, this will definitely be your cup of tea.

First, Let’s Address Some Facts & Misconceptions About Fluorescence

For the record, I want to say I personally love buying diamonds with fluorescence. I need to emphasize that fluorescence in itself isn’t a bad thing and is usually a choice of personal preference.

Due to market driven reasons, fluorescence is deemed “undesirable” by most consumers because of wide-spread misinformation. If you had been shopping around or did some prior research, you probably heard bad vibes about diamonds with fluorescence and how it causes diamonds to look milky/hazy.

Well, that’s a typical blanket statement I’ve heard many jewelers say when someone mentions about buying an online diamond with fluorescence. The motive behind doing this is to scare consumers away from perfectly legit diamonds for their personal gain.

Now, it’s true that fluorescence can cause transparency issues with diamonds but this only occurs in a very small minority of them. Let me give you an analogy: let’s say you heard about 2 guys getting involved in a vehicle accident on the news. Is it fair to say that all male drivers are careless drivers with no regards for safety?

I’m sure you would disagree when you look at facts and it’s the same thing when it comes to diamond fluorescence. You can learn more about fluorescence in the section here or simply view the short video below.



More often than not, blue fluorescence actually impacts a diamond in positive ways especially in lower color ranges (G-K). In UV lighting conditions like sunlight, a diamond with blue fluorescence can actually have its body color improved and appear whiter than it is!

Besides making diamond face up whiter, blue fluorescence also lower the prices of diamonds because the market discounts it. Really, it’s the best of both worlds as you will enjoy more affordable prices and get a jewelry piece with a cool effect.

In the following table, check out a price comparison that was performed between diamonds with identical specifications and the effect of having blue fluorescence or none.

price comparison table for fluorescent diamonds blue

Data extracted at time of writing: 2nd April 2016

I highlighted 2 groups of similar diamonds in green and red for better accuracy in the price comparisons. Depending on the strength of blue fluorescence, the price discounts can be up to 20%.

Green Group: 1.081 carat H SI1 with medium blue fluorescence priced at $7,108 compared against two other similar diamonds with no fluorescence priced at $8,226 & $8,753 respectively.

Red Group: 1.026 carat H VS2 with strong blue fluorescence priced at $7,436 compared to a smaller diamond with no fluorescence priced at $7,910.

If you ask me, the upsides (lower prices and better face up color) of buying a diamond with fluorescence far outweigh any non-existent downsides if it has been carefully vetted. And that’s what you’ll get with a Brian Gavin Blue.

What Makes a Brian Gavin Blue Diamond?

As with all of Brian Gavin’s signature diamonds, they are carefully curated to the highest standards of cut quality and beauty. Here are some guidelines that the Blue diamonds are subjected to:

  1. Must achieve an AGS ideal “0” for light performance.
  2. Must achieve AGS ideal “0” or excellent “1” for polish and symmetry ratings.
  3. Fluorescence must not have any milky or hazy effect on the diamond.

As a comparison, let me show you differences between a Brian Gavin Blue and a GIA graded diamond that actually has negative issues caused by fluorescence.

transparent diamond with no trace of haze cloud
cloudy, hazy and non transparent diamond caused by strong flourescence

When fluorescence does cause cloudiness or haziness in a diamond, it is pretty easy to pick up these negative traits up with the naked eye. To see this phenomenon, click on the image on the right and interact with the video listing for yourself.

In sharp contrast, Brian Gavin’s Blue diamonds have crystal-clear transparency and he personally guarantees it for every stone in the line. Based on my experience of examining Blue diamonds in person, I can assure you that he’s always been right.

Brian Gavin’s Blue diamonds are individual examined and undergo stringent quality control checks before they get listed in their inventory. As a consumer, you can shop with confidence and be rest assured you are only getting the finest diamonds at

Let’s Review 3 Random BGD Blue Signature in Detail…

For this review, I had selected diamonds with varying fluorescence strengths in various carat sizes, color and clarity ratings. The purpose of doing this is to vary the sample size and also to examine diamonds at different price points.

#1 – 1.071 E VS2 Signature Blue with medium blue fluorescence – $10,383 by wire.

#2 – 1.830 J VS2 Signature Blue with strong blue fluorescence – $11,863 by wire.

#3 – 0.576 I VS1 Signature Blue with very strong blue fluorescence – $1,516 by wire.

Feel free to click on the listings to interact with the magnified videos in detail. Basically, each of these diamonds is personally inspected to filter out stones with milky characteristics and poor visual appearances.

ASET – AGS Diamond Light Performance Analysis

One of the things I love about Brian Gavin Diamonds is that you won’t be “buying blind”. Other than their high resolution video technology which allows you to inspect the diamond up close, ASET images are also readily available.

To reiterate, a signature Blue must obtain an AGS ‘0’ grading for light performance. Analytical tools like the ASET provide tangible proof and enable you to critically evaluate light return.

Here’s a quick overview of what the different color hues in an ASET mean:

Red: intense light return – red is generally what you want to see.
Blue: contrast – important for contrast and scintillation. Blue areas should be as symmetrical as possible.
Green: less intense light return – keep green areas minimal.
Black: light leakage – keep black areas minimal.

To keep things simple, all you need to do is to compare the ASET images of the individual diamonds against the reference charts. And as you can quickly see for yourself, each and every one of these diamonds exhibit impeccable performance.

Basically, the areas of saturated red is what you would expect to see from an ideally cut diamond and the blue (contrast) areas depict a diamond polished with extreme precision. The minute areas of green and black are exactly where you should expect to see them for a well balanced scintillation patterning.

Fluorescent Diamonds in Black UV Lighting

Brian Gavin captures breathtaking images of the diamonds’ interactions in controlled UV black lighting. From left to right, the diamonds exhibit medium – strong – very strong intensities of blue fluorescence.

Do note that in most real life viewing environments, it is actually very difficult to differentiate between a well cut diamond with fluorescence from another without fluorescence.

Click here to view more diamonds with blue fluorescence and how they appear in black lighting.

Check Out This Video a Customer Made With His Purchase…



As you can see in the video, the Brian Gavin Blue diamond has kick-ass performance and looks great in various types of environments. From typical spot lighting found in shopping malls to dim candle-lit restaurant rooms, the explosive display of fire and sparkle is simply breathtaking.

Conclusion of Our Brian Gavin Blue Review

bgd blue review good or bad

With the Brian Gavin Blue, they offer a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the market and enable you to get a great diamond at a discount. Each of these diamonds are cut to super ideal proportions and Brian Gavin guarantees that fluorescence will have no negative effect on the diamond’s performance or whatsoever.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of fluorescence because of the cool effects it wields in UV lighting conditions. Having seen and reviewed his Blue diamonds in person, I can honestly tell you the quality is consistently top-notch and the sparkle displayed by the diamonds will knock your socks off.

For shoppers looking for fluorescent diamonds, there’s no better place to start your search! Click here to begin browsing through the inventory of Blue Diamonds at


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