Here’s the big day I’ve been waiting for. The parcel arrived 10 days after the order was placed since I am based in Singapore. Do note that freight time may vary depending on where your location is. If you are located in the States, the delivery time would be much quicker and typically take less than 3 days.

fedex express shipping for ring purchase
Opening up the parcel, I found a smaller cardboard box inside.

smaller fedex box inside the parcel

Each of the boxes is sealed securely. The perforated lines that you see across the sealing flap should be intact and not torn. If any tampering attempt was made, the security seals would obviously be broken. See image below…

backview of security features to avoid tampering
Inside the smaller box lies a cushioned envelope that absorbs shock and impact during freight. Again, this envelope is sealed securely to protect the contents. So far, that’s a total of 3 levels of protection!

air cushion envelope for final contents
Inside the envelope, there is a wrapped up gift box, the original GIA certificate for the diamond and a valuation report (for insurance purposes).

gia certificate, ring box and gemologic appraisal card

lacquered wooden proposal ring box
The gorgeous 0.81 carat heart cut diamond with F color and VVS1 clarity.

close up view of gorgeous engagement ring
The ring looks exactly like what the pictures shown on their website at You might want to refer to the pictures that I posted on the earlier page for a reference.

5 prongs setting with v tip

tilted view of pave setting

cross section view of basket setting

* Webpage Updated to Follow Up on Readers’ Questions

If you remembered from the earlier pages, B2CJewels wasn’t able to supply me with ASET images for the diamond during the purchase. Since I had received a number queries from readers looking for heart shaped diamond ASET references, I decided to post mine below.

beautiful heart cut diamond aset
The blue indicates contrast, red indicates intense light return, green indicates areas of lesser light return and white represents leakage. Do note that ASET images for round ideal cut diamonds will look very different as there will be less light leakage. However, in the world of heart shaped diamonds, this kind of ASET image is rare and very much desired.

If you are in the market for a fancy shaped stone, you definitely want to check out this guide for more insights.

Videos of the Diamond Ring Captured With a Digital Camera



The Next Video is a Demonstration of the Diamond’s Brilliance



Back then, before I got proficient and completed my diamond graduate diploma, the only source of a 3rd party neutral assessment was to bring the ring to a local appraiser. For a peace of mind, that’s what I did as I wanted to be sure that everything was OK.

Continue reading to find out how the appraisal turned out…

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