The princess cut is a straight-edged cutting style that’s very popular in solitaire settings amongst couples. In terms of brilliance and fire, the princess cut has the capability to display the best light performance compared to any other fancy shapes.

However, the sad truth is that most of the princess diamonds found in today’s market are not cut ideally to their maximum potential but rather, cut to retain carat weight. As a result, the commonly found princess cuts have dull appearances, lack life and sparkle.

Today’s catch of the day recommendation reviews one of the rarest finds in a 1 carat princess cut diamond. 

Brian Gavin Signature 1.058 G VVS1 Signature Princess

upclose view of 1 carat princess cut diamond

This diamond is one of the few princess cuts on the market today that is able to meet the AGS 0 cut standards for light performance. Did you know that more than 80% of the world’s princess cuts won’t even make it to an AGS cut grade of 2?

Yes, the majority of diamond are cut to terrible proportions and performance. In fact, it is estimated that only 2-3% of them would make the strict criteria for a 0 cut-grading. Before we delve deeper in light performance analysis, check out the specifications of today’s stone below…

Shape: Square Modified Brilliant Table %: 62.8
Grading Report: AGS Depth %: 75.3
Carat: 1.058 Crown %: 13.9
Color: G Crown Angle: 40.5
Clarity: VVS1 Star %: –
Measurements: 5.47 X 5.46 X 4.11 Pavilion Angle: 39.1
Lab Cut Grade: Ideal Pavilion %: 57.5
Light Performance: Ideal Culet: Pointed
Polish: Ideal Fluorescence: Negligible
Symmetry: Ideal Girdle: Thin Faceted

Next, things get interesting when we review the scope analysis for the diamond’s optical performance.

idealscope for princess cutSaturated reds in Idealscopes are great!

This Idealscope image shows a nice even red color which indicates a super bright diamond. The white and black portions indicate light leakage and contrast respectively. In this particular diamond, the blacks are nicely distributed throughout the entire diamond and creates a visually appealing stone that scintillates with an awesome contrast.

ideal princess cut diamond aset image

Superb light return indicated by ASET image

One of the issues most princess cuts have is that most do not scintillate well. Personally, I love diamonds that show more contrast (blues in ASET or blacks in idealscope). This will prevent the diamond from looking like a block of crushed ice on your finger.

Besides having a nice distribution of blacks in the ASET, today’s princess cut diamond has a nice edge to edge brightness in it. The reds on the ASET extend all the way to the 4 corners of the stone and it has TONS of red as compared to other ideal cut princess diamonds.

line up of 3 AGS 000 princess cut diamonds

Comparison of 3 AGS 0 ideal cut princesses

See how today’s stone stand out in terms of light return from other top quality AGS 0 princess cut diamonds?

A Truly One of Its Kind in the World of Princess Cuts…

For a princess cut diamond that is sitting right at the pinnacle of cut and light performance, the tag on this 1 carat baby is only $8,085. While it is slightly more expensive than any other “unbranded” poorly cut princesses you might see on the market, one of the factors is largely due to more diamond waste during the cutting process to achieve superior cut grade.

Brian Gavin has once again showed us why his signature diamonds are top notch quality diamonds that are highly sought after. This is a stone I would highly recommend for maximum brilliance and sparkle.

Brian Gavin specializes in princess cut diamonds with ideal optics and cut precision. If you are looking for best quality at reasonable prices, this is it. Click here to check them out now!

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  1. Veronica CY-
    October 4, 2017 at 5:33 am

    Hi Paul
    Other than idealscopes and ASET, is there sth like HCA to screen out less quality princess cut by just using data from the GIA reports?
    Thanks much

  2. Paul Gian-
    October 4, 2017 at 5:54 am

    No such tools exist. You need to rely on videos or ASET to make the call. And if a vendor doesn’t provide these info, ask yourself why you are dealing with such a vendor in the first place.

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