Top 10 Best Designs for Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Rings

ornate halo vintage inspired rose gold diamond ring

The 14k rose gold Coralie diamond ring from Brilliant Earth.

There are a ton of styles to choose from when it comes to buying an engagement ring. But there is something about rose gold that is incredibly classy and retro at the same time.

In this write up, we are going to focus specifically on vintage rose gold engagement rings and show you some of the best setting designs available in the market.

I’m also going to reveal some useful tips for buying antique style rose gold rings and the best places to buy them from. Let’s jump right into it…

First of All, Why Rose Gold And Retro Ring Designs?

There are several forms of gold that are commonly used for engagement rings today. These include white gold, which looks very much like platinum, yellow gold and rose gold. Due to the alloying copper metal found in rose gold, it has a distinct pinkish hue and is incredibly beautiful.

Rose gold pairs well with transparent, bright diamonds because of its color and provides a creative option that will help the ring stand out above the rest.

But why retro? Well, vintage looks are really making a comeback in a big way. From clothing, jewelry and even the video games we play, there’s a growing trend of consumers clamoring for the nostalgic factor in the things we buy.

When it comes to engagement rings, going vintage is not for everyone but usually for those who can see past the hype and current trends of the moment to something infinitely more lasting.

Will you be one of the few who recognize the beauty behind a vintage item? Or, if new is more your thing, there is always a way to make something new look vintage. Lots of rings today have a retro look without actually being 100 years old.

With that said, check out my top 10 list of vintage rose gold engagement ring designs below. If you are interested to see full details of the ring and its pricing, simply click on the corresponding image or link.

#1: Extravagant Regal Floral Geometric Halo Ring in 18k Rose Gold

810 brian gavin rings review rose gold halo regal floral

This phenomenal ring is one that deserves your attention. It has layers of gorgeous diamonds, and a geometric design lending the feel of the 20’s to this timeless piece.

It is absolutely breathtaking with its highly detailed rose gold band setting and the melee diamonds along the shanks set the ring on fire. This masterpiece is truly unique and fit for royalty.

#2: Gracefully Elaborate Split Shoulder Euro Shank Band

split shoulder euro shank band vintage rose gold diamond engagement ring

Bold, brave and perfectly balanced, this ring has it all. It somehow manages to combine equal touches of soft and delicate with tough and mesmerizing. You won’t find another vintage diamond engagement ring like it!

#3 Verragio Venetian With Lido Shank in 20K Rose Gold

designer rose gold 20k engagement ring design from verragio

This majestic vintage inspired rose gold diamond ring features an intertwining pave shank and halo to give it a grandiose look. Well known for their intricate details and superb craftsmanship, the side profile of the ring is filled with impressive design elements.

If you want to make someone go “Wow!” when they see your ring, this is a design that will drop jaws.

#4: Clean, Exquisite Tacori Designer Diamond Ring With Retro Vibe

clean simple diamond encrusted diamond ring shank with retro feel

This elegant Tacori ring is a match made in heaven for the lady who enjoys the simple things in life. The polished band utilizes a 6 prong basket to securely hold the center diamond.

Surrounding the diamond are rows of pave diamonds to accentuate the center stone and there’s even hidden diamond details along the inner face of the band.

#5: The Impressive Octavia Diamond Ring in 14k Rose Gold

octavia diamond engagement ring 14k rose gold

This octagon shaped diamond ring features a halo that is made up of a mixture of baguette and round cut accent stones. Set in a special 8 prong head, the center diamond sits smack in the middle of a scintillating bouquet of diamonds.

#6: The Alluring Isabella Diamond Ring

isabella diamond engagement ring in 14k rose gold

This extravagant ring is a piece of art that showcases a delicate ribbon-style halo with shimmering melee diamonds. Flanking the center stone is a split shank pave setting that lines the ring with melee diamonds.

#7: Twist Style Pave Retro Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

twist pave retro style vintage engagement ring setting design

If you love a break and continuity and the idea of a simple ring with a twist, this one is for you! This absolutely stunning ring features a center diamond that is flanked on both sides by a curved band that gives a modern edge to this vintage look.

As with any other Brian Gavin rings, the use of super ideal cut melees allows light to be refracted and reflected in a dazzling display of sparkle. If you long to stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement of your own, look no further than this piece.

#8: 14K Rose Gold Bird of Paradise Engagement Ring

14k rose gold bird of paradise engagement ring

For this piece, we have a real winner. Simple, fresh, yet somehow speaking of a bygone era, this ring is for all those who love a bit of glitter without being over-the-top. The rose gold just adds to the overall appeal and makes it that much more desirable.

The design speaks volumes with its accent stones, large center diamond and incredible sparkle. It manages to be petite, dramatic and eye catching all at once.

#9: Art Deco Geometric Diamond Engagement Ring

art deco geometric diamond engagement ring

Featuring a breathtaking Art Deco geometric halo with pavé accents on the shank, this ring is perfect for people who love symmetry and bold fashion appearances. The frame of the ring also has an open design to allow light to pass through.

#10: Infinity Milgrain Halo Engagement Ring

rose shaped infinity milgrain halo engagement ring

This ring features a simple yet sophisticated looking band that flows perfectly throughout the center focus. Full attention to detail is given to the infinity milgrain halo which gives the ring an appearance similar to a rose flower.

With radiating diamonds from both the top and sides of the ring, this is a design worth drooling over for people who love sparkle.

Bonus: 2 of My Favorite Designs With Non-Diamond Center Stones

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, there are other alternatives that are more affordable with colored gemstones. I’ve seen plenty of ring settings throughout my career and these are a couple of vintage style rose gold engagement rings that caught my attention.

green emerald round cut halo engagement ring in 14k rose gold

This antique rose gold engagement ring features a magnolia style halo with a southern twist. I particularly like this ring design when it is matched with a green emerald center stone. The subtle milgrain around the center stone adds a touch of class to the overall appearance.

1 carat pink sapphire rose gold antique engagement rings

This retro style filigree 14k rose gold engagement ring has a very feminine vibe in its appearance. With a pink saphhire center stone that is held in place by double prongs, this ring also has surprise accent stones by the sides to emphasize the beauty of the center gemstone.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Rings?

When shopping for diamond rings, the two most important things I look out for are craftsmanship quality and diamond selection quality. Obviously, when I choose a vendor to work with, I look for the ones that can fulfill both criteria at a competitive price point.

In my opinion, the best places to get a vintage rose gold diamond engagement ring is to go online and these are the retailers I personally buy from and recommend:

Brian Gavin: They specialize in super ideal cut diamonds across a range of different cutting styles. More notably, their 810 ring collection has some of the most well crafted rose gold settings in the market. Don’t miss your chance to check it out!

James Allen: One of my favorite retailers because of their superior video technology and top notch customer service. These features make shopping for a diamond fun and easy. If you are looking for a fancy shape vintage diamond ring, they are the best place to check out first.

White Flash: A vendor based in Texas, Houston. White Flash is well known for their super ideal cut diamonds that are carefully curated for the best light performance and sparkle. They also have a breathtaking collection of designer and inhouse rose gold designs that are crafted with very high standards.

Brilliant Earth: There’s a wide range of vintage inspired ring settings for you to choose from. If you are looking for a lab grown diamond, Brilliant Earth also has an extensive collection available. For people who are looking for one-of-a-kind vintage and estate rings from past eras, they are also a great place to start browsing.

Don’t Forget The Importance of Choosing a High Quality Diamond

loose diamond selection gia certified where to buy

GIA certified loose diamond listing on

With all this talk about vintage and rose gold, it’s also important that you select the right diamond to go with the setting. Keep in mind the 4 C’s when you shop for a diamond.

If you haven’t heard of them before or need a refresher, the 4 C’s are cut, clarity, carat, and color.

Cut quality is the most important attribute you need to pay attention to because it impacts the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond. Obviously, you want to buy a diamond with the best cut quality if you want a lively diamond and this is even more important because the rose gold metal will cause the diamond to stand out.

Clarity is something that many people misunderstand and get too hung up over. In general, as long as the diamond is eyeclean and the inclusions don’t pose any durability issues, it is perfectly fine to choose an SI1 or VS2 diamond instead of paying for higher grades.

Carat weight is a measurement of the diamond’s metric weight. Most women do like larger size diamonds because of the bigger presence on their finger. So, you probably want to go for the largest possible weight possible without compromising other aspects of the 4Cs.

Color is graded on a D-Z scale where D is colorless and Z is lightly colored. The market prices D color diamonds at a premium because it is seen as the “best” color. However, when it comes to rose gold settings, it is perfectly OK to buy lower colored diamonds in the I-J-K range. But really, color boils down to personal preference.

In addition to the 4Cs, you need to ensure that your diamond (at least the center one that is largest) is accompanied by a certificate from a reliable lab like GIA or AGS. This ensures that its qualities are accurately represented.

Let’s Wrap Things Up And Go Shopping!

proposing with an antique diamond engagement ring

I hope this write up had provided you with some ring ideas you can consider buying and also insights into buying rose gold vintage engagement rings. Which of these designs did you like the most and what type of center stones do you personally prefer? Leave a comment below to let us know!

Remember, while the setting design is an important component, it only makes up half the engagement ring. Choosing a diamond is just as important as it usually accounts for the bulk of the ring’s cost. Make sure you spend some time to do your research and make your selection based on tangible data.

With that, have a great time shopping around and if you need help with a selection or a 2nd opinion, feel free to get in touch via email or drop a message below! Good luck!

If you want to buy high quality rose gold antique engagement rings at affordable prices, make sure you check out James Allen, White Flash, Brilliant Earth and Brian Gavin first! These are rock solid vendors with risk-free shopping policies.

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  1. Brandon-
    January 12, 2020 at 7:28 pm

    Where would you recommend buying estate pieces or antique rose gold engagement rings with gemstones? What are the pros and cons of buying a 2nd hand piece instead of a new vintage style ring?

  2. Paul Gian-
    January 15, 2020 at 2:45 am

    There are several options that make great places to start your search. For an authentic vintage engagement ring in rose gold, you might check out Brilliant Earth and see what they have available in their one-of-a-kind ring. However, this can be kind of a hit or miss way to find what you’re looking for – they either have it or they don’t. But many enjoy the thrill of the hunt. The only issue would be getting the ring sized. Some antique rose gold rings may have detailed or intricate design elements which may make resizing a problem. The ideal case would be to find a ring design that you love and one that already exist in the correct ring size. If that happens, great. If it doesn’t, talk to Brilliant Earth to see if they can create a replica.

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