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So far, we have covered the fundamental knowledge on diamond color and the things you need to look out for when buying a proposal ring. However, there are some other aspects we haven’t talked about yet.

If you are interested, check out the list of articles below where we touch on topics like treatments, fancy colored stones and other practical shopping tips:

asscher cut diamond with yellow flower background

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More Articles On Other Aspects of Diamond Color

  1. Jewelry Settings that Enhance a Diamond’s Color
    Did you know that the type of setting you decide to use for mounting your diamond can influence its perceived color? Read this to avoid costly mistakes when you are designing your ring.
  2. Color Treatments and Enhancements
    Fancy colored diamonds are rare and hard to come by naturally. However, modern technology has enabled man to artificially manipulate the appearance of gemstones. In this article, we explore some of the most common treatment methods used in the industry like heating and irradiation.
  3. Is the Choice of Gemological Lab Important for Fancy Colored Diamonds?
    By now, you should know better to stay away from gemological labs apart from GIA and AGS. However, when it comes to colored diamonds, does the same rule applies? Yes, it does… Find out why in this article.
  4. Pink Diamonds – Find Out How They Are Created in Nature
    Hollywood celebrities have made fancy colored diamonds headlines around the world with their extravagant purchases. In particular, rare pink diamonds had been seen being worn by many famous stars like Halle Barry and Penelope Cruz. In this article, we explore the origins and formation processes of pink diamonds that occur deep in the Earth’s mantle.
  5. Should You Buy Diamonds Without the Necessary Certificates?
    While it isn’t necessary for all diamonds to be sent to a grading lab for certification, you need to be aware that purchasing un-graded stones will represent a huge risk for you. Unless you are in the trade and know how to inspect a diamond for its authenticity, chances are that you will find yourself on the losing end of such deals.
  6. Grade Bumping – Things You Need to Beware of at the Jeweler’s
    A common scam employed by jewelers is that they bump the grades of diamonds in their inventory to prey on uneducated customers. By creating a false impression that a diamond is higher quality than it really is, unsuspecting consumers often get ripped off.
  7. Influence of Blue Fluorescence on the Appearance of Near-Colorless Diamonds
    The presence of medium-strong blue fluorescence in lower color grades of stones can actually help improve the appearance of the diamond by giving it an improved appearance. This is because blue is the complimentary color of yellow and causes reflected light rays to appear whiter.
  8. How Sensitive Are Your Eyes to Color Differences?
    If you are wondering whether you can see color differences between different grades, this simple test here will help you determine it. All you need is 6-7 minutes of your time.

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