Danhov Engagement Rings Review – A Look at the Exquisitive

For couples looking for unique wedding ring designs that not only symbolizes their love but also want to make a fashion statement, a Danhov engagement ring might just be what you are looking for.

Danhov is an acclaimed jewelry design company based in Los Angeles that has won numerous awards for their inspirational ring designs. Jack Hovsepian, the man behind this prestigious line of luxury products, is an engineer turned jewelry designer. 

From a young age, Jack Hovsepian had been influenced by his dad who runs a haute couture fashion business. His iconic ring designs often invoke passion and stir the imagination of the viewer’s mind.

In 2011, the JCK Jeweler’s Choice Awards was handed out to their Abbraccio designs that featured swirly shanks. This collection of handmade rings has specially created shanks which embraced the center stone.

danhov ring designs - Abbraccio

Iconic swirl designs found on their best selling rings AE100

A Quick Danhov Review And Overview

With each Danhov ring being hand-made, the designs have intricate details such that each created design is unique. Unlike traditional rings made from cast molds, the limitations placed on Danhov’s rings are only as far as the creativity of the mind goes.

danhov's trademark swirly shank design

Swirly shanks with pave diamonds embracing the center stone

dual split shank ring design - danhov review

Split shank design with 2 individual rows of melee diamonds

To see more of Danhov’s beautiful designer rings, click here to visit James Allen and White Flash.

Danhov’s Uniquely Handmade Designs

Besides their iconic swirls, Danhov also offers a range of designs across their signature series like Classico, Per Lei, Eleganza and Unito. Check out some of their stunning ring designs below…

danhov classico solitaire engagement ring

18k White Gold CL117 Classico Solitaire Engagement Ring

danhov per lei 3 stone halo engagement ring

18k White Gold LE101 Per Lei Three Stone Halo Engagement Ring

danhov eleganza ring

18k White Gold ZE138 Eleganza Diamond Engagement Ring

The Other Aspects for Considerations?

Truth be told, designer rings often come with a higher price tag to them. For budget conscious people, you will find that these rings don’t come cheap and are probably not suitable for you. Also, beauty is a very subjective opinion that varies for different people.

Clearly, Danhov’s rings spot a bold appearance that strays away from the traditional appearances. If you (or your wife) have a more conservative approach to fashion, you might want to reconsider your options. A mainstream ring will probably satisfy your needs and save you money.

However, if you are looking for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind look in your diamond engagement ring, Danhov might just be your answer to finding the perfect setting for your special someone.

To view more ring designs, I recommend checking out James Allen and White Flash. Both of them are Danhov’s authorized retailers and offer impeccable service for diamond shopping.

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Danhov Engagement Rings Receives the Best Rating of 5.0/5 – Reviewed by Paul Gian

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    Hi Paul, love your blog and thanks for the free download. I’m a fan of Danhov’s designs and I particularly love their tension ring settings. The swirly AE100 design is also one of my top favorites.

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