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The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond

At some point in time, I am sure that most people would have heard of the slogan “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond” either through mass media advertising or big banner boards.

Just like how Tiffany & Co created the iconic blue box to associate value in the minds of consumers, Hearts On Fire has created a strong branding to their diamonds in which consumers are willing to pay more for their products over other brands of nameless stones. This has made them one of the most profitable retail jewelry business in recent times.

In this review, I’m going to share with you my personal opinions as well as first hand experiences with them.

The first thing that caught my attention when I stumbled upon Hearts on Fire diamonds was the perfect name. Whether you are familiar with the world of diamonds or not, the name provokes positive emotions.

Both words in the name of the company, “hearts” and “fire” give people a positive feeling and they are associated with warmth and love. If you know just a bit more about diamonds, you will probably observe that this name is also neatly connected in a few ways.

First, the structure “hearts on…” is a clever play with one of the most common internal optical characteristics found in the standard round brilliant cut, “hearts and arrows”.

Secondly, fire – or dispersion – is also one of the most important characteristics that gives a diamond its beautiful sparkle and brilliance. And we didn’t even mention that people usually buy engagement rings when their hearts are on fire!

Is HoF Different From the General Round Brilliant Cuts That We See?

The company wants you to believe that their product is unique but it really isn’t. The truth is that HoF diamonds are nothing more than the standard 57 facet round brilliant cut stones that other vendors can also offer. When a round brilliant is cut to ideal proportions and precise craftsmanship, a phenomenon of hearts and arrows can be seen through the top view and pavilion view of the diamond.

top view of HoF diamond
bottom view of hearts on fire diamond

Are Hearts On Fire Really An Unique And Exclusive Cut As Claimed?

Well, the real answer is NO. It isn’t. But they try to make you think it is with their marketing strategies that you read for yourself at HeartsOnFire.com. Their signature round diamond is cut to 57 facets and is actually a standard round brilliant cut.

diamond quality document for heartsonfire round

Supposedly “exclusive” cut is none other than a traditional round brilliant cut.
Even the grading labs labeled it as such. Why would HoF try to tell you otherwise?

In a market so abundant and maybe even bloated with round diamonds, how does Hearts on Fire try to stand out from the crowd? What my local retailer touted to me when I visited their store was the “superlative” polishing of HoF stones.

“Using super high tech anti-vibration technology on the cutting wheel and a secret formula (that no one else presumably has in the world), they are able to create the world’s most perfectly cut hearts and arrows diamond. The finishing of their stones is performed at 100X magnification. That’s TEN TIMES the industry standard set for grading diamonds!”

It’s All in the Marketing And You Can Expect to Pick Up the Hefty Bill

With clever marketing, HoF tries to package everything to make consumers believe that there is some secret recipe (stated on their official site) which was probably invented by a mad scientist who slaved away his life in the lab. For the record, creating perfectly cut hearts and arrows diamonds isn’t something new or unique to Hearts On Fire.

In fact, the Japanese pioneered the cut in the 80’s and the person who made H&A gain traction is a man called Brian Gavin. The methods used to creating this patterning in diamonds are openly shared in the public domain. If you are interested to find out more, click here to view this material.

What about the superlative polish at 100X? Wow! That’s like 10 times better than what other people are doing. Really? Let me ask you some practical questions.

  • Do you carry a portable microscope around?
  • How many people would examine your diamond ring with a 10X loupe?

hearts on fire review of their overpriced products

The truth is, no human eye can tell the difference between a light ray passing through a stone that is polished to ideal standards at 10X and another one that is polished to “superlative” standards at 100X.

Trying to stand out from the crowd by focusing on a ‘superlative’ polish at 100X magnification doesn’t add aesthetic value to the diamond to my eyes (as well as towards my ASET/Idealscope’s). It does however, adds a superlative premium to the price tag.

More Importantly, We Need to Put Their Stones Through the Litmus Test…

We judge the light performance and optics of Hearts On Fire diamonds with objectivity using the Idealscope. Do they really hold up as the most well cut diamonds on Earth? Find out for yourself on the next page…

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