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A Layout Of Different Diamond Shapes

For centuries, diamonds have captivated women and are coveted objects that symbolize love and desirability. You probably heard about the saying diamonds are a girl’s best friend. In private, I always tell my friends (jokingly) they are a guy’s worst enemy especially if they are first timers in buying jewelry.

And there’s much truth in that…

Did you know that most guys take an average of 1 month from the start of their diamond search to making a final purchase? Despite having spent many hours on doing research, most people still find diamond shopping a very daunting process.

You see, purchasing diamond jewelry is not as straightforward as buying a pair of shoes or a new handbag. When we are talking about an item that can cost thousands of dollars, it is paramount you know what you are getting yourself into and make a purchase only when you are 100% sure. Otherwise, it is very likely that you will end up with buyer’s remorse.

Believe it or not, I often get emails from people who only seek advice or go looking for more information after they had paid for a purchase. Don’t you think it is a little too late to start looking for help at that point in time?

In this section of the website, you will get access to one of the most comprehensive diamond education database on the Internet. Besides learning fundamental information about the 4Cs, I will also show you exactly how to select the best diamond for your budget.



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Essential Diamond Education 101 – The 4Cs

  1. Cut – * The Most Important Factor in Choosing a Diamond

    Cut is the property that determines the brilliance and outward beauty of the polished diamond. Cut is KING and should be your number one priority if you want a diamond that sparkles and is full of life.

    Sadly, most jewelers or websites only provide a simplistic coverage on cut and don’t offer sufficient information in helping you make the best choices. That’s not what you get here at as we dig deep into the stuff that really matters.
  2. Carat Weight – Size Matters

    Carat weight is the number one factor that comes to mind whenever people talk about diamonds. It also happens to be an aspect many consumers have misconceptions about. In this section, we’ll reveal everything you ever need to know about carat weight.

    From real life examples you can use for visualization purposes to tips that will help you save money, you’ll learn how to avoid the critical mistakes that others make.
  3. Color – Discover the Subtle Differences Between D-Z Grades

    The psychology of consumers in the current market is that “whiter” diamonds are perceived to be better and highly desirable. I think there is no need to follow the herd mentality as color is an attribute that is largely a personal preference.

    Find out the color distinctions of the various grades in a side by side comparison and see if you can spot the differences. You will also learn how to choose an appropriate diamond color based on other external factors like ring setting designs.
  4. Clarity – Get the Insights to a Diamond’s Natural Characteristics

    The clarity rating of a diamond is influenced by a combination of factors like type, amount, relief and location of its inclusions. Consumers often place too much weight on the importance of clarity due to misguided beliefs.

    The truth is that in most gem-grade diamonds, inclusions are only visible under 10X magnification and are very difficult to be detected with the naked eye.In this section, you will discover the secrets to buying a diamond with maximum value as we dissect the myths shrouded behind clarity.

4cs of diamond buying

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