Simon G Engagement Rings Review – Good Or Bad?

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Over the last 3o years, Simon G. has captivated the world with stunning engagement rings and beautifully crafted jewelry pieces. Well known for his innovative designs, Simon G. is internationally recognized and had won prestigious awards like the 2015 Jewelers’ Choice Awards.

When I first performed research on designer engagement rings, Simon G was a brand that stood out for their exceptional attention to details. And given the number of ring designs I come across on a daily basis, this speaks volumes about them.

simon g engagement rings review

What’s So Special About Simon G?

Simon G specializes in bridal jewelry and exquisite engagement rings that cater to a wide range of tastes. From contemporary to old-world inspired settings, his work often incorporates intricate detailing and elements that result in timeless designs.

More notably, his creativity with rose gold and multi-toned metals have produced highly sought after jewelry pieces by celebrities, high-rollers and the typical consumer.


It’s The Subtle Details That Matter And Makes The Differences

When buying diamond jewelry, I always advocate for quality over quantity.

That’s right. Quality is the #1 thing I look out for.

Would you rather pay a little more for better quality or would you want to risk losing your center stone because of sub-par craftsmanship? Would you rather have a peace of mind or worry about the stress of bringing in a piece of jewelry for repairs?

Quality is where Simon G. outshines the mass produced jewelry you normally see in the market.

Right when an idea is conceived from a sketch, each ring design is vigorously refined dozens of times until it is perfect. Believe it or not, the smallest details like shank finishing, curvature angles, milgraining and etc… are all carefully taken into account during the conceptualization stage.

Let me show you an impressive feature of Simon G’s workmanship.

Did you know that most other jewelers simply apply glue or utilize 2-4 shared prongs to mount melee diamonds? The reason they do this is to save material and skilled labor costs.

To many people, this may seem like an insignificant detail but this is not the case with Simon G. You see, Simon G fabricates their rings with a build-to-last philosophy.

No matter how small the details are, Simon G. goes to great lengths to get things done right and they protect melee diamonds by utilizing 4 prongs on each stone to secure them in place.

simon g superior workmanship

Platinum Simon G. MR2132 Passion Diamond Engagement Ring

In the photograph above, can you notice how they managed to fit 4 individual prongs for each melee stone? Most jewelers don’t go to such lengths. In fact, this is what you would typically see if you examine a diamond ring closely.

shared prongs melee diamond mounting

Melee stones are typically mounted in a shared prong format with inconsistent looking prong tips.

Besides superior craftsmanship, Simon G. also uses higher quality alloying materials in their rings to ensure a better finish. For example, their 18k white gold is alloyed with palladium instead of nickel and their platinum is alloyed with Iridium.

That’s not all.

In post production stages, every single piece of jewelry has to pass through 10 separate quality control inspections to ensure exacting standards are met. This obsessive drive for utmost excellence is the reason why Simon G is renowned for his quality orientated rings.

Click here to easily browse through hundreds of beautiful Simon G. engagement ring designs. With the vast selections, I’m sure you’ll be able to find your dream ring here!

Enough Talk… Let’s Check Out Some Simon G Ring Designs

Passion Collection

The Passion Collection showcases diamond rings with colored gemstones and classical looking designs.

Simon G NR 109 Passion Ring

Simon G. NR109 Passion Diamond Ring – Click Here For Details And Prices…

simon g tr 526

Simon G. TR526 Passion Halo Engagement Ring – Click Here For Details And Prices…

18k Rose Gold LP2027 Passion

18k Rose Gold LP2027 Passion Diamond Ring – Click Here For Details And Prices…

Duchess Series

One of my favorite rings from the Duchess collection is the MR 2220. This unique looking ring utilizes 2 sleek looking baguette melees on each side of the shanks to draw your attention towards the center stone.

SimonG MR 2220 Duchess Ring

Simon G. MR2220 Duchess Ring – Click Here For Details And Prices…

simon g tr473 review

Simon G. TR473 Duchess Ring – Click Here For Details And Prices…

Caviar Collection

simon g caviar tr431 multipave ring

Simon G. TR431 Caviar Ring – Click Here For Details And Prices…

Delicate Collection

simon ghanimian MR1498 D

Simon Ghanimian MR1498 D Delicate Ring – Click Here For More Details

If you can’t get enough of more eye candy, there’s more! Click here to browse through a gallery of the best Simon G ring designs with videos and stunning photographs!

Simon Ghanimian Wedding Rings

Besides breathtaking engagement rings, Simon Ghanimian also offers a multitude of matching wedding rings; making them a convenient one-stop solution for a complete bridal jewelry package.

matching micro pave wedding ring LP1935 D

Matching Micro Pave Wedding Ring For LP1935-D – Click Here For Details…

matching 18k white gold wedding ring MR1498 D

Matching 18K White Gold Ring For MR1498-D – Click Here For Details…

Simon G Men’s Wedding Bands

When shopping for men’s wedding rings, the guys often have a limited amount of selections to choose from. Fortunately, Simon G. has a wide range of designs (a total of 45 designs at the time of writing) for the guys to pick a wedding band from.

Here’s a few of my favorite men’s ring designs…

Mens Wedding Ring with Yellow Gold accents

14k White Gold Simon G. LG100 Wedding Band For Guys – Click Here For Details…

Simon G MR2273 men's wedding ring

14k White Gold Simon G. MR2273 Men’s Wedding Ring – Click Here For Details… 

Where to Buy a Simon G. Ring?

If you are interested in buying a Simon G. setting, you would need to head to one of their authorized retailers to make the purchase. Now, here’s what you need to know.

Simon G. only makes the setting and this does NOT include the center diamond. This means you need to select your own diamond or utilize a Simon G retailer to help you source for one. As highlighted in my ebook and my step by step guide to choosing a diamond, the completed ring will only look as good as the choice of diamond placed in it.

Now, shopping for a designer ring is analogous to buying a car. I’m sure you don’t want to place a Toyota car engine into the chassis of a Ferrari.


Well, it’s just a waste of money because the car simply can’t perform to its best due to the limitations of the engine. Likewise, you don’t want to match a sub-par diamond with less than ideal light performance for a Simon G. setting.

If sparkle and brilliance are properties you are looking for in a diamond ring, I highly recommend checking out White Flash. As an authorized Simon G. retailer, White Flash offers an extensive inventory of designs for you to choose from.

More importantly, their A Cut Above diamonds are some of the most well cut diamonds in the world. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it because White Flash provides tangible cut data for each of their diamond listing.

hearts and arrows super ideal 1 carat

Listing contains detailed cut information like idealscope, ASET and H&A images.

Concluding Our Simon G Engagement Ring Reviews

For consumers interested in purchasing designer jewelry, Simon G. is a brand that offers exceptional value for money. For a huge increase in craftsmanship quality compared to mass produced jewelry, you will be pleased to know that Simon G’s prices are actually very reasonable and affordable.

Whether you are searching for a special piece of jewelry that’s built to last or a unique ring design that makes a statement, Simon G. has it all.

I hope this write up and review of Simon G. has offered some useful insights to you. If you need help with a 2nd opinion or have questions about buying diamonds, feel free to get in touch with me or leave a comment below!

Besides engagement rings and wedding bands, Simon G also offers a wide range of designs for pendants, earrings and bangles. Click here to see the full range of products with vivid photographs…

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  1. Lynn Staggs-
    September 11, 2018 at 5:41 pm

    I bought my heart fluttering, Simon G ring from Ballerina Jewelers for our 37th anniversary while in St.Thomas in 2013. We went in many jewelry stores, but the ring at Ballerina was the one for me. After my purchase, I stopped by another jewelry store to try to negotiate another purchase. We Could not come to an agreement, so we left. The salesman chased us down to get the details of my purchase from Ballerina. He agreed it was so beautiful.

    Now to 2018, and my ring needs repair. I contacted Simon G and they said to go through a Simon G dealer. I live in Tennessee and there is a dealer in Nashville. They were very unconcerned, so i contacted Ballerina Jewelers in St. Thomas. Raj answered my call and helped me through the process of getting my ring repaired by Simon G with the “Simon Set” prongs.

    I spoke with Hasmik and emailed Cesar at Simon G to get the details worked out. In the end, I trusted Simon G, Raj and Nicole in St. Thomas at Ballerina Jewelers and they trusted me.

    Omgoodness!!! An awesome experience with Simon G and Ballerina Jewelers.

    I’ll be getting an independent appraisal before wearing my ring. I certainly hope all diamonds are secure and the “Simon Set” will last for many, many years of wear, and I wear my rings!

  2. Jamie-
    December 30, 2019 at 1:20 am

    Is simon g jewelry quality good compared to the workmanship quality of designer rings found at Kays like Neil Lane and Vera Wang?

  3. Paul Gian-
    December 31, 2019 at 5:51 am

    Comparatively, the Simon G diamond rings are better in quality. If you look at details like melee quality used, Simon G uses better melee stones. Their halo rings are also nicely crafted. Neil Lane and Vera Wang often use SI2 melees which really cheapens the rings. The thing is, melees are dirt cheap compared to the prices that Neil Lane and Vera Wang settings sell for. I’ve actually highlighted this issue in the Kays review I wrote.

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