Crafted By Infinity Diamonds Review

What Makes a Crafted by Infinity Diamond?

Founded by Paul Slegers in 2001, Crafted by Infinity is a diamond cutting boutique based in Antwerp, Belgium. The vision of the company is simple: to maximize performance in every rough diamond they polish.

Being a small outfit, Crafted by Infinity produces a very low volume of 1000 diamonds every year compared to other cutting houses. This has to do with being extremely selective of their rough diamonds, the proprietary planning involved and the skilled labor required in their manufacturing process.

On their official website, the company claims to craft diamonds with 3D precision which yields visual results that “exceed every known performance metric”. In fact, they go as far as to say that their diamonds have achieved “levels yet unmeasured and ungraded by diamond laboratories”.

Speaking from experience in the industry, whenever a business makes such bold marketing claims, the skeptic in me will instantly be asking:”Really?”. This is because most other vendors I had reviewed often fall short on their claims upon scrutiny of their products.

Are Infinity diamonds really as good as they claim to be? Is it really true that every CBI diamond displays identical cutting standards of the highest level? In today’s review, we will take an indepth look at their diamonds using tangible data and physically examine a loose CBI diamond… is the exclusive online retailer for Crafted by Infinity diamonds. If you are interested in reading up more or want to start browsing for yourself, click this link!

Review of Crafted By Infinity Diamonds

Whenever I review a line of diamonds from any specific vendor, one of the methods I employ is to randomly select diamonds across different specifications and price points.

The rationale behind doing this is simple.

It enables you to critically examine consistency and reveals how the company operates their business. Speaking from a consumer’s perspective, you would want to see the same level of craftsmanship and quality across the entire inventory (i.e. a $500 CBI diamond should have identical cut quality compared to a $100,000 CBI diamond). 

With that said, let’s take a look at three random loose diamonds chosen for the purpose of writing this review. (In truth, I actually looked through hundreds of their diamond listings).

J color VS1 clarity 1 carat infinity diamonds review

1.046ct J color VS1 – $6,705

E color VS1 clarity 25 carat cbi wink jones review

2.591ct E color VS1 – $70,543

The magnified face up views above are taken under diffused lighting conditions (with obstruction). These images provide you with an idea of the diamond’s contrast patterning.

ASET – AGS Light Performance Analysis

The Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET) is a scientific tool developed by AGS for light performance analysis. Using different color bands colors to represent intensity of light return, contrast and leakage, the ASET allows you to quickly analyze a diamond’s optics.

A quick explanation of the ASET is provided below and you can perform your own analysis using the reference charts here:

Red: intense light return – red is generally what you want to see.
Blue: contrast – important for contrast and scintillation. Blue areas should be as symmetrical as possible.
Green: less intense light return – keep green areas minimal.
White: light leakage – keep white areas minimal.

If you look at the ASET images of the CBI diamonds, they all display optimal areas of reds, greens, blues and whites. Upon scrutiny, I can tell you that these 3 diamonds are very consistent in terms of light performance.

Idealscope – Light Return Analysis

Compared to the ASET, the Idealscope is a much simpler tool and serve a similar function of indicating a diamond’s light return properties. Here are what the various colors mean:

• Red: indicates light return.
• Black: contrast – important for pattern & scintillation. Black areas should be symmetrical.
• White: light leakage – keep white areas minimal.

Again, all 3 diamonds display fantastic levels of light return based on their idealscope images. Feel free to utilize the reference charts here to perform your own comparisons.

Hearts And Arrows – Cut Precision And Optical Symmetry

The hearts and arrows images reveal the degree of craftsmanship and precision that the polished diamond has. In a diamond that is cut to extreme precision, you will see the formation of crisp hearts and arrows patterning.

As seen above, all 3 Crafted by Infinity diamonds display well-defined patterning which is only possible when every individual facet is carefully planned and positioned.

For the discerning shopper who is looking for the best of the best, you will be pleased to know that Crafted by Infinity ticks all my checkboxes when buying super ideal cut diamonds. Check then out for yourself here!

Reviewing a Crafted by Infinity Diamond in Person

If you had been a long time reader of, you would know that we scrutinize vendors before they receive our stamp of approval. In short, we walk-the-talk and test out services/products for ourselves.

Crafted by Infinity is no exception and this was a loose diamond that we reviewed in person. For more information on the diamond, you can click here to view full listing at…

crafted by infinity diamonds review

For your convenience, I had also extracted the tangible data for cut precision (Hearts & Arrows) and corresponding light performance data (Idealscope + ASET) below…

red hearts and arrows patterning crafted by infinity feedback

Crisp and extremely well-formed hearts and arrows patterning

aset idealscope light performance cbi diamond

Idealscope and ASET images reveal top notch light return and performance

As mentioned earlier, (Wink Jones) is the online retailer of Crafted by Infinity diamonds in the United States. When High Performance Diamonds mailed the parcel to me (8th Nov 2017), the international shipment took a total of 4 days and I received the package on 11th Nov 2017. Depending on where you reside, the shipping timings may differ (1-2 days in the USA).

Unboxing the CBI Package From

fedex express ecommerce delivery infinity diamonds

A large parcel box delivered by FedEx.

I’ve made a video recording of myself opening the parcel to give you a better idea of what’s inside the Fedex parcel and what you can expect to receive. Check it out below!



High Performance Diamonds is a reliable vendor that offers some of the most generous sales policies in the entire industry. Click here to find out more and to browse for your Crafted by Infinity diamond now!

Complete Package Details And Contents

Here’s an overview of the entire package contents when you buy a loose Crafted by Infinity diamond from Let’s take a closer look at each individual item received…

high performance diamonds package items and contents

Loose Diamond in See-Through Casing

loose diamond see through holder

The loose diamond is shipped in a transparent casing which enables easy handling and viewing.

AGS Proprietary Light Performance Report

ags grading report crafted by infinity loose diamond

The AGS diamond grading report is one of the most highly sought after documentation in the industry. Not only do they employ consistent standards of color/clarity grading, they also utilize a scientific approach to grading light performance.

In this particular example, the diamond is an E color SI1 clarity and achieves the best possible triple ideal rating (000) in cut grading.

Appraisal Document From High Performance Diamonds

wink jones appraisal documentation for engagement ring

Click here to see an enlarged view of the appraisal document by High Performance Diamonds…

If you intend to buy insurance for your jewelry pieces, this appraisal document will come in handy as a valuation report for your insurance company.

A Message From the Cutter

infinity diamond owner letter to clients - Paul Slegers

A personally hand signed message from Paul Slegers with the corresponding Crafted by Infinity ID # and carat weight. Interesting note: the volume of CBI diamonds being polished each year is very small (1000).

CBI Meet the Cutter Invitation

meet the cutter cbi paul sledgers

Every Infinity diamond owner is offered the privilege of meeting the team who crafted their diamonds in their annual get-together. If you are a jewelry enthusiast or simply want to learn more about your Infinity Diamond, this is your golden ticket to the annual reception they host.

Seriously, how often do you see businesses extending a personal invitation to their clients at this level? Well, I can tell you that the majority of jewelers won’t bother to do stuff like this; not even the premium brands like Tiffany or Cartier.

HPD’s Cut Quality Kit – Your Very Own Tools

With every purchase of an Infinity diamond at, you’ll also receive a bundle of cut quality tools to help you analyze and enjoy the technical perfection of the diamond.

As far as I know, they are the only vendor in the world that does this! More importantly, the underlying message they are sending across is very clear. They are very confident of the top notch quality in their products and have no qualms about going under the scope (literally).

aset tool idealscope light performance gauge tools

Idealscope and ASET scope

loose diamond handling tools - tweezer, gripper, loupe, faux setting

4-prong loose diamond gripper, temporary ring holder and 10X loupe

jewelry cleaner lavish liquid - foam based

Jewelry cleaner to keep your diamonds clean and sparkly

ring sizer for finger plastic

Plastic ring sizer to help you determine your finger size

Crafted by Infinity Review – Light Performance Different Environments



Crafted by Infinity offers some of the best cut quality and performance that you can ever find in round diamonds. Period. These dazzling diamonds are engineered for brilliance, fire and sparkle. Click here to browse and interact with the diamonds for yourself!

Diamond Images Captured With My Mobile

Using my own ASET/Idealscope toolkit, I captured the following images with a simple set up using my mobile phone. And if you make the comparisons to the data in the CraftedByInfinity diamond listing, you will see that they correlate to each other.

idealscope strong light return cbi hpd
aset perfect ags ideal diamond

Both Idealscope and ASET photographs indicate excellent brightness and light performance. In a similar manner, I captured the hearts and arrows images of the loose diamond to analyze cut precision and facet placements.

hearts viewer aligned arrows
hearts patterning and Vs scope diamond symmetry

From the images above, the Crafted by Infinity diamond displays crisp and symmetrically formed h&a patterning. These pictures are evidence of the high level of care and workmanship that goes into polishing the diamond.

More Closeup Pictures of the Crafted by Infinity Diamond

Here are a couple more photographs of the CBI diamond that I couldn’t resist posting. Enjoy!

brilliance scintillation tweezer pick up view

Indoor fluorescent lighting

sparkle virtual facets view magnified fire

Spot lighting

sunlight sparkle loose diamond sunlight afternoon bluish

Afternoon outdoor sunlight

profile view loose crafted by infinity colorless diamond

Diamond profile view

Crafted by Infinity specializes in ideal cut diamonds that are crafted to extreme precision and superlative performance. If you are looking for a diamond with the best sparkle and brilliance, check them out for yourself today!

Conclusion – 2 Thumbs Up for Crafted by Infinity

To sum things up, Crafted by Infinity truly delivers when it comes to cut quality and super ideal diamonds. And this is testament to the leadership and business culture of the company.

Paul Slegers and the CBI team has managed to instill exemplary standards in every step of their upstream manufacturing processes (pre-screening rough crystals -> strict polishing criteria) all the way downstream to adding a personal touch to their retail customers.

If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring exceptional cut quality and beauty, I recommend you check out Crafted by Infinity. As always, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

where to buy crafted by infinity diamonds

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