April Birthstone – Diamond History And Jewelry Gift Ideas

what is the birthstone for april

Do you know what is the birthstone for April?

Diamonds are the birthstones for people who are born in the month of April and they make an ideal birthday gift for a loved one.

If you are shopping for the perfect gift or simply want to find out more about diamonds, you are at the right place. In this write up, we will be covering the following topics:

Diamond Meaning And History
Diamond Lore – Myths and Legends
5 Affordable Gift Ideas for April Birthstone Jewelry
Conclusion – Let’s Be Perfectly Honest About It

Diamond Meaning And History

The diamond is the ultimate symbol of romance and a piece of eternity. In different cultures, it can hold various meanings and is often seen as a representation of purity, innocence and love.

First discovered in India during 800BC, diamonds were only available to the elite classes of society. In fact, one of the quirkiest law ever laid down in diamond ownership occurred in the 13th century when it was decreed that they could only be owned by royalty. This law quickly changed as more sources were discovered and the supply of diamonds increased.

India remained one of the largest producers of diamonds until the late 1800s when diamonds were first discovered in South Africa. In a largely fragmented market, De Beers consolidated the mining operations in Africa and begun their monopoly over the supply of diamonds for decades to come.

Interestingly, the act of giving a diamond as an engagement ring wasn’t always a “tradition” but rather, the result of a carefully crafted marketing campaign by De Beers in 1948. And this advertising campaign was so profitable that it remains the most successful marketing campaign in mankind’s history.

Towards the turn of the century, diamonds had also been found in Australia, Russia and Northern Canada. These discoveries resulted in new supplies of rough diamonds outside of De Beers’s control and eventually ended their monopoly on rough diamonds.

Fast forward to modern day, diamonds have evolved into a multi-billion international trade and consumers around the world now have easy access to beautiful and affordable jewelry with the click of a mouse.

For a more comprehensive read and understanding of diamonds, I encourage you to browse through the other sections of Beyond4Cs.com here for a step by step guide.

Diamond Lore – Myths And Legends

diamond april birthstone

The ancients created various myths and beliefs about diamonds. In Rome, soldiers wore them on their left arm as they believed diamonds were able to offer them protection and courage. The ancient Hindus in India believed these gemstones held special powers and were crystallized forms of lightning.

Other folklores include beliefs that diamonds have medicinal properties which could boost mental health and be used as remedies for poisons. Strange as it seems, diamonds were actually ingested in the hope of curing illnesses. With a modern perspective, all I could think of when I imagine people eating diamonds is the fact that they are flushing money down the toilet (literally).

In modern times, diamonds have been marketed into sexy objects of desire and love all thanks to De Beers. From flashy celebrity rings to pledges of love, diamond engagement rings are now an integral part of our culture.

5 Affordable Ideas for Diamond Birthstone Jewelry Gifts

Birthstone jewelry is one of the most popular ways to celebrate a loved one’s birthday or the birth of your children. Here are five affordable gift ideas that you may want to consider. If you are interested to see more details, simply click on the images…

#1 – White Gold Crown Diamond Ring From Brilliant Earth ($990)

april birthstone ring under 1000

Showcasing a set of graduating diamonds, this dainty ring shimmers with sparkle and is superbly finished with milgrain details on the edges.

Gift Idea #2 – Delicate Diamond Bar Bracelet in 14k White Gold ($390)

april birthstone bracelet

This simple yet gorgeous cable chain bracelet features pave set diamonds in a sleek bar made of 14k white gold.

#3 – Diamond Twist Pavé Heart Pendant in 14k White Gold ($590)

april birthstone necklace

This classic heart shape pendant that is made with pavé diamonds encrusted on the metal for maximum bling. If you are looking for the perfect April birthstone gift to express your love, this is it.

#4 – Studio Diamond Daisy Flower Drop Earrings in 14k Rose Gold ($540)

flower shape floral earrings rose gold

Made in 14k rose gold, this dainty pair of drop earrings resembles a small daisy and makes an ideal birthday gift.

Gift Idea #5 -Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring ($990)

diamond birthstone rings on a budget

Featuring an intertwining ribbon of pave diamonds, the ring design resembles a woven design that gives it an elegant rope-like appearance.

You can’t go wrong with a timeless gift of diamond jewelry. To view more breathtaking diamond jewelry at affordable prices, click here to visit Brilliant Earth and Blue Nile to start browsing.

Conclusion – Let’s Be Perfectly Honest About It

The truth is that the majority of women expect an engagement ring to be presented during a proposal because of its association and symbolism with love. While this remains one of the main driving forces in the diamond jewelry market, it also places many men in predicaments about making the best purchase possible for their loved ones.

I had been there, done that and even created this website to help educate other people like me. If you are shopping for a birthstone for someone born in April, I encourage you to spend a little time and effort into learning more about diamonds.

The effort will pay off and Beyond4cs.com is a great place to find out how to save money on a purchase while getting a piece of high quality jewelry for your budget.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I also want to make use of this opportunity to announce a new article where diamonds with different colors are compared side by side. This will help people visualize the differences between color grades critically.

Finally, you don’t have to be a gemologist in order to shop like a pro. Check out Blue Nile’s and James Allen’s revolutionary videos that allows you to interact with actual diamonds upclose. You’ll be blown away by the awesomeness.

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  1. Jose-
    March 2, 2016 at 2:46 am

    What is the April birthstone color? My understanding is that diamonds should be white in color but I also read about pink and blue color diamonds?

  2. Paul Gian-
    March 4, 2016 at 2:07 am

    The color of the April birthstone can exist in a range of colors. The diamond exists naturally in a range of color and most of the mined stones are white. With that said, I think the key thing to know here is that the April birthstone is the diamond rather than what color it is.

  3. Hans-
    August 4, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    A very interesting read on the history of diamonds and the superstitions that people have about them. I doing a small research project for my college module and hope you can help me with some some questions. Is the volume of diamonds in circulation a result of more mines being discovered or due to other factors?

  4. Paul Gian-
    August 6, 2017 at 2:35 am

    It is a combination of both new mines discovery and better tools we’ve built over the years. With advancing technology, the diamond exploration and mining processes had also evolved over the years.

    When you first think of diamond mining, how do you envision it to be? Do images of men in dark dirty tunnels holding shovels come to mind. However, today’s mining operations is far from that and is a high tech multi-million undertaking. Huge machines and giant earthmovers have replaced the traditional shovel and pick.

    Interestingly, despite all our technological advancement and discovery of scientific breakthroughs, the exact origin and formation process of diamonds isn’t completely understood by scientists yet.

    In the case of natural fancy pink diamonds, does it surprise you that scientists still cannot agree on how they are formed? Yet, natural pink diamonds command extraordinary prices and are highly sought after by both investors and collectors.

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