Ultimate Guide to Buying a 3 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

beautiful 3 carat oval engagement ring with halo brilliant earth

Breathtaking 3 carat oval diamond ring with halo – Brilliant Earth.

So, you are in the market looking for the best, brightest and most extravagant ring? Well, it doesn’t get much fancier than a three carat oval diamond ring to make a bold statement.

In this write up, we are going to reveal everything you need to know about buying a 3ct oval diamond ring. From insider tips for selecting a beautiful diamond to getting inspiration for ring setting designs, we’ve got you covered.

You are also going to find out where are the best places to buy a 3ct oval ring with high quality craftsmanship and a selection of GIA certified diamonds to cherry pick from. Let’s jump right in…

How Big is a 3 Carat Oval Engagement Ring?

how big is a 3 carat oval solitaire diamond ring on a hand

How big a 3ct oval diamond looks like when worn on a hand.

Very often, I get emails from readers who ask questions like “Is a three carat oval cut ring too large for my hands?” or other related stuff like “How big is a 3ct oval diamond engagement ring?”.

Well, the answer to the questions above is – it depends. First of all, the face up size of a 3 ct oval cut diamond can vary depending on the proportions its facets are polished to.

In general, a well cut 3ct oval diamond would roughly measure 11.7mm by 7.8mm. Bear in mind that this is only a guideline as oval cut diamonds can exist in all kinds of outlines and length to width ratios.

I’ve also included a reference carat size chart below to give you an idea of the various carat weights and their respective face up dimensions.

 diamond mm chart for ovals

How Much Does a 3 Carat Oval Diamond Cost?

In order to answer this question, you need to understand that the price of a diamond is affected mainly by the 4Cs it has: cut, color, clarity and cut. Depending on the combination of the 4Cs, the value of a diamond would vary significantly.

For example, a D color/IF diamond is going to cost a lot more than a J color/VS2 diamond because of rarity factors. Here, I do want to point out that even a minor difference in color/clarity will result in big price differences when dealing with large sized diamonds.

To give you an idea of what a 3 carat oval diamond can cost, you can expect to pay anywhere between $14,000 to $100,000 depending on the specifications you are looking for. As a ball park figure, a budget of around $45,000 can get you a 3ct oval diamond that is eyeclean and faces up white.

3 carat oval diamond price chart comparison

From the comparison chart above, 3 carat oval diamond prices can differ as much as 6 times if we compare diamonds from the “best of the best” against the “lower tier” spectrum.

Lastly, you also need to factor in the cost of the setting if you are buying a diamond ring and again, this varies based on the intricacy of the design as well as the choice of metal used.

James Allen and Blue Nile are 2 of the best places to buy a 3ct oval cut diamond ring reliably at competitive prices. Besides that, they have a big selection of GIA certified diamonds for you to cherry pick from.

How to Choose a Brilliant and Sparkly Three Carat Oval Diamond

When it comes to buying a diamond, I’m pretty sure that most people will want it to be bright and sparkly instead of being lifeless or dull. That’s why cut is king! However, the tricky part of choosing an oval diamond is to determine its cut quality.

Unlike round diamonds where a GIA certificate would list the cut quality rating, fancy shaped diamonds like ovals do not have the information in the grading report. So, how should you choose a well cut oval diamond?

Well, I’ve dedicated an entire section for that on Beyond4cs.com and would provide the key pointers here.

First of all, the shape appeal of an oval shaped diamond is something you want to pay attention to. In the market, oval cut diamonds can come in all types of outlines and length to width ratios. While there are some subjective preferences for l/w ratios, you should choose a diamond that looks symmetrical and forms a pleasing oval outline to your eyes.

Next, the bowtie effect exhibited by the diamond shouldn’t be too dark or distracting. I would recommend choosing an oval diamond that displays a less visible and less intense bowtie.

gia certified three carat size oval diamond

Example of an oval diamond that is eyeclean and has strong light return.

Like most other fancy shaped diamonds, oval cuts tend to retain and show more color tint in their body due to their cutting style. For a large size 3ct oval diamond, the color will be even more pronounced.

For people who are color-averse and want a diamond that looks icy-white, I recommend buying a G or better color rating. Do note that color is an attribute that is largely dependant on your preferences. For example, if you are looking for a vintage style diamond ring or a yellow gold setting, it is perfectly OK to buy a K color diamond where the stone would look slightly yellowish.

Finally, when it comes to clarity, most people get too hung up about buying a higher clarity grade because of misconceptions. For people who are practical and don’t require an internally flawless grade for symbolic reasons, you can save a lot of money by buying an eyeclean VS1 or VS2 diamond.

Here’s a recap of what I recommend when you are selecting a 3 carat oval cut diamond from a practical perspective:

Cut: As good as possible (use ASET analysis)
Color: G or better (faces up cool icy white)
Clarity: VS2 or better (as long as eye-clean)

While these are guidelines, it is perfectly fine if you prefer to buy a lower colored diamond or an internally flawless diamond. At the end of the day, your preferences are what matters as long as you fully understand what you are doing.

Ideas for 3 Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

I’ve compiled some of my favorite ring designs for 3 carat oval diamonds to give you some ideas of what’s available in the market. If you are interested in any of the ring designs, simply click the corresponding image to get more information.

3 carat oval diamond ring with halo

This majestic looking split shank diamond engagement ring features a pave undergallery and halo to create a multi-dimensional array of sparkle. If you are looking for an engagement ring with a massive impact, this is it.

3 carat oval diamond ring gold band

This 3 carat oval diamond ring features an 18k yellow gold band with a unique crossover design and an integrated basket. If you are looking for a subtle and chic design for your engagement ring, this is a memorable setting to consider.

3 carat oval solitaire engagement ring

This 3 carat oval solitaire diamond ring is an enduring and straightforward design. Without any accent stones or glitzy ring details, the center stone is placed into the limelight to showcase its brilliance and beauty.

3 stone engagement ring with baguette cut diamonds and three carat oval center stone

This iconic ring design has 2 tapered baguette cut diamonds that frames the center stone with a classic, vintage vibe. Made in finely polished platinum, this 3 stone ring design also symbolizes the past, present and future of your relationship with the recipient.

vintage style 4 prong 3.5 carat oval diamond ring

Featuring diamond accent stones that neatly line the shanks of the ring, this 14k white gold engagement ring evokes feelings of nostalgia and draws attention towards the center stone. The detailed milgrain adds a touch of class to the ring’s appearance.

Where Are the Best Places to Buy a 3 ct Oval Diamond Ring?

When buying a large size fancy shaped diamond, the most important decision you need to make is to shop at a reliable vendor that offers tangible data and proper certification. Having tangible information like videos and scope images like ASET will make it easier for you to analyze and make educated decisions.

You should only buy GIA certified diamonds as it ensures the quality of the diamond you are getting. Great vendors also stand behind their products and create a risk-free shopping environment for you. As a guide, I recommend buying from vendors that offer a 30 day no-question asked return policy.

With 3 carat oval shaped diamonds, I also recommend shopping from vendors who have a sizable inventory for you to cherry pick from. Why? That’s because the majority of oval diamonds in the market have mediocre cut standards.

In order to cherry pick the best diamond, you need a big selection of 3ct diamonds to start with. And this is why 99.99% of brick and mortar stores fall flat because of their severely limited inventory.

With these factors in mind, here are the 2 best places in the world (literally) to buy a 3ct oval diamond ring…

three ct gia certified loose diamond online

Inspecting diamonds easily in full details using HD videos.

James Allen – Their HD 360° videos of their diamonds enable you to see exactly what you are buying. This intuitive shopping experience allows you to determine eyecleanliness and helps you analyze the cut quality of the oval diamond easily. On top of that, they have a 30-day money back guarantee and even a free-returns policy in place to make sure you shop with complete peace of mind.

Blue Nile – They are the world’s largest online retailer of diamonds and have the widest selection of GIA certified 3ct oval shaped diamonds in their inventory. Blue Nile provides magnified videos for their listings and highly competitve price points. Another thing I like about them is their collection of beautiful ring designs that cater to different styles and budgets.

Some final thoughts…

A diamond ring is special, and it always will be. It is such an exceptional way to tell someone that you care about them. Don’t settle for anything less than the best in your quest for the perfect ring. Whether it is for an engagement or to mark a special occasion, make sure you do some research to find out the recipient’s preferences.

As always, if you need help with a selection or require a 2nd opinion on a purchase, feel free to get in touch with any questions you have. Good luck!

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  1. Matthew-
    July 12, 2019 at 2:12 am

    Would there be noticeably size differences between a 3.5 carat oval diamond ring and a 3 carat if they are placed side by side in a comparison?

  2. Paul Gian-
    July 13, 2019 at 4:33 am

    The difference is minute in terms of face up size. For most people, I doubt they would be able to know if it is a 3.5 carat oval diamond ring if you don’t tell them. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s large and I’m not trying to be flippant about it. It’s just relatively, when we are comparing 2 large diamonds, it isn’t that easy to determine the exact carat size.

    December 4, 2020 at 12:41 am

    The three rings you have listed above with the prices do not say color and clarity ratings. can you please let me know. Trying to get an idea of the price based on the quality of the diamond. Like you said G or better and VS1 or VS2

  4. Paul Gian-
    December 5, 2020 at 6:22 pm

    Actually, they do. You will need to click on the James Allen listings and look at the bottom left section where they mention “Sold With”. In the first example, the details of the center stone are 3.00 Carat F-VS2 Oval Cut Diamond.

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