Ultimate Guide to Elongated Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

rectangular halo cushion engagement ring with diamond center stone

2 carat elongated cushion cut in halo ring setting.

The cushion cut diamond is one of the most popular choices for an engagement ring and people often recognize them by their pillow-like shape. In the market, cushion diamonds can come in a variety of outlines that range from squarish to rectangularish.

In recent years, there had been a growing consumer demand for elongated cushion cut diamonds. These diamonds offer consumers a unique style that deviates away from the appearance of a traditional cushion cut diamond.

And if you are shopping for an elongated cushion cut engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place.

In this write up, I will reveal the insider tips to choosing a bright, brilliant diamond and show you where are the best places to shop for an elongated cushion shaped diamond. Let’s get started…

First of All, What Are Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds?

The traditional cushion cut diamonds typically have 58-64 facets and a distinct curved corner at the 4 edges of the diamond. They tend to have a squarish outline which is defined by a 1:1 length-to-width ratio (l/w).

On the other hand, elongated cushion shaped diamonds have a similar facet cutting style with the exception of having higher l/w ratios above 1:1.1.

Basically, you can think of an elongated cushion cut diamond as being “stretched” into a rectangular outline while still maintaining the distinct elements of a cushion diamond.

Square Cushion Cut vs Elongated Cushion Cut – Pros And Cons

square cushion cut diamond comparison
comparison of elongated vs square shaped cushion diamonds

Due to the nature of the cutting style, square cushion cut diamonds tend to have stronger light performance compared to their elongated counterparts.

On the other hand, elongated cushion diamonds provide a larger face up appearance compared to other cushion diamonds with the same carat weight. Elongated cushion diamonds can flatter the length of your fingers and provide a more graceful look.

When it comes to prices, both types of cushion diamonds have very similar costs (price per carat).

How to Select a Beautiful Elongated Cushion Shaped Diamond?

When buying a diamond, the most important factor that I look out for is cut quality. That’s because a diamond with better cut quality will exhibit better light performance and display a pleasing scintillation patterning.

But how do you determine the cut quality of an elongated diamond when this information isn’t present in a grading report? There are 2 main attributes I look at when analyzing a cushion cut diamond. They are shape appeal and light return.

You need to see how the diamond looks like in order to determine its shape appeal. Here are a couple of real-life examples to show you what I mean.

well cut rectangular GIA certified cushion shaped diamond

Superb shape appeal and outline.

elongated diamond with poor shape appeal pillow shape

Poor cushion shape outline.

The key to buying a beautiful diamond is to base your selection on tangible data like videos or ASET scope images. That’s why I recommend buying from vendors that offer video listings where they also make it easy for you to analyze light return.

Here are 2 contrasting examples that show a well cut diamond with strong light return and one with a mediocre light return which makes the diamond appear mushy.

rectangular cushion diaamond gia certified with strong light return

Diamond with strong light return.

elongated gia certified 1 carat diamond with bad light performance aset

Diamond with significant light leakage.

In terms of color and clarity, I would recommend a minimum of G color (if you want a diamond that looks white) and a minimum clarity grade of VS2. That’s because elongated cushion diamonds generally have lower light performance and this makes their body tint more noticeable as well as the inclusions they have.

Here, I do want to point out that it is perfectly OK if you prefer to buy a J color diamond or even buy an SI1 diamond (that’s eyeclean). Heck, if you want to spend more on a D/IF diamond for symbolic reasons, that’s really up to you.

James Allen and Blue Nile offer thousands of GIA certified diamonds that cater to people with different budgets and specifications. They are rock-solid vendors that I personally buy from and would recommend.

Top 5 Ring Setting Ideas for Rectangular Cushion Cut Diamonds

Below, I’ve compiled my top 5 list of ring setting designs that I personally love when buying a rectangularish cushion cut diamond. These are all real-life examples of rings that people had purchased and if you are interested to find out more details, simply click on the corresponding images and links.

0.90 carat cushion cut solitaire engagement ring in 14k white gold

The classic 4 prong solitaire ring is a time-tested and evergreen design that goes well with any diamond shape. Clean and simple, this elongated cushion cut solitaire ring showcases the center stone to its fullest glory.

1 carat cushion cut 3 stone elongated cushion cut yellow gold diamond ring

An elegant looking 3-stone ring setting that features 2 marquise diamonds flanking the sides of the center stone. This engagement ring is flawlessly romantic and has a vintage vibe to it.

1 carat rectangle cushion shape channel set diamond ring in platinum

A ring setting design that makes a bold fashion statement. This channel set ring features 5 melee diamonds on both sides of the diamond to provide a sleek appearance and additional brilliance.

4 prong pave diamond engagement ring 14k white gold 2 5 carat center stone

A simple pave set diamond ring that accentuates the size of the center stone, this high class setting adds a dimension of sparkle and gives the wearer an elegant appearance.

double halo long cushion halo engagement ring

A majestic looking ring that is literally fit for a queen. This double halo ring is opulent and showcases 2 rows of pave diamonds encircling the center stone. The split shank pave diamonds also add extra sparkle to the ring.

There are literally hundreds of beautiful ring designs for you to choose from at James Allen and Blue Nile. Visit them and browse through their collections to find your dream proposal ring today!

Where Are the Best Places to Buy Cushion Cut Diamond Rings?

video listing that shows loose diamond details and best place to buy

Video listing at JamesAllen.com enables you to examine diamonds under magnification.

Due to poor diamond selections and lack of tangible data, buying an elongated cushion cut diamond engagement ring is a notoriously difficult process. So, where are the best places to shop for them?

These are the top 2 places in the world to shop for them:

Blue Nile – They are a great site for buying fancy cut diamonds for many reasons. First of all, Blue Nile holds the world’s largest selection of GIA certified loose diamonds and this gives you the ability to cherry pick diamonds that you can’t get elsewhere. Also, Blue Nile provides HD video listings of diamonds that allow you to see how the diamond looks like in real life.

Besides the ease of choosing diamonds, you can also find hundreds of incredible ring designs for you to create your dream engagement ring. Their risk-free sales policies also ensure that you can shop with complete peace of mind with their no-questions asked money back guarantee.

James Allen – This is one of my favorite vendors that I had purchased many diamond rings from. James Allen is a pioneer when it comes to their HD video technology and intuitive shopping experience.

James Allen’s video listings enable you to scrutinize diamonds from any angle you like and they even offer ASET scope images to help you analyze the diamond’s performance. Their broad selection of in-house and designer ring settings offer plenty of choices to suit people with different styles and budgets.

With that, I hope this article has offered useful insights into buying a beautiful elongated cushion diamond engagement ring. Whether you like an elongated or a squarish cushion cut diamond, it really is up to your personal preferences.

The guidelines listed here are recommended for practical reasons to help you get a better bang for your buck. However, whether you want a higher color or clarity grade for your diamond would boil down to your own preferences.

Finally, you should always do your prior research and due diligence when shopping for something as important as an engagement ring. You want to be sure that you pick one that is right for your situation and at the correct price.

Good luck with the purchase! And if you have any questions or need a 2nd opinion, feel free to get in touch!

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