5 Beautiful Tacori Three Stone Ring Designs You Need to See

best tacori three stone ring design choices

Are you in the market for the best ring design you can find?

The perfect ring must have just the right amount of elegance mixed with the perfect blend of modern and opulent. A three-stone ring from Tacori embodies all of those things. It also represents the trilogy of past, present and future with your loved one.

If you are curious about Tacori rings, or you simply adore the idea of having three gems instead of one (because who doesn’t love that?), then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we help you gain more insight into the designer brand and reveal the top 5 most beautiful Tacori 3 stone ring designs.

What is Tacori and What is the Brand Known For?

Tacori is a family run business that took the jewelry world by storm with their lovely designs and high quality workmanship. Their rings have a tasteful of west meets east influence and are highly sought after in the market.

Each of their rings also features their trademarked diamond crescent design which is made up of a crescent silhouette and interlocking half-moon arcs. Their rings are custom made and handcrafted in their workshop based in California.

Our Favorite Designs for Tacori Three Stone Engagement Rings

When a three stone ring is well crafted and the center stone is properly chosen, the end effect it creates can be stunning. Typically, the center stone will be larger than the 2 flanking sidestones (or all 3 will be equal in size).

You would need to pay attention to the quality (e.g. color/clarity) of the center stone and have it properly matched to the quality of the sidestones. I would recommend no more than 2 color/clarity grade differences between the diamonds so that they create a cohesive look.

With that said, here are our favorite designs for 3 stone Tacori engagement rings that can beautifully frame a center diamond.

18k White Gold Tacori 56-2RD 3 Stone Diamond Ring

18k white gold tacori 56 2RD 3 stone diamond ring

Simple and elegant. This tasteful Tacori 3 stone ring features 2 round cut sidestones that are nestled into the ceiling of the shank. It illuminates and adds another layer of sparkle to the ring. The center stone is mounted in a highly secure 6 prong basket.

18k White Gold Tacori 56-2RD 3 Stone Diamond Ring

platinum tacori 2623RD dantela 3 stone engagement ring

A timeless setting that has rows of channel set diamonds to accentuate the center stone. This Tacori Dantela ring features a lot of intricate details and an intense looking crown that captivates a viewer’s attention.

18k Rose Gold Tacori HT2657 Royal-T Tacori Three Stone Diamond Ring

18k rose gold tacori HT2657 Royal T three stone engagement ring

An elevated rose-gold 3 stone tacori engagement ring design that is flawlessly romantic with a classic touch of elegance. This ring features 2 tapered baguette sidestones and melee diamonds that line the profile of the ring.

18k White Gold Tacori HT2430SM Channel-Set Princess Cut Ring

18k white gold tacori HT2430SM classic crescent channel set princess diamond ring

This amazing princess-cut Tacori branded three stone ring is lined with square diamonds across the bridge and 3/4 of the ring. It is a classic yet sophisticated ring design that is bound to turn heads.

18k White Gold Tacori HT2514RD Classic Crescent Pave Ring

18k gold tacori HT2514RD pave three stone engagement ring

This remarkable ring features a cathedral style shank that is perfectly matched with 2 round cut sidestones and numerous melee diamonds. The pave set diamonds are mounted on arches that flow down gracefully in the side profile of the setting.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Tacori Three Stone Ring?

Tacori retails its products exclusively through their list of authorized retailers and they don’t sell directly to consumers. In my opinion, the best place to buy a Tacori ring is to shop at White Flash.

Why? What makes White Flash stands out from other retailers?

That’s because White Flash specializes in super ideal cut diamonds which are crafted to the highest performance in brilliance and sparkle. If you are already in the market for a Tacori ring, I’m sure you want to match it with a top notch diamond.

White Flash is a good example of the latter and if you want to have more information, read the review I wrote here.
White Flash is good this way and if you want to find out more info, read the review I wrote here. They also offer secure, international shipping on top of consumer-centric sales policy that will make your purchase completely risk-free.

Let’s Wrap Things Up!

proposal three stone ring with diamonds

It is always nice to gain some background information before running headfirst into a shopping spree or making a big-ticket item purchase. I hope this article has offered some useful insights into the Tacori company itself and gave you an idea of what their three stone rings are like.

Remember, a diamond ring is made up of 2 components: the setting and the main center stone. Make sure you pay attention to both aspects when shopping for your ring.

Above all, take your time and browse carefully through the selections you see. Make sure that when you do decide to buy, it is exactly right for the wearer and is a good fit for you and your wallet. Best of luck!

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