3 Things You Should Do When Traveling With Expensive Diamond Jewelry to Keep Them Safe

traveling with expensive jewelry internationally

Traveling with expensive jewelry. What should you do?

Diamonds don’t come cheap and they are probably one of the most expensive things you would ever buy in your lifetime (apart from a new car or a house). Obviously, you want to take good care of your jewelry and keep them safe at all times.

But what if you are planning for an overseas proposal for your fiancee or intend to bring your diamond jewelry for your honeymoon/business trip? What are the things you should do when traveling with diamond jewelry? How should you store your jewelry for travel?

When it comes to traveling with expensive jewelry, ensuring its safety and security becomes of utmost importance. It is important to travel and stay where it is a bit safe. Whether you’re planning an overseas proposal or taking your treasured pieces on a honeymoon or business trip, TheTrajet can offer guidance on where you can go, while keeping your jewelry protected throughout the journey. With their expert advice, you can embark on your adventures with confidence, knowing that your valuable possessions are safe. Don’t let the fear of traveling with expensive jewelry deter you from creating cherished memori

In this write up, you will find out the 3 things you should do if you need to travel with expensive jewelry. Let’s dive in…

#1 – Buy Sufficient Insurance to Protect Yourself Against Losses

First of all, I will go on the record to say that it is a BAD idea to travel abroad or go on a vacation with your diamond jewelry. I strongly discourage it but I also understand that there are times when you may need to.

When you’re going to travel with valuables, never skimp on buying a suitable insurance policy to cover them. This is the best protection you can have in any eventualities where you may lose your jewelry.

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Obviously, you need to acquaint yourself with the correct type of insurance policies that cover losses during travel. Here, I want to highlight that the majority of basic travel insurance plans don’t cover huge jewelry claims and you would need a separate policy to do that.

If you are unsure, spend some time to do research or call up your insurance agent to get more details.

It is also a good practice to create a list of jewelry items you plan to bring along. Make a duplicate copy of that list and pack it together with your belongings. Next, you should take pictures or short videos of your jewelry and keep them in your camera or mobile phone. These will come in handy in the event you need any proof of identification.

#2 – Tips for Being Street Smart And Carrying Jewelry Around

When you are traveling abroad and in a foreign country, it is always a good idea to apply common sense in the things you do.

Obviously, you want to avoid wearing eye-catching jewelry in public areas during flight transits or in shady neighborhoods for your own safety. You see, there’s no better way to be attracting people’s (including robbers) attention when you adorn flashy jewelry at the airport or out on the street in a foreign place.

Next, do not keep expensive jewelry in your check-in luggage when taking transports like airlines or long distance bus rides. Security guidelines at the airport may sometimes require your luggage to be physically inspected and this puts your jewelry at risk of theft.

Instead, you should place your jewelry in a piece of hand-held luggage which you are going to carry around in person.

It is also a good idea to keep your jewelry in a carryall case that is specially built for storing jewelry on the move. If you are carrying around a lot of jewelry, I recommend investing in a jewelry box with padded storage compartments as it prevents them from coming into contact with each other during movement.

#3 – Beware Of Leaving Valuables In Hotels

diamonds lost in hotel

Don’t be an easy target for robbers.

Having loose jewelry lying around in your hotel room is simply begging for it to be stolen. Statistics have shown that dishonest hotel staff accounts for the majority of theft and reason why stuff to go missing.

When you check-in at a hotel, you should ask whether they have a facility for safe-storage. This could either be an in-room safe or a security box at the reception. Use these secure methods to deposit your valuables before you leave the hotel room.

If secure storage isn’t available, you are better off carrying your valuables with you instead of leaving them in the room. I will reiterate: never leave valuables in your hotel room unattended.

Remember, hotel cleaning staff can have access to your room when you aren’t around. Door security can also be compromised easily if thieves have reasons to believe there are expensive items in the room.

Leave It At Home And Save All The Troubles

Unless you absolutely have to bring your jewelry along for events or special occasions, the best advice I would give is to leave them at home. There’s really no need to expose yourself to unnecessary risks and deal with the hassle of logistical issues when traveling.

While you are away from home, here are some tips for safekeeping your jewelry.

– You may want to suspend newspaper deliveries and get a neighbor to help you clear your mailbox daily. Having newspaper strewn at your doorstep is basically a broadcast to tell the whole world that no one’s home.

– Also, announcing on Facebook that you are going away on a vacation isn’t a smart idea too. Tech-savvy thieves can easily glean and exploit such information when choosing targets.

fire proof safe

Example of a highly secured safe with fire-proof rating – WilsonSafe.com

– Choose a safe and an inconspicuous place in your house to keep your jewelry. In the event a burglar breaks into your house, the first place that thieves will check would be your dressing drawer, jewelry box and other obvious places in the bedroom. A fire proof safe that is firmly installed into a wall makes it really hard for thieves to get away with your valuables.

– The last tip I have for you may sound a little weird. Based on police investigations and past statistics, it was found that homeowners were the ones responsible for making things easy for thieves. In many cases, the common causes of burglaries were due to simple mistakes like forgetting to latch a window’s lock or leaving spare keys on the outer premises!

Both Whiteflash and BlueNile are reliable vendors selling high quality diamond jewelry. They also have tie-ups with insurance companies to offer coverage on newly purchased items for your peace of mind. Check them out yourself!

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