heart shaped diamond

The Ultimate Symbol of Love

Heart cut diamonds are very popular as the shape is associated with love and all things romantic. Diamonds in and of themselves symbolize love, and so does the heart.

The appeal and marketability is like a double incentive for you to consider getting one. Not surprisingly, this particular shape is a very popular choice for anniversary gifts and engagement rings.

But, what’s a heart shaped diamond really? Well, it is basically a pear with a cleft at the top. It differs from a pear shaped diamond in that, at its rounded end, it has a cleft. The presence of a cleft forms the heart’s lobes and defines the lovely shape.

The Cutting of a Heart Shaped Diamond

It wasn’t until recently that advances in diamond cutting technology allowed cutters to achieve the requirements needed in this stylized shape. Cutters don’t like to cut heart shaped stones if they can help it and hearts are usually cut for economic reasons.

For example, in order to get a diamond with better clarity quality, cutters may choose to cut the rough stone in a heart shape over the pear. They tend to do this when there is a presence of a natural inclusion in the rough diamond at the location of the cleft.

By carving out the cleft, the inclusion would be removed along with the formation of the lobes. As a result, the diamond is now more attractive to the eye and sells for more because of its higher clarity grade.

  • Did you know that the shape that a polished diamond is planned in such a way that the original rough stone would be used as efficiently as possible?

    Most cutters will not sacrifice a rough that could be the “mother” of a larger round brilliant just to cut a heart shaped stone and a few tiny diamonds. The reason behind this is that the value of a diamond increases exponentially with the growth of weight. Two 1 carat stones are worth a lot less than a single two carat stone.

    The other underlying reason lies in demand. Compared to the round brilliants, heart shaped diamonds don’t sell as fast as the rounds. Priority is always given to cut a round diamond if the rough stone permits.

    Paul Gian
    Why Are The Selections of Heart Cut Diamonds Are So Much Lesser Compared to Other Shapes?

    Get Ready to Be Mesmerized…



    When heart shaped diamonds are cut well, they can display a balanced scintillation contrast and huge amounts of fire. So, what are the factors to consider when buying one? Continue reading to find out the recommended proportions and uncover the secrets to picking out a nice stone…

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