Tension Set Wedding Rings – A Look at the Pros And Cons

If you ever wondered what are the kind of designs that would make a diamond ring stand out from the rest, you are in the right place. The peculiarity you have been searching for so long is nothing else but the tension setting. 

So, what makes tension settings so special? Most traditional rings utilize prongs or metal baskets to secure a center stone in place. That isn’t the case with tension set wedding rings. Instead of using additional metal prongs, the ring itself is the mechanism that locks the diamond in place.

danhov tension rings

A sleek contoured design by famed jewelry maker Danhov.

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What is a Tension Set Diamond Ring?

In a tension setting, the diamond is placed in an opening of the ring and held in place by pressure exerted from the open ends. Basically, you could imagine it as being a mechanical clamp that’s being used to secure an object between its jaws.

Due to this “invisible” tensile force, there isn’t any metal beneath or surrounding the diamond and this forms the basis of a tension ring’s amazing looks. To the eye, the diamond appears to be “floating” between the 2 sides of the ring.

That said, tension set rings come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Let us do an overview of the various situations where you should or should not opt to choose such a setting design.

What Are the Advantages?

There are basically 3 main advantages of tension set rings:

#1 Tension set rings can easily become the main conversation topic at gatherings because of the dramatic looks they display. It gets people thinking about how the feature diamond stays in place since it is seemingly “floating” without any support.

#2 These rings can be created using metal choices that are commonly used with diamonds (i.e. yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, platinum, and palladium) and can also be custom made to complement fancy diamond shapes like pears and ovals.

#3 A tension ring enables the diamond to be seen in full view from all angles compared to other types of setting methods. This allows more light to enter the diamond which enables it to sparkle and perform to its fullest capacity.

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What are the Drawbacks?

spiral tension ring designWhile a ring may fit your hand during the period of initial purchase, it might not hold true several years down the road. As people age, our finger size can change and rings have to be resized frequently to stay correctly fitted.

The major problem with tension rings is that they cannot be easily resized compared to other types of settings. This is because they are crafted and calibrated to exact measurements based on the size of the center stone.

That said, this does not mean that resizing tension set rings is impossible. It is actually a specialized skill and not every jeweler has the capacity to perform a resize. And because of this, you can expect your resizing invoice to be larger since they usually involve specialized equipment and know-hows.

The other major drawback should concern only the jewelers who make these types of rings. Even though tension set rings are relatively safe and the feature stones do not seem to fall off often, they can easily be removed intentionally without using any special tools.

Clients complaining about their lost diamonds can cause severe headaches for these jewelers. They have to provide warranty for the jewelry they sell, but they cannot really filter out the honest and unfortunate customers from the spineless frauds.

Tension Set Rings Are AWESOME!

As we have seen, even though tension set rings also have their disadvantages, most of these involve working with a great and skilled jeweler, not the wearer. So, if you like the modernistic look in your diamond rings and you are ready to try something new, you should definitely go for it!

Now that you have a better understanding about tension rings, I’m going to show you some cool looking designs that will stimulate your imagination and let you see what’s possible in the realm of tension settings…

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