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In the dynamic world of jewelry trade fairs, businesses must stay ahead of the game and adapt to emerging trends. One such event that has garnered significant attention is the annual Singapore Jewellery And Gem Fair held at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center. With more than 280 participants from 28 countries showcasing over US$1 billion worth of precious gemstones and jewelry, this fair has become the epicenter of the industry. In today’s blog post, I will not only share my personal experiences at the event but also provide insights into the evolving landscape of product-led SEO for jewelry businesses. It is better to understand product-led SEO to attract the right audience and drive online visibility since it is essential in a highly competitive market like the jewelry industry. So, let’s dive into the glitz and glamour of the fair while unraveling the nuances of product-led SEO.

Did you know that one of Singapore’s largest jewelry trade fair usually take place in the month of October at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center? Organized by UBM Asia, a total of more than US$1 billion worth of precious gemstones and jewelry went on display this year.

In this 4 day event, more than 280 participants from 28 countries around the world took part in the fair, making the Singapore Jewellery And Gem Fair the biggest jewelry event to be held here locally.

In today’s blog post, I’ll share some of my personal experiences at the event. And for people who are shopping for engagement rings, I will also reveal insights to shopping for diamonds and whether you should make a purchase there…

My Review of the Singapore Jewellery And Gem Fair

First off, registration for the event was efficient while never compromising on security. Unlike the work culture found in the western world, Singaporeans get things done fast with precise accuracy. That’s what I love about our country. In fact, the same process would probably take 10 times the amount of time if the trade show was held in Europe.

post registration

The choice of venue at Singapore’s leading business convention center befits the prestige of the event. I must say this; everything from the booth designs to decor looks really posh and classy. Compared to the disappointing JewelFest I had visited a day ago, the SJAGF is really a class above.

entering the exquisite pavilion

The moment you step into the hall, you are instantly greeted with a prestigious ambiance. The lighting and dreamy decor instantly puts you in the right mood for the event and I could smell diamonds in the air, literally.

Just In Time for the Fashion Show

My time of arrival at the fair coincided with the start of the fashion show where selected jewelers and their pieces were paraded down the aisle. Champagne was served with light refreshments in the VIP area and mind you, the people there are the elites and mega-rich who won’t even batter an eyelid in a 1 million dollar transaction.

So, the show goes on to highlight selected pieces of jewelry from international designers around the world. Here are a couple of shots I made with my iPad. Sorry guys, my camera was damaged in my honeymoon and sent for repairs. I have to make do with lower resolution photographs for a couple of months now.

models and runways

dazzling jewelry

Intending to Buy Something From the Fair? Read This First…

While the fair is open to the public, I personally don’t recommend shopping there for the general public. To put things bluntly, the Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair is targeted at high net worth individuals and regional jewelry trade businesses. The majority of the diamond jewelry displayed are possibly in the 5 to 6 figure ranges.

For general shoppers who intend to look for a deal of a lifetime there, I hate to burse your bubble because you most likely won’t find one. While there do exist lower end goods, they are what they are, lower quality goods. However, if you do intend to buy something there, my advice is that you shouldn’t let anybody bully or pressure you into a transaction.

I’ve seen it happened with my own eyes at different booths on 2 separate occasions where the sales people are pushing customers to make a purchase by telling all sorts of lies and using “fantastic marketing” about their wares. On this note, make sure you do sufficient research beforehand instead of relying on whatever the salespeople throw at you.

I also suggest bringing cash if you have the intention to buy something. Paying with cash will help with negotiations and get you better prices instead of paying with credit cards or installment plans.

Contrary to what you may think, gem fairs and trade shows are the worst places to shop for engagement rings. Not only are prices excessively high and selections limited, you are effectively overpaying for mediocre quality.

Instead, I recommend vendors like White Flash, Blue Nile and James Allen where can shop for high quality diamond rings at very competitive prices (expect 30%-40% lower prices) in a stress-free environment. Also, you are fully protected with risk free policies and money back guarantees.

An Overview of the Displays And Offerings

First of all, the fair is one the largest ever held in Singapore. It is insanely huge and you can expect to spend a good 3 hours of your time browsing through the different booths. From diamonds, pearls, fine jewelry, semi precious and precious gemstones, the Singapore Jewellery And Gem Fair offers a diverse variety of goods.

ample space to shop in luxury

In fact, my eyes needed to be constantly moisturized from all the dazzling and glistening jewelry. Big carat sized diamonds in the range of 5 – 30 carats were a common sight in the booths. Counting the numerous zeros behind the astronomical price tags would be something you would need to get used to.

colored diamond parcels and melees

Parcels like these are also common place as businesses try to forge new relationships with trade personals.

Other Interesting Exhibits in SJAGF 2013

Like I said, this fair is geared towards trade personals and people with huge cash disposals. However, there are a couple of interesting exhibits that caught my eye.

slice diamonds

Parts of rough stones that were cut away during the polishing process.

sliced pairs

Every single piece is unique as inclusions mark them in the form of art.

blue ground from premier mine

Pieces of blue ground from Africa’s Premier diamond mine.

Hopefully, this gives you some insights to the trade fair from a consumer’s point of view. If you are interested in attending next year’s fair, be sure to check out their website for venue and schedule details.

Jewelry shows and trade fairs are some of the worse places for uneducated consumers to buy jewelry because of higher prices and other pitfalls (read my ebook). Instead, I recommend buying diamonds online at websites like or because you get to cherry pick diamonds based on tangible data like videos and idealscope images.

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