The L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace & Singapore JewelFest

The month of October is truly an exciting period of time for Singapore’s jewelry industry. If you haven’t heard of the news yet, the world’s most valuable necklace (Guinness World Records 2013) is on sale at the Singapore Jewel Fest 2013.

Created by US based international jeweler Mouawad, the L’Incomparable necklace is a masterpiece of art and exquisiteness. The center stone is the world’s largest internally flawless diamond at 407.48 carats. To put the size into perspective, this natural fancy deep yellow shield step-cut diamond is like the size of an egg. 

most valuable necklace

Mounted in an 18K rose gold setting, the necklace is made up of 90 other white diamonds with a carat total weight of about 230 carats. If you have $55 million to spare, this necklace could be yours!

Singapore JewelFest 2013 – October 11 to October 20

ngee ann city jewelfest

In its 10th year running, the Singapore JewelFest is an annual event that sees exhibitors and jewelry houses around the world take part in. From upcoming local brands to renowned jewelers from New York and Italy, jewelry worth more than $250 million is being showcased this year.

makeshift tentage

The event is held in a makeshift tent outside Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya.

interior of the pavilion

Interior is shabbily decorated. Unfitting for a jewelry show.

Last year, I attended the JewelFest and was disappointed with the overall experience. Not only were the exhibitors boring and excessively overpriced, the organizers also did an extremely poor job of decorating the venue.

For a jewelry show that supposedly showcases expensive luxury goods, one would expect a venue with more prestige instead of a makeshift tent with poor decor.

This year, I was disappointed with the layout and venue again. In fact, I wouldn’t even care to attend the jewelry show had the L’Incomparable necklace not be on display.

As a diamond ring shopper, prices offered by exhibitors for common goods are higher than usual and there is little consumer protection. Besides the same pressurizing sales tactics, there isn’t anything else special you couldn’t get in the shopping malls on normal days

If you are looking for high quality diamond rings and want to get better value for your money, you need to AVOID the jewelry shows or exhibitions. Instead, you will get far better selections at vendors like Whiteflash or Brian Gavin.

Enter the L’Incomparable to Save the Day!

In my personal opinion, this masterpiece was the only saving grace of the whole event. In my entire life, I had never seen such a huge diamond in person and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the insanely large stone within an arm’s reach.

incomparable yellow diamond

It’s my first time seeing such a huge diamond up close!

I have got to mention that security is pretty tight around the display set. You can practically feel many eyes on you as soon as you stand in front of the necklace.

largest internally flawless diamond

I’m barely 30 cm away from it. (With just a glass barrier between us)

Right after I took some pictures of the display, guess who started whipping out the camera phones after watching me do the same?

security and the L'Incomparable

Our guys in blue (policemen) couldn’t resist the urge to capture a piece of history too.

While the rest of the JewelFest isn’t an event I would recommend attending, the presence of the L’Incomparable diamond offers you a once in the lifetime chance to view a priceless piece of jewelry. This by itself is reason for you to drop by the event regardless of whether you are buying any jewelry.

For local shoppers or people who intend to attend the event in future, I recommend you to visit the JewelFest website for a list of exhibitors first. Otherwise, you will probably end up wasting your time as the stuff on display there are pretty generic goods.

As a smart shopper, you want to avoid jewelry shows and exhibits because of high prices and mediocre diamond quality. I would recommend checking out reliable vendors like Whiteflash and Brian Gavin.

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  1. Clarence Tan-
    October 14, 2013 at 2:07 am

    Nice. I was at Takashimay earlier and saw the display. The security seemed lax and the glass display didn’t look secure. Could they be displaying a fake instead of a real necklace in the cabinet?

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