What we know today as the emerald diamond cut has been developed after seeing the success of the standard cut for emeralds (the green gemstones). The uniqueness of this shape stems from the pavilion, which is composed from rectangular facets in a step cut style. 

Since the cutting style features a large and open table, the clarity of the stone is accentuated very strongly. It is prudent for you to select a stone of a better clarity grade to really take advantage of this openness and not as a means to amplify its internal inclusions. The question that remains is whether we can find a ring setting that will further enhance the positive features of this cut.

You see, beautiful jewelry does not become exceptional only because it features a stellar diamond. The environment and mounting of the jewel is also critical. Due to its rectangular outline, the usual settings might not work out for this particular shape. You do need to think about the type of settings and choose the one that strengthens the features of your diamond the best.

Should You Buy Loose Diamonds or Preset Rings?

bezel set emerald cut diamond ring

Bezels Look Really Nice Too…

There is a shortcut to finding a matching ring setting and that is to buy a piece of preset jewelry. In most stores and online retailers, jewelers do have ready-made rings available for purchase. These designs tend to be more suited for general tastes and can save you the hassle of building your own wring.

However, we have greater freedom of choice if we opt to buy the main stone separately as a loose diamond and only choose a setting later. A strong argument for this approach is that the best stones are sold loosely in most cases.

Eenie Meenie Miney Moe – Which is the Fairest of Them All?

There are arguments for and against every single setting that emerald cut diamonds can be used in. In the case of solitaire settings, they tend to go well with any types of shapes and make no complications aesthetically.

Three-stone settings are actually one of the most popular choices with square shaped diamonds like the princess, asscher and emerald cuts. The only thing you should probably keep in mind when dealing with multiple stones is that emerald cut do not mix well with other fancy cuts or the usual round diamonds.

emerald diamond set with side stones

A nicely balanced setting.

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Unconventional And Unique Options

As I had mentioned earlier, emerald cuts usually don’t go well with pave or halo settings. These are unconventional designs that don’t often turn out as good as they should be. Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. What doesn’t appeal to me might actually draw you in.

Here are 2 such examples for the bold and adventurous who want a design that stands out of the norm.

Best Settings for Emerald Cut Diamonds

If you are a fan of vintage looks, I highly recommend a 3 stone setting with side baguettes to accentuate the center stone. The usual designs like pave or channel settings are more suited for round diamonds and don’t sit well with a center stone emerald cut.

A 4 prong plain solitaire design can also do the trick. The step cut patterning of the diamond works wonders when it is mounted as a solitaire. With 4 prongs securing the corners of the stone, it allows the stone to exude its elegance without distractions.

With that said, these are my personal preferences and not necessarily yours. At the end of the day, it is still YOUR opinion that matters. I do strongly encourage you to explore our photograph gallery to get more ideas on the different types of settings available. Also, this article on selecting rings based on your finger type would be of interest to you.

Choosing the ring setting is the easy part compare to making decisions for a diamond purchase. To help you get started, visit our table of recommended proportions on the next page for guidelines to help you start your search.

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