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Here is a list of useful links you probably need to visit at least once when shopping for a diamond. Whether you intend to buy your diamond via online sources or physical stores, it is always good to find out information and verify details yourself.

Report Checks Online

GIA report verification – Simply plug in the report number and carat weight of the diamond at GIA’s official site to check the authenticity of the lab report.

AGS report verification – The American Gem Society Laboratories allows you to check and verify information from your AGS grading report against its online database. This service is only valid for documents dated after 1st Jan 2011.

HRD report check – The HRD lab is very popular in Europe when it comes to diamond grading. If you are considering to buy a HRD graded diamond, you might want to key in the certificate number and carat weight of the stone to check the authenticity of your report here.

IGI online report retrieval – To verify your IGI report against the online database, check out this link. Note that this service is only available for lab reports published after June 2004.

EGL USA online report verification – While I generally don’t recommend people to buy EGL graded stones due to their lax grading system, EGL USA does have a stricter grading process than their “EGL International” counterparts. Use this link to check your reports issued after October 2001.

If you are searching for an ideal cut diamond with awesome optical performance, I recommend checking out Whiteflash and Brian Gavin. Their signature diamonds are cut to extreme precision and astonishing to look at.

Trade Organizations

Jewelers Board of Trade – Not sure whether you can trust a jeweler? The JBoT is an organization dedicated to checking creditworthiness of a business and reviews various aspects of a jeweler’s business for good practices. Get more details there…

Better Business Bureau – Use the BBB to check on the jeweler you are dealing with. Very often, you can tell if they are someone you can trust and do business with based on their BBB page. If the BBB page of a jeweler is filled with many negative complaints, it is a good sign for you to run towards the door and choose another jeweler.

Polygon – One of the world’s leading business-to-business (B2B) trading community for professionals in the gem and jewelry industry.

Mineralogy And Gemology Sites

The Ganoksin Project – The world’s foremost gem and jewelry information resource on the Internet. Open to the public and free of charge, you can find a substantial library of articles, publications, reports and technical data about gemological topics.

Also, you can find a sizable collection of art and jewelry galleries for both the casual visitor and the professional. – Jeffrey Hays’s website offers detailed articles on the diamond industry with well researched topics about the trade’s history and the impact of synthetics in the market.

Web Mineral – A comprehensive website that lists more than 4,000 types of mineral species; each with detailed scientific data and images for rock collectors to reference.

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