Is AGS Lax In Its Grading of Clarity as Compared to GIA?

Today’s Question: I’ve been reading up information on your website and I know that no two diamonds are the same. Based on your website’s recommendation, I’d been looking through James Allen and searching for a round diamond in the 1.50 carat range.

In their True Hearts selection, I came across this Si1 stone graded by AGS and was pretty surprised at how obvious the inclusions were showing up in the pictures. I had literally browsed through the entire collection of SI1 True Hearts stones and this seemed to be the only stone that stands out like a sore thumb.  (more…)

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Does an SI1 Clarity Grade Cause Cloudiness?

milky diamond

Milky Looking Diamond Kills Brilliance


I had spent the last weekend reading through your website and found it super useful. I’m a guy in the late twenties doing some research on engagement rings prior to hitting the malls.

Yesterday, I had visited some local stores to check out some diamond rings in person. Interestingly, I was showed a couple of rings and noticed that one of them had a cloudy look to it while the other look clear to my naked eyes.

These 2 diamonds were graded by GIA and came with the smaller Dossier report. One was a G color, VS2, 0.75 carat stone and the other was an F color, SI1, 0.71 carat stone. The jeweler told me that the cloudy appearance of the diamond was caused by the inclusions inside it. I was pointed out to the GIA report which showed “Clouds” under the headline of Clarity Characteristics. (more…)

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Same Diamond Appears On Multiple Sites?

Question: When doing a search for my engagement ring, I found that the same diamond appears on multiple sites and have different pricings. These are diamonds with the same exact GIA certification and the dimensions/proportions for them are exactly similar.

By the way, here are the links to what I had mentioned above:

1) 0.94 Heart from B2CJewels
2) 0.94 Heart from Since 1910

It happened again when I was surfing through Bluenile’s inventory.

1) 0.97 Heart from Bluenile
2) 0.97 Heart from B2C Jewels

It looks fishy to me. How can a diamond exists in 2 locations or be owned by the different vendors at the same time? Imagine if I were to purchased it, how can I be assured I will receive the actual diamond that is being listed? Could you shed some light on this?  (more…)

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Green Or Red In The Middle of ASET Image?

I was looking through some AGS ideal cut diamonds online and noticed something peculiar about the AGSL Computer Generated Light Performance Map. In some grading reports, some of the diagrams showed a green circle in the middle of the diamond and on some others, I noticed they were red.

green table reflection vs red table reflection

Green or red center in a round brilliant cut diamond? Which is better?

Based on the articles I read on your website on the ASET images, my takeaway is that we should see as much red as possible. My question is, since the amounts of red would affect light return, shouldn’t the diamond with the green center be graded with a lower cut grade?  (more…)

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Shouldn’t Blue Fluorescence Make Yellow Diamonds Green?

“Since young, we were taught in art classes that Blue + Yellow = Green when we mix colors. Is there a mistake you made on your website when you mentioned that blue fluorescence actually helps make a yellow diamond white?

Instead, shouldn’t it be making the stone look green instead? Even my local jeweler is telling me the same thing that having medium blue fluorescence in a H colored stone will actually help improve its color.

Did you make an error on your site and that the local jeweler is wrong? I would love to hear from you about what you think.”  (more…)

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