Shouldn’t Blue Fluorescence Make Yellow Diamonds Green?

“Since young, we were taught in art classes that Blue + Yellow = Green when we mix colors. Is there a mistake you made on your website when you mentioned that blue fluorescence actually helps make a yellow diamond white?

Instead, shouldn’t it be making the stone look green instead? Even my local jeweler is telling me the same thing that having medium blue fluorescence in a H colored stone will actually help improve its color.

Did you make an error on your site and that the local jeweler is wrong? I would love to hear from you about what you think.”  (more…)

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Help! My Diamond’s Chipped… How Can I Fix It?

Wait a minute… Isn’t diamond the hardest material on Earth? If they are so hard, how can they be damaged or chipped? Here’s a common misconception people have. They think that diamonds are indestructible and cannot be broken.

From a scientific perspective, the hardness of a material actually relates to its ability to resist deformation (e.g. scratches). While a diamond may be hard, it isn’t a tough substance. In fact, its ability to resist fractures is pretty weak! And yes, diamonds can chip and they frequently do so… (more…)

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Cut Grading For Fancy Shaped Diamonds

fancy shaped diamond choicesQuestion: I was searching for a cushion cut diamond via an online vendor and I noticed that “cut grades” were assigned to fancy cut diamonds in their inventory.

It perplexes me because some diamonds that fall within your recommended ideal proportions were actually graded “very good” whereas another seemingly similar diamond was graded as “excellent”. (more…)

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Buying Melee Diamonds For a Ring – Handpick or Let Vendor Choose?

melee diamonds

Cognac Melees

Question: I am intending to get an anniversary gift for my wife this coming November and she mentioned that she wants a diamond ring with pave sidestones.

So, as I was doing my research online, I found that vendors only offer pre-set pave settings with melee diamonds which came in various ranges of clarity and color (for example, F to G color – SI1 to SI2 clarity).  (more…)

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Additional Pinpoints Are Not Shown – Does It Matter?

Question: I am in the midst of shopping for a proposal ring and had shortlisted a couple of diamonds in the SI2 and VS2 clarity grades. However, one of the diamonds has a comment in the GIA report which says “Additional pinpoints are not shown”. What does this mean and should I be concerned about it? (more…)

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