Cut Grading For Fancy Shaped Diamonds

fancy shaped diamond choicesQuestion: I was searching for a cushion cut diamond via an online vendor and I noticed that “cut grades” were assigned to fancy cut diamonds in their inventory.

It perplexes me because some diamonds that fall within your recommended ideal proportions were actually graded “very good” whereas another seemingly similar diamond was graded as “excellent”. (more…)

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Why Are Fancy Cut Diamonds Cheaper Than Round Brilliants?

I’ve recently received a question from a reader who asked: “Why are fancy cut diamonds so much cheaper than the round diamonds? I started doing some research and found that round cut diamond prices could be twice as expensive compared to fancy shapes like the pear or oval. Can you shed some light here?”

In this blog post, I’m going to explain why the prices of fancy shaped diamonds are much lower than round diamonds and reveal 1 simple tip that will help you save money when shopping for an engagement ring.

Let’s dive in… (more…)

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Can a Diamond Break if Dropped? I See a Horizontal Line!

can a diamond break when dropped

Does a diamond ring break if it is dropped on the floor? Photo: GIA

Sometimes, accidents can happen when you are wearing your engagement ring especially if you aren’t a careful person. Mishaps like dropping the ring on the floor or knocking the ring against a hard surface are some common scenarios which can occur.

And if it happens to you, the first things that probably come to mind are questions like: “Can a diamond break if dropped?”, “Was the engagement ring damaged?” and etc…

In fact, here’s a recent question that a nervous reader sent us:

Question: Help! I dropped my diamond ring on the floor recently and when I checked for damages, I see a horizontal line through the diamond which wasn’t there before. It seems like the entire diamond has cracked in the body and it looks very severe. Can a diamond break if dropped? What should I do now? (more…)

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Help! My Diamond’s Loose In The Setting. What Can I Do?

Today’s question comes from Krysta and here’s what she asked:

close up on diamond prongs

Shaky Diamond in Mounting

Question: When I was cleaning my diamond with a toothbrush yesterday, my solitaire ring was making a strange sound when I am moving it back and forth.

This ring was an engagement ring bought by my husband and he did all the research on his own. Basically, I am clueless when it comes to diamond rings except for looking at them.  (more…)

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