Can a Diamond Break if Dropped? I See a Horizontal Line!

can a diamond break when dropped

Does a diamond ring break if it is dropped on the floor? Photo: GIA

Sometimes, accidents can happen when you are wearing your engagement ring especially if you aren’t a careful person. Mishaps like dropping the ring on the floor or knocking the ring against a hard surface are some common scenarios which can occur.

And if it happens to you, the first things that probably come to mind are questions like: “Can a diamond break if dropped?”, “Was the engagement ring damaged?” and etc…

In fact, here’s a recent question that a nervous reader sent us:

Question: Help! I dropped my diamond ring on the floor recently and when I checked for damages, I see a horizontal line through the diamond which wasn’t there before. It seems like the entire diamond has cracked in the body and it looks very severe. Can a diamond break if dropped? What should I do now? (more…)

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Help! My Diamond’s Loose In The Setting. What Can I Do?

Today’s question comes from Krysta and here’s what she asked:

close up on diamond prongs

Shaky Diamond in Mounting

Question: When I was cleaning my diamond with a toothbrush yesterday, my solitaire ring was making a strange sound when I am moving it back and forth.

This ring was an engagement ring bought by my husband and he did all the research on his own. Basically, I am clueless when it comes to diamond rings except for looking at them.  (more…)

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