General Updates And News – A Cut Above Diamond Purchase

As many of my readers already know, I’m a huge fan of White Flash because of their transparent business practices and their strict adherence to providing quality jewelry. Previously, I did an indepth write up on their diamonds and gotten quite a huge amount of feedback from interested readers.

In today’s post, I’m going to show you what you can expect to receive in your FedEx delivery parcel when you purchase an “A Cut Above” diamond from

h vs2 super ideal hearts and arrows aca

For the purpose of testing White Flash’s inventory system, I bought this diamond at a wire price of $879.79.


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Beautiful Diamond Photographs For Your Eyes

Just yesterday, I brought out my old Canon camera from the dry box and decided to shoot some images of loose diamonds. In total, I captured about 120 photographs and picked out some of my favorite and most beautiful diamond photographs below.

ant beside a diamond

My favorite shot occurred by accident when a curious ant happened to pass by…


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41 Industry Experts Reveal Factors On How They Choose And Buy Diamonds For Themselves

For many diamond shoppers, buying a diamond ring can be one of the most confusing and intimidating experience as a consumer. Why is that so? Well, diamonds are expensive purchases and involve careful consideration of various factors like budget, setting design and the 4Cs (just to name a few).

Almost every day, I get emails from consumers seeking help and advice on their purchase. The majority of the questions usually revolve around the 4Cs and a second opinion about their diamond choices. And then it got me thinking…

Will someone with gemological knowledge or experience in the diamond business make their buying choices differently from the general public? (more…)

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How to Approach And Find Good Buys in Estate Jewelry

If you had been around auction rooms or antique stores, you may have come across a term called estate jewelry. To put in layman terms, estate jewelry is pre-owned jewelry. However, most people confuse this term with antique style jewelry.

Strictly speaking, we only use the word antique when we refer to things that are more than a 100 years old. While some estate collections can date back to the distant past, not all estate jewelry might necessarily be that old. (more…)

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GIA Releases New Report Format Starting From Jan 01, 2014

Starting from January 1st 2014, GIA will begin issuing reports for their services in a new format. I have to tell you I saw this coming when I first noticed GIA revamped their website somewhere in mid-2013. It seems like GIA finally decided to give their image a make-over in order to keep up with times.

Did many of you also noticed that the corporate colors for their website design had shifted primarily from blue towards a much more neutral appearance with more grey and white? Yep, that was a clear signal change was coming. With the revamp, the GIA website also took on a modern outlook utilizing a flat design concept.

Apparently, moving towards a flat design seem like the “in” thing nowadays. Following Apple’s iOS and many other major retailers, there is a trend towards keeping design simple and straightforward for users. (more…)

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