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Singapore Jewellery And Gem Fair 2013 Review – Marina Bay Sands

Did you know that one of Singapore’s largest jewelry trade fair of 2013 took place over the weekend of October 12th – 15th in Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center? Organized by UBM Asia, a total of more than US$1 billion worth of precious gemstones and jewelry went on display.

In this 4 day event, more than 280 participants from 28 countries around the world took part in the fair, making it one of the largest ever trade show to be held in Singapore.  (more…)

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The L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace And Singapore JewelFest

The month of October 2013 is truly an exciting period of time in Singapore’s jewelry industry. If you haven’t heard of the news yet, the world’s most valuable necklace (Guinness World Records 2013) is on sale at the Singapore Jewel Fest 2013.

Created by US based international jeweler Mouawad, the L’Incomparable necklace is a masterpiece of art and exquisiteness. The center stone is the world’s largest internally flawless diamond at 407.48 carats. To put the size into perspective, this natural fancy deep yellow shield step-cut diamond is like the size of an egg.  (more…)

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10 Minutes of Work at the Crater of Diamond State Park

Mining for diamonds is probably a farfetched thought for most people. When it comes to diamond extraction, most of us probably associate miners with images of hot, sweaty men standing along the river banks of Africa under heavily guarded compounds.

Well, that kind of stereotype thinking is only true in certain parts of the world. In fact, the majority of modern mining is performed with sophisticated machinery and equipment. Now, did you know that you can actually try your hand in “diamond hunting” at Arkansas’s Crater of Diamond State Park?

That’s exactly what Michal Dettlaff and his family did when they visited the Arkansas’s famed state park while on a vacation. The 12 year old took a mere 10 minutes of ground searching when he discovered the honey brown rough lying in the surface of the soil.  (more…)

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You Get What You Pay For, Or Less…

Recently, ABC News went undercover to shop at America’s famous 47th Street in New York. With the help of well-known gemologist, Antoinette Matlins (author of The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide — How to Select, Buy, Care for & Enjoy Diamonds with Confidence and Knowledge), Dan Harris and another fellow producer from wore disguises and pretended to shop for diamond rings in the famed district.  (more…)

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It Isn’t All Work And No Play…

This is Part 4 and the final installment of my Hong Kong travels.

electric tram ding-ding

Getting around the city center in electric trams is easy and convenient.

As the saying goes “All work and no play makes Paul a dull boy”. A trip to Hong Kong isn’t complete without visiting the attractions it had to offer. Here are the highlights of the places I had been during my stay.

Without fail, every tourist to Hong Kong will undertake a day trip to Lantau Island to explore some of the famous landmarks there. Interestingly, the world’s longest cable car ride is also located there at Lantau Island, Ngong Ping. From the base station, the length of the cable car ride is an astounding 5km ride towards the peak of the mountain.  (more…)

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