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Congratulations for making it this far! I had just covered some of the more crucial topics related to a diamond’s carat weight. However, there are still certain aspects that we haven’t touched on yet.

If you are interested, below is a list of articles I had been compiled for your convenience and further reading. Feel free to contact us if you need advice or clarification on any questions you have. 

related articles for carat sizes

  1. What Carat Size Is Right For Me?
    Some women live by the statement that no diamond size is too big for her. As a guy, I cringe at the thought. Luckily, most women tend to prefer jewelry pieces that are proportionate to their fingers. Find out more in this article…
  2. Ways To Make A Diamond Look Larger
    Besides a higher carat size, did you know that there are other ways and means to make a diamond appear larger than it is? We share some of the insider’s tricks and tips so that you won’t have to break the bank.
  3. Carat Weight vs. Carat Total Weight – What You Need to Know
    Sometimes jewelers use jargons or techy terms that might catch you on the unawares. One of the most common questions I get asked frequently is about carat total weight (ctw) and what it means. Read the article to learn more…
  4. Ring Settings That Will Enhance a Diamond’s Size
    Are you on a limited budget to get the biggest bang for your buck? Did you know that you can use the human perception of sight to your advantage? Check out these ring settings that you can consider using to create illusions of larger looking diamonds.
  5. Why is There a Price Discrepancy Between Fancy Cuts And Round Brilliants?
    If you had been shopping around a little, you might have realized that round diamonds are usually more expensive than fancy cuts. Why is this so? Besides the factor of demand, we discuss some of the real reasons behind the higher prices.
  6. When Would I Start to Notice Size Differences?
    This is a common question in the minds of many consumers who are first timers. When would people start noticing an obvious difference in size when comparing carat weights? In this article, we will show you illustrations and tests that you can perform in front of the computer.
  7. Recommendations for a 1 Carat Princess Diamond (Email From Reader)
    Very often, we get requests by readers seeking help on selecting proposal rings. Occasionally, we turn these email correspondences into blog posts so that more people can benefit and learn from it.

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