The 5 Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

shapes of popular diamonds

So Many Choices, Which to Choose?

For centuries, diamonds have continued to exhibit an allure that has captivated people. Why so? Is it due to the mesmerizing display of sparkles or the mysterious colors diamonds have? Is the diamond’s popularity due to their rarity or symbolism for eternity and love?

When it comes to a diamond jewelry’s overall beauty, there are many factors that come into play. Besides the 4Cs and the type of ring setting used, the shape of the diamond is one of the major factors that defines the character and personality the jewelry has.

Now, fashion fads come and go all the time and the tastes of the consumer market are ever-changing. So, what are the current trends and the most popular shapes of diamonds that people are buying today? That’s the topic for this article and I will reveal the answers below…

#1. Round Cut Diamonds – The Evergreen Choice

The round cut diamond is by far the most popular shape throughout the worldwide market today. In fact, it accounts for more than 70% of the total volume of diamonds sold! Due to its symmetrically balanced shape, the level of light performance displayed by modern round brilliant cuts surpasses any other cuts of diamonds.

It is no coincidence that the round brilliant cut is the default choice for couples who are selecting a proposal ring or an anniversary gift. Also, its versatility and ability to complement various kinds of settings makes them the “poster child” of diamond jewelry.

#2. Princess Cut Diamonds – We Like it Square

The princess cut diamond might have not won the “war” with the round cuts, but it has definitely won the battle. If we consider every possible jewelry application like earrings or necklaces, princess cuts might not be a top choice. However, when it comes to engagement rings, it is without doubt one of the most sought-after choices after the round cut.

Did you know that the princess cut was created as a simple and elegant engineering solution back in the 1960s? Not only was it able to make better use of the rough stone, it also offered consumers an alternative shape with similar brilliance of a round diamond.

Due to its quadrilateral nature, princess cuts have sharp ends which do require some extra care. For that reason, you should always opt for a setting that provides adequate protection to the vulnerable edges.

true hearts princess

#3. Cushion Cut Diamonds – A Contemporary Revival

In the US market, the cushion cut is making waves in the jewelry industry. For some reason, there is a recent surge of interest in this shape and dealers are seeing an increasing demand for them. In my opinion, I speculate that their popularity coincides with the resurgence of retro inspired fashion.

Among all the shapes, cushion cuts have the largest amount of variations in their cutting style and can be broadly classified as modern or antique based on its faceting structure. Modern cushions tend to exhibit a “crushed ice” appearance while the antique styled cushions exhibit “broad fire” types of scintillation.

Whichever look you prefer, do note that cushions are not made equally and cut quality can differ greatly from one stone to another.

#4. Emerald Cut Diamonds – Back to the Art Deco

kate hudson emerald diamond cut ring

Credits: Dimitrios Kambouris/

The emerald cut diamond was originally developed for – as the name suggests – emeralds. However, the cutting style was so successful with emeralds that it was soon picked up by diamond cutters.

Thanks to appearances in well-known TV shows and engagement rings of celebrities like Kate Hudson, the emerald cut gained significant popularity in recent years.

Unlike the round diamonds, emerald cuts employ a step-cutting process which results in a different scintillation pattern similar to a hall-of-mirrors effect. They also have huge table facets which shows off a diamond’s clarity and color.

#5. Asscher Cut Diamonds – Lovely Windmills

Asscher cut diamonds might be considered the newcomers in our list of the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings. With its history of 110 years, the Asscher cut can be considered a middle-aged development of the diamond industry.

The Asscher cut can be thought of as a transitional cut between the round and emerald cut diamond. The combined advantages of these 2 shapes yield a classic appearance that possess better scintillation properties than a generic step cut diamond.

James Allen has an inventory of over 30,000 GIA certified loose diamonds with all kinds of cutting styles and sizes. You can now inspect and interact with the different diamond shapes to your heart’s content!

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