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scintillation and light reflection of diamond facets

Diffraction and refraction of light passing through a diamond

  1. How Diamonds Are Cut And Faceted
    Did you know that there’s a lot of sweat and labor placed into a piece of rough diamond before a magnificent looking jewel is created? Discover the journey that a rough stone undergoes during the polishing process before it finally gets mounted on a ring.
  2. Bow Tie Effect in Diamonds
    Wait a moment, did we just mentioned that there is a “bowtie” that can be found in diamonds? Stones with unsightly bowties can severely limit brilliance and appeal. Find out more about this phenomenon exhibited by fancy cut diamonds like marquises, ovals and pears.
  3. Cutting & Polishing Damaged Diamonds
    What happens if you had accidentally chipped your diamond or accumulated years of wear and tear on your jewelry? You could seek the advice of a professional cutter to get it re-polished or even undertake a larger project by re-cutting the stone for a major makeover.
  4. What Are Spread Diamonds?
    Spread diamonds are stones that exhibit a bigger physical dimension than other stones with the same carat weight. Is it good or bad? Well, spread is often a good thing (as long as it doesn’t impact brilliance) because you are effectively getting a gemstone that looks bigger for a given weight.
  5. What is Sarin Evaluation And How Much Value Does It Provide?
    A Sarin report is basically an optical scan performed on a diamond to measure precise details of proportions at the micron level. With a full Sarin scan, the detailed angles where different facets meet each other can be evaluated in a matter of minutes
  6. Fisheye Effect in a Diamond
    Shallow cut stones often look dead and lifeless. In some extreme cases, the effect of a fish eye shows up within the diamond as an unsightly dark grey ring. You definitely need to avoid such stones. Find out more on the causes and how “fish eyes” look like in real life.
  7. Super Ideal Hearts And Arrows
    Almost everybody who has shopped for an engagement ring would have heard about Hearts And Arrows diamonds. Being a widely misused term, we had dedicated an entire section of the website to take you through every nook and cranny about this topic.
  8. Is Cut Quality Important in Melee Diamonds?
    Melee diamonds simply refer to the tiny stones that are commonly used in ring settings. While the importance of cut for the main diamond is often emphasized, many people forget about the smaller stones used in pave or sidestone settings. One common question that consumers have is whether the cut of the melees matters and will it influence the overall outlook of the ring?
  9. Overview of Modified Cuts – Solasfera & Star 129
    Because of the popularity of the round diamonds, various branded modified cuts had surfaced. By adding more facets to the standard 57 facets, a different look is achieved which boosts of extra brilliance and beauty. Find out more details here…
  10. A Study of AGS 000 in comparison with GIA Triple Excellent
    Most consumers have misconceptions about AGS’s ideal cut grading standards against GIA’s triple excellent grading system. Which is better than the other? In this article, we will debunk some myths and show you real life examples to get an insight.

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  1. J. Kim-
    March 11, 2022 at 4:26 am

    Hi, Paul.
    Thank you for your blog.

    I have a question about male diamond rings.
    Unlike diamond rings for women, most diamond rings for men are the kind where diamonds are buried deeply in the band and you can only see the top surface of the diamonds.
    Does diamond cut quality still matter in that kind of diamond ring?
    I mean, even if lots of light is leaked out of the bottom sides of the diamond,
    it will bounce right back when it hits the ring, won’t it?
    Because the bottom sides of the diamond is buried in the ring,
    the light that goes out of the bottom sides of the diamond gets to hit the inside of the shiny ring right away.
    It will bounce back, comes out of the top surface of the diamond and into our eyes, right?

    Please kindly explain.
    Thank you :)

  2. Paul Gian-
    March 14, 2022 at 8:45 am

    Kim, light performance doesn’t work like that. if the diamond isn’t cut well (i.e. facets aren’t positioned correctly to reflect light), the light that leaks out of the diamond doesn’t return to the viewer’s eye. Bouncing off the bottom of the ring doesn’t matter and doesn’t mean it bounces back into the viewer’s eye. Having light reflect within the diamond also causes a phenomenon known as dispersion. This light that is refracted via the facets will be seen as colored light (fire) which you do not get if the diamond isn’t well cut.

    Cut quality matters. Otherwise, you might as well place a mirror into the ring.

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