Is Buying a Diamond at Bluenile a Good Idea?

buying a diamond at blue nile

Questions About Blue Nile Selections

Hi Paul,

I read your guide on diamond buying and first want to thank you for your help.  I found the guide very informative and helped me narrow down my diamonds.

I did have a question on buying a lower grade color diamond with strong fluro.  Will it look similar to a higher grade color with no fluro?

Here are the diamonds I’m considering: 

E Color/Faint Fluro   <— 1.6 HCA Score  (Concerns about SI2)

G Color/Faint Fluro   <— 1.2 HCA Score  (Concerns about SI2)

And finally, the lower color grade but with fluro:

J Color/Strong Fluro   <— 1.0 HCA Score

Thanks for your help,

Hello Alex,

Thanks for writing in.

Do note that the HCA score is used as a rejection tool instead of a selection tool. For diamonds that have a HCA score of higher than 2, they usually don’t perform well in the optics department.

However, even if a diamond has a score lower than 2, it doesn’t automatically qualify as being good in terms of optics. Likewise, we do have some exceptions whereby sweet looking diamonds have slightly higher HCA scores. We will need more details and information in order to help us determine this.

With regards to strong fluro, you need to check that it doesn’t give the diamond an unwanted hazy appearance. Diamonds with faint fluorescence are generally Ok in this aspect.

I had recently also posted an article that debunks a lot of misinformation spreading on the Internet about transparency in diamonds. Contrary to popular belief, fluorescence in diamonds DO cause haziness issues quite frequently.

Will it look similar to a higher grade color with no fluro?

Yes. It will appear like a higher grade. The most important factor is still related cut. If a diamond is cut well, a J color will appear like a higher color grade (typically 2-3 grades better) when mounted. This is because when the light return of a diamond is great, the scintillation and fire of the diamond will mask any tint of yellow-ness in your stone. With fluorescence, the diamond will appear whiter under most lighting conditions.

I personally do not recommend getting diamonds from Bluenile because they won’t be able to help you check for the above factors. There will be no idealscope/aset, no physical checks on your diamond for milkiness and etc.

More importantly, when you are looking at SI2 clarity diamonds, a magnified diamond picture is essential because the inclusion plot in the grading report won’t tell you everything about its clarity characteristics.

It places additional risks on you because the diamond may not appear the way you would want it to be. Do let me know if you need further help or have other questions.


BlueNile is one of the worst places to buy diamonds online because they are a drop shipper and you never know what you will get exactly. In contrast, I highly recommend to our readers because of their cutting edge 360˚ video technology which enables you to see and interact with each diamond listing.

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