VVS1 Diamond Clarity Rating – The Almost “Perfect” Grade

The term VVS stands for “very very slightly included” and is one of the top grades in the diamond clarity scale. In order for a diamond to be graded as a VVS1, the criteria is that the diamond has minute inclusions which are faintly visible in the face up view or are only detectable from the pavilion view (bottom of diamond).

Typically, these inclusions include clouds, needles, internal graining or pinpoints that are very difficult to be seen under 10X magnification even to a skilled gemologist. So, unless you have a pair of super bionic eyes, there is NO way your naked eyes can pick these inclusions up from a face up view. 

Examples of Very Very Slightly Included 1 (VVS1) Diamonds

vvs1 heart shaped diamond

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Here’s an emerald cut diamond with the same clarity grade…

vvs1 emerald cut diamond

Inspect the emerald cut with a magnified HD video here…

Can’t see any inclusions? Yep, I am very sure you can’t. This is because the diamonds are photographed in the face up view. Even at 40X magnification, an untrained eye probably can’t make out the inclusions by using references from the clarity plot. As a matter of fact, the dust particles on the emerald cut are more visible than the inclusions themselves.

Question: Should You Buy Diamonds in This Clarity Grade?

Well, that really depends on your own preferences. For some people, the VVS1 grade is very desirable as they are near-perfect diamonds. For most people, a VVS1 diamond is often considered overkill for consumer jewelry. As a matter of fact, most diamonds above a VS2 clarity rating won’t have inclusions visible to the naked eye and can look just as good as one in the premium range.

The thing you need to know about buying VVS1 diamonds is that they command very high prices because they are very close to perfection in terms of “purity”. However, that doesn’t always translate to a better looking stone. Ultimately, a diamond’s beauty and optics is largely dependent on cut quality and facet proportions.

h color vvs1 with brown undertone

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