Two Recommended Designs for Men’s Wedding Bands

rose gold designs for men's wedding bands

Wedding Bands On a Pillow

Choosing an appropriate engagement ring or wedding band for a woman can be a rather daunting task for a man. However, we have all seen superb designs and wonderful jewelry creations where you can garner ideas on what to buy. And in most cases, the rings of the ladies are the ones that get all the limelight.

On the other hand, Hollywood tends to forget that the husband also wears a wedding band in a marriage. Choosing his wedding band is just as important as the process the couple goes through when choosing the wife’s jewels.

Let us take a look at some male orientated designs to consider when you are shopping for a guy’s wedding band.

What Roles Does a Wedding Band Have?

Traditionally, rings represent the bond between two parties in a marriage. That can be considered the poetic answer to the question. Well, maybe. When it comes to the guys, we have to take a look at the practical side of the problem. The wedding band of a man is something that has to accompany him all along his life and bear everything that a man does. And yes, guys can get really rough sometimes…

Because of this, the choice of design has to be taken into serious consideration with the man’s lifestyle in mind. You probably would not be happy if a mining engineer accidentally destroyed a diamond ring worth thousands of dollars during his working hours.

Choosing a Simple Design Without Additional Gem Stones

grooved satin finish comfort fit wedding band

A Popular Choice Amongst Men

This is the most popular type of design choice in the market of men’s wedding bands. Without the need for fanciful looks, a simple design is all it takes to represent the theoretical concepts behind the sacred institution of marriage.

Contrary to popular belief, choosing a plain design does not necessarily signify poverty or stinginess. You should base your decision making on what is comfortable to you and not what others might think. For the budget conscious, you could make your selections from a simple silver sterling ring design all the way to the range of plain white gold rings.

The great thing about basic designs is that they are suitable choices for men with occupations involving heavy physical activity. Such rings also have better tolerances for damage caused by daily wear and tear. Even if it is scratched, all you need to do is to send it back to your jeweler for a minor re-polish and touch up. On the other hand, rings that feature a more complicated design or feature stone may be more vulnerable to irreparable damage.

As we move towards to other end of the spectrum for people with larger budgets, rings made of platinum and palladium comes to mind. Did you know that a band made of expensive precious metal like platinum can actually be much more expensive than rings with diamond feature?

Anyways, platinum is one of the strongest and durable material used in jewelry. They can be crafted into a fascinating range of unique designs and the options are endless. When properly matched with character of the wearer, a wedding ring can define their personal style with tasteful appeal.

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Choosing a Ring That Features Small Diamonds

men's channel set diamond wedding ring

For Bolder And Funky Guys

Unlike the olden days where men were simply restricted to plain looking ring designs, the general trend I had observed in the market is that men’s wedding bands with feature diamonds are becoming more and more popular.

On top of that, there is an increased demand from men in the modern market when it comes to exquisite jewelry. In fact, it is no longer uncommon to see jewelry concepts that were traditionally made for women to be redesigned with the men’s market in mind.

Ultimately when you are choosing a set of rings, you should have some correlation between both the lady’s and the guy’s wedding band. For example, the same style of ring setting could be accompanied by a large princess cut diamond for the woman’s ring while the man’s wedding band could use a set of pave diamonds.

You should avoid choosing designs or patterns that have stark contrast when the rings are placed side by side to each other. Otherwise, the 2 wedding rings would look detached when they are worn on the hands of the couple.

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