20 years ago, trilliant cut diamonds were the “in” things in jewelry. Consumers just couldn’t get enough of it and the majority of women can be seen wearing one. And then, something weird happened. Almost overnight, trilliant cuts dropped off the shelves and disappeared into oblivion.

Fast forward to present day, you will be hard pressed to find one in store today. What happened to the aficionados who ravished the triangular shaped diamonds? Why did everybody lose interest in the shape?

loose graded stone

My Theories On Why Trilliants Died Off

I figured that it would be better to start with a disclaimer as I’m not 100% certain with the causes as well. I do have a couple of educated guesses on why everybody seemed to lose interest. First off, the triangular shape made setting the stone a challenge. The mounting of a ring had to be specially created.

Secondly, the 3 pointed tips of the shape made it vulnerable to chipping and breakage. Not only did the structure posed durability issues to women who handle jewelry roughly, it could also cause discomfort to men. The sharp edges on a ring can actually poke (and puncture skin in serious cases) men who came into contact. Suddenly, the routine of hands holding in couples became a task which required careful thoughts and hand placement to avoid injury.

As you can see, wearing a trilliant cut diamond ring suddenly became a hassle to women. Couple this with the additional troubles that go into making a ring, I speculate these reasons were what led to its downfall in popularity.

The Appeal of Trilliant Cuts For Diamond Rings

Even though the trilliant cut isn’t the most popular choice of shape for modern day engagement rings, it still possesses an interesting versatility as it can represent a whole range of different feelings and attitudes. Let us now inspect these various scenarios where the advantages of the trianglular cutting style shines.

loose trilliant cut diamonds

Truly Worthy of Attention

There are two main usages for triangular shaped stones when it comes to designing rings. Usually they are either used as a single diamond in solitaire settings or as accent stones in three-stone settings.

The difference between these two usage types lies in the orientation of the feature stone and both methods have their own advantages. Since trilliants have a single line of symmetry, one side of the diamond should ideally be placed perpendicular to the wearer’s finger.

One of the more popular methods of setting a trilliant cut places the perpendicular side closer to wearer’s hand and the apex closer to the fingernails. In this orientation, the stone flatters the finger’s length and makes the wearer’s hand more feminine.

When the diamond is installed the other way around – that is, the perpendicular side of the triangle is be closer to the nail of the wearer; the result will convey a rather robust appearance. This makes the setup a more comfortable choice for rings that are designed for men.

orientating the trilliant

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Random Orientations of the Center Stone to Fit Unique Tastes

A trilliant cut diamond does not necessarily have to be aligned in an ordered manner. Quite the contrary, the single symmetry can be used in other fancy ways. When the stone is set up in an apparently random orientation, it will result in a light-some and casual mood. While it is more commonly to used for earrings and necklaces, this random alignment can also be used for rings for people who want to be different.

random orientation

How Do Triangular Cuts Perform With Other Types of Jewelry?

Trilliant cuts are great choices for accent stones as they complement other diamond shapes with straight edged corners. For example, pears, marquises, princesses and even asschers can work really well together with trilliants. In fact, there are many such designs that celebrities use to incorporate into their rings.

paris hilton celeb ring

Paris Hilton’s engagement ring makes very good use of trilliants as accent stones.

trilliant side stones setting with asscher

A beautiful use of triangular accent stones that lines up against straight edgings.

If I had whetted your appetite about buying a trilliant cut, I must apologize in advance. GIA certified trilliant cuts are rarely found in the market and searching for them in local stores is akin to hunting for a unicorn. This brings us to the next point on where to buy trilliant cuts and how to select a great looking diamond. I will reveal these tips on the following pages…

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