Idealscope Images of Hearts on Fire For Determining Light Performance

The Idealscope is a handy little tool that reveals how much light is returned by a diamond. The concept behind it is simple; the more light that is returned and reflected by the stone, the better the brilliance and scintillation.

For people who aren’t familiar with this tool, read my tutorial on analyzing the optics of a diamond using the Idealscope. In essence, we want to see lots of reds (indicates light return) and least amounts of white (indicates light leakage).

heartsonfire diamonds

Loose diamonds are the best way to check and ascertain quality

At my local HoF retailer, I had the opportunity to examine more than 10 diamonds of various sizes in both loose and mounted settings.

When viewed through tools like the ASET or Idealscope, the Hearts on Fire diamonds showed a varying level of light performance. Some appeared to have slight leakage under the table facet while some show perfect reds under the scope. So, what does this mean to the consumer? Well, the onus is on you to pick out the cream of the crop yourself.

idealscope of hearts on fire diamonds

Did you know you can perform your own comparisons against truly well-cut diamonds by heading over to Whiteflash and Brian Gavin?

Here’s My Honest Opinion About Hearts on Fire…

HoF is a line of branded diamonds that is definitely one of the best out there on the market today. Having seen and inspected jewelry at many other big brands like Tiffany & Co, Cartier and Harry Winston, I would say that the level of cut quality exhibited at HoF tops my personal list amongst the international brands.

Yep, I said that. Even though Hearts On Fire diamonds are significantly more expensive (with all the marketing hype and stuff) than unbranded diamonds of similar quality, they still deliver diamonds that have high standards in cut precision.

diamond quality report for heartsonfire

HoF’s in-house diamond identity document. Note the use of “superlative” terms.

For people who are willing to pay an insane premium for branded diamonds or want to overpay just for the feel good factor, Hearts On Fire is my recommended choice for overpriced jewelry. If you are interested, you can check out their website for a list of retailers near your location.

Just remember to bring along an Idealscope to help you select the diamonds.

For Rational People Who Want to Get More Value For Your Money…

Did you know that you can get a diamond of similar or better quality at significantly lower prices? The comparisons of different online vendors against Hearts on Fire on the next page will blow you away, literally.

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  1. Avatar
    Lynette Ramoutar-
    August 22, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    Hi Paul, thanks for your insightful and educational newsletters. I really enjoy hearing from you. My fiance and I recently bought a HOF diamond for my engagement ring and had it set in a beautiful solitaire setting with two surprise diamonds. I am so happy with my HOF purchase! I had been reading about diamonds for about a year, including your newsletter and I had a good understanding of what to look for. I viewed the loose diamond under a loupe and I could easily see the hearts and arrows patterns, all perfectly cut! It was graded SI1 and I had a bit of difficulty accepting that grading, but when I saw the inclusions – two of them – I think that that diamond would have been graded VS2 by another manufacturer. My diamond is 1.121 ct but it looks bigger, like 1.25 ct. I was told by the vendor (in a bricks and mortar store!) that this is due to the way it’s cut. He may be right, because it measures 7mm. I remember you saying that a perfectly cut 1 ct diamond measures 6.5mm. The price I paid was a bit more than I would have paid for a similar diamond at Whiteflash, and about the same (or a bit less!) than a comparable diamond at Brian Gavin. And although the colour was H, it perfectly matches the diamonds on my wedding band which are G colour and which I got from Whiteflash. So I truly believe I got a superior diamond, and it was worth paying a bit more. I am so relieved to hear you say positive things about HOF :)

  2. Avatar
    Paul Gian-
    August 23, 2017 at 9:02 am

    Yep. Hearts on Fire is the only branded diamond that I would say consistently offer well cut diamonds. They are at a premium pricing but at least you know you get the good stuff there unlike many other brands.

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