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Below is a compiled list of articles related to buying diamond jewelry. Feel free to browse through any topics you are interested in. If you still can’t find answers to your questions here, drop us an email with your queries.

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  1. Is it Safe to Make Such a Huge Purchase Online?
    For many people, the mere thought of buying a diamond online is unthinkable. Read this article to find out more information on diamond purchasing over the Internet and how it is in fact safer than to buy in a physical store.
  2. Online Vs Physical Store Pricing Differences
    With lesser overheads and operational costs, online businesses can price their stones at a much lower and competitive price than any brick and mortar store can offer you.
  3. How Much Should You Spend On an Engagement Ring?
    This is perhaps the number 1 thought in the minds of most guys when they decide to pop the question with their loved ones. With a wedding coming up, things can get really expensive and spiral out of budget fast.
  4. Trusted Online Vendors You Can Work With – Who I Recommend And Why
    With a myriad of online vendors that you can choose from to get your ring, how do you pick the one to work with? Find out who we trust most and why we feel that way here.
  5. Checklist For Shoppers – A Quick Summary
    Before you go off shopping, this handy list would come in useful and serves to remind you of the things you need to take note of.
  6. Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Diamonds
    Let’s chill out a little and give your brain some rest from information overload. Did you know that diamonds are wonderful objects had fascinated people for centuries? Read some fun facts about them here.
  7. Shopping on eBay – Avoid Scams
    I am sure that most of you know the problem of shopping at online auctions: fake items. Personally, I was a victim of a sham where the item sold wasn’t true to the listing. I am going to show you some tips to help you avoid scammers and learn from my mistakes.

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