Question on Girdle Thickness in Fancy Cut Diamonds

profile view of brown diamond

Profile View of Diamond

Question: I had been browsing diamonds online for quite some time now and intend to buy one in the next few weeks. During my research, I had noticed many diamonds exhibit girdle thickness that seem to vary quite wildly from each other.

For example, thin – medium girdle thicknesses are typically seen in round diamonds. We see a larger fluctuation in fancy cuts such as thin – extremely thick, medium – slightly thick, thick – extremely thick, thin to very thick and the list goes on for girdle thicknesses. (more…)

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Help! My Diamond’s Loose In The Setting. What Can I Do?

Today’s question comes from Krysta and here’s what she asked:

close up on diamond prongs

Shaky Diamond in Mounting

Question: When I was cleaning my diamond with a toothbrush yesterday, my ring was making a strange sound when I am moving it back and forth. This ring was an engagement ring bought by my husband and he did all the research on his own. Basically, I am clueless when it comes to diamond rings except for looking at them.  (more…)

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Are There Differences in Grading Standards of Fluorescence Between AGS/GIA vs EGL?

diamonds with fluorescence

Diamonds With Faint Blue Fluorescence

Today’s question is asked by James from Indianapolis. Fluorescence is a common property found in the majority of polished diamonds and I wanted to do this post so that the answer would benefit more readers.

Question: I was looking through your article on the differences in diamond grading labs while doing some research on your website. Basically, I had shortlisted a princess cut diamond that is certified by EGL at a local jeweler.

It is an E color, VS2, 1.34 carat diamond with slight fluorescence. In your article, you mentioned that clarity and color grading might probably be 1-3 grades lower if GIA/AGS had graded the same diamond. What about the grading for fluorescence? Are they lenient on this as well? (more…)

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Round Diamond Comparison – Depth Lower than Table %

Hi Paul,

I came across these 2 diamonds on James Allen and was stumped by what I saw in the Idealscope images.

– jamesallen.com/diamonds/G-SI1-Ideal-Cut-Round-Diamond-1500331.asp
– jamesallen.com/diamonds/I-VS2-Ideal-Cut-Round-Diamond-1493120.asp

( Update: These 2 diamonds had been sold and removed from JA’s listing. )

First of all, I want to mention that I had read through your entire site on choosing a diamond. Great stuff. Good information. However, this particular phenomenon was not covered in your articles. Perhaps you did and I couldn’t find it. If that’s the case, could you point me in the correct URL.

Here’s my question: Why is the Idealscope image for the G SI1 diamond so weird looking? It has alot more blacks than the usual Hearts and Arrows I had seen on your website.

g color heavily contrasted diamond

By comparison, I picked out an I VS2 and now, the idealscope image looks ‘normal’ to me. (more…)

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Q&A: Is Buying a Diamond Ring Online Safe?

online diamond buying questions

Buying a Loose Diamond Online?

Here’s a very recent email from one of our readers…

Hey there, I just saw your website describing your experience in purchasing that beautiful heart-cut diamond ring :) – it’s really beautiful! (especially when the diamond shows of a brilliant glimmer)

I’m also shopping for a heart-shaped diamond, as I’m planning to propose to my girlfriend of 4 years.

Just want to ask your opinion on whether b2cjewels is really legit? – are they the real thing??????????? (more…)

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